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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 191: Initial Repayment Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked to the horizon. There, he could see a lot of black buildings and lightning striking the ground.

It was the Lightning Guild.

Gravis had never intended to become an enemy of the Lightning Guild, but he couldn’t help it. They had attacked him, and he had had to strike back. Yet, he never forgot his debt to Gorn. This whole thing was actually a bizarre situation for him.

He wanted to help the Lightning Guild, yet they wanted to kill him. Though, were they wrong in doing that? Not really. He had killed tens of their disciples, after all. This whole thing could create a whole debate about the rights and wrongs of both parties.

Gravis was already inside the Guild Master’s and the Vice-Guild Masters’ Spirits. They hadn’t talked to him yet, which either meant that they weren’t happy about him being there, or they didn’t recognize him. ‘Well, then let me be the initiating party.’

Inside the Lightning Guild, the Guild Master and the Vice-Guild Masters were talking with each other, trying to guess the identity of the new person. There were a lot of confusing things about Gravis.

“I don’t know who that is. I’ve never seen him before. His cultivation could also, at best, be described as weird,” said one of the Vice-Guild Masters.

The Guild Master was rolling some steel-balls in his hands and creating annoying, cracking noises with them. Luckily, the Vice-Guild Masters were already used to that sound. “His whole cultivation is so strange,” he said to the others.

The two Vice-Guild Masters nodded. “Yeah. He obviously has a Spirit, which means he is at the Spirit Forming Realm, yet the Magic I feel from him is like he is at the third level of Magic Gathering,” said one of the Vice-Guild Masters. They could only feel the Energy passively stored inside Gravis’ body. His dantian only had lightning, after all.

The other one nodded in affirmation, “But I also feel an indescribably powerful and vast amount of lightning in his body. I have never seen anything like it,” he said.

“He should be from the Lightning Sect, but I have never met someone like him. I haven’t even met someone with a similar cultivation as him,” said the Guild Master. “I wonder, is he a new Spirit Forming Realm expert? But then what’s up with his weird cultivation? On top of that, I also feel like I’ve seen him before. Though, I can’t place my finger on it.”

The other two also nodded. “Yeah, he does look familiar, but I am not sure who he is.”

“Hello, Guild Master,” Gravis sent to the Guild Master of the Lightning Guild at that time. “I’ve come to repay the deaths of the disciples I have killed and to repay the resources that the Proxy-Lightning Guild has granted me.”

The Guild Master forwarded this voice transmission to his two Vice-Guild Masters, and they all looked at each other in confusion. The person had said that he had been in a Proxy-Lightning Guild, which would mean that he had to have been part of their guild, at some point. What confused them even more was him saying that he had killed several of their disciples. No lightning disciple had killed several of their disciples in recent decades. The only time this happened was…

“Gravis!” shouted the Guild Master.

The other two looked at the Guild Master, and then their eyes widened. “Yeah, he does look like Gravis,” said one of the Vice-Guild Masters. “What happened to him? His cultivation is so weird, yet I feel immense danger from him. It’s like my instincts are telling me not to fight him.”

The Guild Master nodded solemnly. “I feel the same. Just a couple of months ago, he had been at the fourth level of Magic Gathering, yet now, I feel like I can’t even fight him. He is becoming incredibly powerful, incredibly fast.”

One of the Vice-Guild Masters looked down in thought. “I am thankful that you stopped us from attacking him, back then. If we had failed, our whole guild might’ve been destroyed.”

The Guild Master nodded again. “Yes. Originally, I had planned on releasing a bounty on his head when it was revealed that he wasn’t a Heavenborn, but he rose to power that quickly, that it’s already too late for that.”

The Guild Master sighed. “The best decision might just be to accept his repayment and let bygones be bygones. Rules are dead, while people are alive. It might not be fair to the dead disciples, but we can’t do anything against him anymore.”

“I know that you probably don’t want to speak to me,” Gravis said with another voice transmission after he didn’t get an answer for several seconds. “I’ll just leave my repayment here, and you can collect it. Now, the only open debt, that I still have with your guild, is Gorn’s death. I won’t ever forget that, and I will repay the whole Lightning Sect in the future. Just wait for me.”


The earth exploded as one cubic-meter of gold hit the ground. Such a vast amount of gold weighed nearly 20 tons! This was more than enough as repayment. “Goodbye,” said Gravis as he quickly left the area of the Lightning Guild again.

The three people couldn’t even process what had happened. Was this a whole cubic-meter of gold? Heavens, where did Gravis get so much gold? With this gold, they received enough money to temper the bodies of over 25 disciples to the tenth level of Energy Gathering. Gravis had given them way more than necessary.

“Should we… take it?” asked one of the Vice-Guild Masters.

The Guild Master sighed but didn’t know what he should feel right now. Was it okay for them to accept this? He had said that they should just accept it, but he hadn’t expected the repayment to be this big.

Yet, when he thought back about how many of their people Gravis had killed, he felt like this was the absolute bare minimum that Gravis could do to repay them. With this gold, they could give the families of the dead disciples a worry-free life. It might not bring the dead back, but it, at least, was something.

“We accept it,” said the Guild Master. Suddenly, a lot of different things appeared beside him, and then the gold vanished. The Guild Master had to clear his Spirit Space first, and he pointed at the miscellaneous items on the ground. “Bring those to the storage rooms. I will keep the gold for now.”

The two Vice-Guild Masters nodded and retrieved the multitude of things. They trusted their Guild Master. He was very close to lightning, and lightning hated deceit. He would never pocket this gold, at least not if he still wanted to keep control over the majority of his lightning.

The Vice-Guild Masters left, and the Guild Master looked outside his window, into the direction where Gravis went. “I’m looking forward to your eventual repayment of Gorn’s death.”

The Guild Master sighed again. “Gorn, you not only stayed in the mind of an incredible genius but also helped the whole Lightning Sect more than you could have ever hoped. If you can see this, I think you should be happy right now,” the Guild Master mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile, Gravis was already traveling to his next target. Throughout the last couple of days, he had eaten a lot of body tempering pills like they were candies. Yet, when Gravis put another pill into his mouth, he noticed something.

“Oh, my body is about to advance!”


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