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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 298: Small Incident Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis explained to Manuel how important it was to go through the Self Stage. Of course, he only did that via voice transmission. First of all, that method of communication was faster and more efficient since he could directly send concepts into another person’s mind instead of translating them into language first. And second of all, this knowledge wasn’t for everyone’s ears. Other people’s cultivation had nothing to do with him.

After Gravis was finished, Manuel’s emotions were riled up. He hadn’t gone through the tenth Stage of Energy Gathering. On top of that, he was ready to break into the Sapling Stage, which meant he had already invested 20 years into his cultivation. Hearing that he would be a doormat in the future and that all his work had been meaningless shook his confidence.

Manuel sighed heavily. “I don’t want to believe it, but everything you told me makes perfect sense. Someone who went through the Self Stage is obviously more powerful than someone who only went through the Tree Stage. I might be a genius now, but will I still be considered a genius in the future? Even if my strength keeps increasing, at some point, I will only see people that went through the Self Stage. What then?”

“It’s completely your decision what you make of this knowledge. I only told you because I feel bad for nearly killing you back then and indirectly killing your master,” Gravis said.

Manuel sighed again, and Joyce looked with pity at Manuel. She had already felt bad for wasting around two years of her cultivation, but what was that in comparison to 20 years? Yet, who was Manuel? He was an Ascender’s Talent that was close to condensing a Unity Will. That’s what made him an Ascender’s Talent. Would he be distraught by that? No!

Manuel’s eyes narrowed with fiery motivation. “I will recultivate!” he said with fervor.

Gravis smirked when he heard that. He had already expected as much. Even though he and Manuel hadn’t talked much, he had learned a lot about him in their fight. Manuel was able to jump a whole Stage even without going through the tenth Stage of Energy Gathering. He was incredibly talented. It would truly be a waste if he only went through the Tree Stage.

Manuel turned to the wind disciple in Joyce’s group. When the disciple saw Manuel looking at him, he felt incredibly nervous. His idol was looking at him! Manuel was the most impressive genius and cultivator in the whole Wind Sect. Everyone looked up to him.

“Are you willing to give me your place for a fair trade? I will make it clear that I am not forcing you. You can decline, and I won’t hold a grudge,” Manuel said.

Everyone in the group was surprised. “But, what about the Wind Sect’s group?” Joyce asked, stunned.

Manuel waved his hand nonchalantly. “There is another person in our Wind Sect that wants to join but was just short of qualifying. He can take over. We still have around two days until it fully opens.”

The Wind Sect disciple was incredibly shocked. “O-Of course!” he stuttered in reverence. “You can just take the spot. I wouldn’t dare to accept anything from Senior Brother!”

Manuel turned to the disciple. “I won’t accept that! I will trade a high-grade Spirit Weapon for your spot. Is that okay with you?”

The Wind Sect disciple took a deep and shaking breath. “That’s too much, Senior Brother!”

“Nonsense!” Manuel shouted and retrieved a longsword. Then, he threw it to the disciple. “Accept it right now, or you won’t be my junior brother anymore!” Manuel said with dominance.

The Wind Sect disciple was very nervous. A high-grade Spirit Weapon! Only incredible talents at the Seed Stage would have the honor to accept such a weapon! He was getting one just like that? Was he dreaming? He shakingly touched the longsword and looked at it in reverence. “Th-thank you, Senior Brother!”

Manuel nodded with a smile and patted the guy’s shoulder. “When I return, I will talk more with you! A friend of Gravis is a friend of mine!”

‘I don’t even know the guy’s name. How is he suddenly my friend?’ Gravis thought.

Then, Manuel turned to Joyce with a smile. “You don’t have anything against it, right?”

Joyce beamed when she heard that. “No! Not at all! It would be an honor to have you in our group!”

“Recultivate right now. I won’t let you join with your current cultivation,” Gravis said directly.

Manuel smirked at Gravis. “I’ve already planned that,” he said with a smirk.

Whoom! BANG!

All of Manuel’s belongings were placed beside him, and then he immediately destroyed his Spirit. His face didn’t even twitch from the pain. Then, he turned to the Wind Sect’s group. “Get Julien here. I bet he will be thrilled at this development,” he said.

The people from the Wind Sect’s group grimaced a little. Manuel had been the most powerful of their group, but he had abandoned them. Yet, he was still their idol. They had seen his resolution, and instead of getting angry, they looked up to him. Manuel had abandoned 20 years of cultivation like it was nothing. They doubted that they could do the same.

They nodded at each other, and one person left for the Wind Sect. It wouldn’t take long to get the last member. Was it a betrayal? No! Joining was voluntary, and the Wind Sect didn’t force their disciples to join their Sect’s team. The Wind Sect hated restrictions. Wind cultivators always searched for freedom, and the rules and atmosphere in the Wind Sect reflected that. Every disciple had their own path. They wouldn’t even get angry when their disciples decided to forsake the wind element to cultivate a different one.

Manuel went through his belongings and took out several Energy Stones. Apparently, he carried enough with him to reach the tenth Stage of Energy Gathering. Yet, while Manuel was recultivating, something else happened that no one had expected.


Gravis’ activated his Will-Aura as five people suddenly jumped at him. He had noticed those five people glancing at him from time to time, and judging by what Sect they came from, Gravis was pretty sure what they had planned. Those disciples were from the Earth Sect.

They had jumped him out of nowhere, making Gravis activate his Will-Aura. His Will-Aura enveloped them and made them unable to move. The disciples that were here were all outstanding. Therefore, Gravis’ Will-Aura wasn’t powerful enough to make them lose consciousness. But that didn’t matter.


Gravis didn’t even look at them as he released 50% of his lightning, distributed over all five people. Before the disciples could even react, they had been turned to ash. They all exploded into loot, which Gravis quickly pocketed. The whole thing hadn’t taken more than five seconds. The disciples hadn’t even had the chance to break into the Sapling Stage.

All the groups looked at Gravis with horror. Had he just killed the group of the Earth Sect? They saw that the group of the Earth Sect were the aggressors, but directly annihilating them? Wasn’t this going too far?

Gravis’ group also looked at him with shock, including Manuel. What just happened?

“Ignore them. It’s just another suicide squad,” Gravis said evenly.

“Gravis! What’s going on!? Why did they attack you? Why did you kill them?” Joyce asked in panic.

“The Earth Sect has an enmity with me, and you know how the Earth Sect is. Most of them would rather die than disobey their leaders,” Gravis explained. “The Earth Sect has put a hit on me, and every disciple of the Earth Sect attacks me when they see me. As soon as I appear, they only have the option of dying or breaking their belief. Sucks to be them, I guess,” Gravis explained neutrally.

“But why did you kill them!?” Joyce shouted. “They obviously weren’t a danger to you!”

Gravis looked at Joyce. “So, when I have enough power to defend myself, I am not allowed to defend myself, but when I am weaker, I can? According to your logic, I might as well just kill myself right now.”

Deep inside, Joyce knew that Gravis’ words made sense, but Gravis had killed them too directly and coldly. He didn’t even show an ounce of regret or hesitation. Those had been five lives! Joyce knew that Gravis was logically right, but emotionally, she just couldn’t accept it. Those five people had families, friends, loved ones, and a Sect behind them! Gravis had just killed five people, leaving five families without their strongest support!

“If you don’t get comfortable with killing, sooner or later, you will hesitate and lose your life,” Gravis said to Joyce. “If you value your life and your loved ones, then don’t hesitate to take a life. Imagine the pain your family would be in if you died an unnecessary death.”

Joyce’s breathing grew heavier as her emotions fought against her logic. She knew that Gravis was right, but her emotions didn’t agree at all. Even though she had a Unity Will, she had never killed a person herself. Her group mostly fought against beasts, and when they fought cultivators, she always stood at the back.

“What would you think if your father spared an attacker and the attacker returned later with a more powerful force that decimates your entire Clan? Would you think that he was noble, in the right, or better than the attacker by sparing their life?” Gravis asked.

Joyce didn’t answer as she clenched her teeth.

Gravis turned away from her. “If you think so, then be proud of your belief. I’m sure that everyone will look up to your noble attitude as you lie in your own blood beneath the boot of your killer,” Gravis said with a sneer.

“Fuck you, you cold, arrogant prick! I can’t believe I looked up to you!” Joyce shouted with a shaking voice as she ran into the distance. Gravis didn’t react to that. The earlier she realized this cold truth about cultivation, the better.

She might be in emotional turmoil now, but better now, where there was no danger, than when she was in actual danger. If she hesitated in a crucial situation because of this belief, she might die. Gravis didn’t want her to die.

‘Wait, I don’t want her to die? Why am I going out of my way to teach her something like that?’ Gravis asked himself in his mind with uncertainty. ‘I have no obligation to do that, and I even feel bad for hurting her even though I know that it’s necessary. This is so unlike me.’

Gravis’ brows furrowed. ‘Is it possible that I am attracted to her?’ He asked himself as he looked in Joyce’s direction with unsure eyes.


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