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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 218: True Power Bahasa Indonesia

“Could you fucking hurry up?” Gravis shouted in frustration again.

The sphere was moving very slowly towards his saber. It actually took nearly a full minute until it came close enough. When it arrived, Gravis took a deep breath, activated the Formation Arrays in his saber, and then plunged it into the sphere.


The sphere quickly vanished into the saber, and Gravis wasted no time in inspecting it.


The saber was violently vibrating, and parts of it were already falling off. When Gravis saw that, he realized that it would not even hold for a single second longer, so he quickly slashed into the direction of a distant mountain.


While slashing, the saber released a crescent of lightning that shot into the distance, directly at the mountain. During the slash, the saber completely collapsed into fragments that scattered into the surroundings. Luckily, the collapse came from the inside, so the fragments didn’t shoot away in a violent manner. If they had, Gravis might’ve received a couple of new holes in his body.

Yet, Gravis didn’t pay the saber any attention. His eyes and Spirit were entirely focused on the bright, silver-colored lightning crescent that shot into the distance. Its speed was incredibly fast, even faster than Gravis when he was traveling on his Lightning Board. In practically no time, the crescent hit the distant mountain.


Gravis’ eyes burned as he immediately averted them. The light had been so bright that he had been blinded temporarily. Luckily, he could still keep track of things with his Spirit.

With his Spirit, he saw that when the crescent hit the mountain, it didn’t cut through it like the earlier attack without lightning. Instead, when the crescent had hit the mountain, it destabilized and exploded violently. The explosion grew and grew until it reached a diameter of about 100 meters. If one looked at the explosion with their Spirit, they would notice that the explosion was silver, but if one looked with their eyes, they would only see white due to the incredible brightness.

The explosion created a deafening sound that created a small earthquake that even reached Gravis’ current position. It sounded like the loudest thunder that could possibly exist. The explosion swallowed a massive chunk of the mountain, demonstrating its supreme power.

All this took a long time to describe, but the explosion actually appeared and vanished in less than a second. Just like a lightning strike, it only left an afterimage that lingered for longer than the actual explosion.

When the explosion vanished, nothing could be seen anymore inside its domain. There were no fragments or debris. The whole one-hundred-meter-wide, sphere-shaped area was utterly blank. When Gravis saw the mountain, he took a deep breath through his clenched teeth.

A gigantic, sphere-shaped hole appeared on the mighty mountain. Gravis was over a kilometer away, and seeing the destruction that he had caused from such a distance, awed him. “This is true power,” Gravis muttered unconsciously.

Gravis had never achieved such a pure form of destruction before. An attack like this could probably even take down someone at the Tree Stage, though the attack had to hit first. Gravis looked at the destruction for over a minute. Of course, he could only do that with his Spirit since his eyes were still blinded.

After that, he looked at his saber. After around 40 seconds, his vision had started recovering, so now he could actually see again. Gravis only held a short, lonely hilt in his hand. The blade of the saber had been scattered before him, eliciting a bitter smile from Gravis.

“Even though I can achieve such destruction, I need to waste a Spirit Weapon saber every single time I use it. On top of that, since I can’t control the lightning flow towards the sphere, I would have no lightning left after the attack. If I don’t kill someone with this attack, I’ll be helpless,” Gravis muttered.

Gravis thought about using this technique with other weapons, but that possibility quickly got extinguished. The manual included a specific way to infuse the sphere into the saber, and Gravis had no reference on how to do it with other weapons. After all, it was called the Rakshasa SABER. If he wanted to figure out how to use it with other weapons, he would need to waste lots and lots of Spirit Weapons in experimentation, making this basically impossible.

Gravis sighed in bitterness again as he also realized something else. “I can’t create the sphere inside my saber directly. The Formation Arrays don’t support something like this, and the saber would probably collapse even before the sphere had absorbed enough lightning. I literally have to create the sphere outside and then absorb it with my weapon after that. This kind of makes it hard to use.”

Gravis took a deep breath again, but quickly released it. “I shouldn’t be too greedy,” he said with motivation. “I managed to create an incredibly powerful attack. If I use it in the right circumstance, I’m sure I’ll be able to make it work!”

Gravis then thought of something. “Oh yeah, that attack is not part of the Rakshasa Saber. After all, the Rakshasa Saber only works with Energy. The sphere and crescent also differ in their properties. I should give them new names. Let’s see…” Gravis trailed off.

“I think I’ll call the lightning sphere Lightning Bomb, and the lightning crescent, well, Lightning Crescent, I think? Yeah, those are good names!”

After saying that, Gravis nodded in satisfaction and then threw the saber hilt away. After that, he quickly took out the saber that he had retrieved from Sear and familiarized himself with it. This would be his new weapon from now on. This saber was completely black in color, reminding Gravis of his Void-Stone Saber.

“Huh, I wonder what happened to that,” Gravis muttered. “When Jaimy backstabbed me, he touched it and lost a cultivation realm. That was the last time I saw it. Since he most probably died to Heaven, the saber could be lying around anywhere. That thing is probably still absorbing Energy right now.” Then, Gravis shrugged. “Well, not my problem.”

Then, Gravis also remembered something else. “Oh yeah, what about my ring? I remember throwing it at that one guy to block his attack, outside the Heaven Sect. I could’ve picked it up when I robbed the Heaven Sect, but eh, who cares? It only shows my status, and if it’s important, father has probably already retrieved it.”

Gravis didn’t mind his lost objects any further and sat down. He had to regain some Spirit and lightning before he returned. He trusted the Greys, but he wanted to be sure.

After about an hour, his Spirit and lightning had recovered. Sadly, the inherent Energy of the body took longer to recover. Though, that wouldn’t be an issue. He had already regained his peak fighting strength with the recovery of his lightning and Spirit.

Gravis jumped up and then left towards the encampment of the Greys.


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