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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 176: No Way Out Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had never been so shocked since he had arrived in this lower world. Aion was using Elemental Synchronicity? How? Why?

Aion saw Gravis’ face and realized something. “Oh, you didn’t know about that, huh?”

Gravis only continued looking at Aion in shock.

“Apparently, you didn’t. Yes, Heavenborn can awaken Elemental Synchronicity, though, in general, they only manage that when they reach the Spirit Forming Realm. In comparison to Heavenly Pressure, not every Heavenborn manages to awaken their Elemental Synchronicity. Now you are just as surprised as me when I found out you could do that, even though you are not a Heavenborn.”

Gravis’ mind was finally able to create rational thoughts again. This explained why Aion was able to follow him inside the Wind Wall. In front of Heavenborn, Gravis didn’t have an advantage with his will, and now, also no advantage with his Elemental Synchronicity. If Gravis were still a child, he might think that this was unfair. Sadly, he knew that the world wasn’t fair.


An incredible pressure appeared around Gravis, which was just as strong as his Will-Aura. Aion had finally activated his Heavenly Pressure, and it canceled out Gravis’ Will-Aura. After this happened, Gravis felt the icicles, stuck in his body, vibrating slightly. With Gravis’ Will-Aura canceled out, Aion could control those icicles again. If he willed it, they would explode and kill Gravis.

Gravis slowed down until he stopped moving, clenching his hands in frustration. He had been so close! Yet, Gravis realized that he never had a chance. Could he have used the time when he had looked at the sky to reach the Spirit Forming Realm? Gravis doubted it. Aion had probably already arrived several minutes ago. Heaven just wanted Gravis to suffer as much as possible.

Gravis put his saber away and sighed with a bitter smile. “I give up.”

Aion raised an eyebrow. “You give up? You don’t even want to fight anymore?”

Gravis just shook his head lightly. “What can I do? Your Heavenly Pressure cancels out my Will-Aura. You are a whole major Realm higher than me, and you also have Elemental Synchronicity. Even if I were to try to get you by surprise, you would still be able to react quickly enough. I am helpless. I have lost.”

Aion smiled slightly. “You know. I actually really liked you. When you were in the Heaven Sect, things weren’t as boring. I don’t want to work, yeah, but it was still amusing. Of course, I can’t spare you because of that. Heaven is my father and creator. I won’t betray it.”

Gravis smiled bitterly and shook his head. “I know that. I also enjoyed the time with you. I even planned to spare your life if I won. Of course, I know that you can’t do the same to me.”

Aion sighed. “Sometimes, we are just destined to be on different sides.”

Gravis nodded with a smile. “That’s true. Could you at least do me the favor and let me die in the Core-Continent? I want to look at the place that I never got to visit.”

Aion shrugged. “Sure, no big deal.”


The icicles in Gravis turned to water and disappeared in the wind while the Heavenly Pressure also vanished. Gravis wasn’t surprised about that. Aion could just activate his Heavenly Pressure again. Like that, Gravis’ Will-Aura would be canceled out, and Aion would just need to use his icicles or rings to kill him. There was no way for Gravis to flee from this one.

They both slowly left the Wind Wall and arrived in the Core-Continent. Gravis felt the Energy one last time and took a deep breath. “So, this is where everything ends, huh?”

Aion nodded solemnly. “I didn’t want it to come to this, but there was no other option.”

Gravis knew that, even if they were outside of the Wind Wall, he still wouldn’t be able to escape Aion. Usually, someone with the water element wasn’t that fast, but Aion had reached the tenth level of Energy Gathering. Together with his Spirit, he would be at least as fast as Gravis. Then, he would only need to use his weapons on him.

Gravis also didn’t move any Energy into his mind. Aion would notice the sudden decrease of Energy and would immediately strike. Stalling for time, therefore, also wouldn’t work. Waiting for rescue? No one in this lower world had the power or the guts to go against the Heaven Sect.

Gravis looked at the nature in the Core-Continent for several minutes, until he took a deep breath. “Alright. I think it’s time.” Then, Gravis turned to Aion. “I don’t want you to do the finishing blow. This was never a war between the two of us.”

Aion raised one eyebrow in confusion. “What do you mean?”

Gravis laughed lightly. “You have been sent here by Heaven. From the beginning, this was a war between Heaven and me. If I die, I want to die to Heaven.”

Aion looked into the sky solemnly. “If that is your wish, I don’t see an issue with it. Heaven is benevolent enough to grant you that last wish.”

Gravis smiled lightly at Aion. “Goodbye, Aion, my friend.”

Aion also smiled slightly. “Goodbye, Gravis, my friend.”

Gravis took some steps forward and then looked into the sky. “Heaven, you have won! You have tried many things and failed, but your newest plan was too much for me. You have cast an inescapable net, and there is nothing I can do anymore. I hope you’re happy.”

Surprisingly enough, some black clouds gathered. Yet, in comparison to the clouds that had appeared in the Basin of Nature, they didn’t violently congregate in rage. Heaven was only showing that it was here and listening. Even though Gravis had been its enemy, Gravis had fought valiantly. Heaven wanted to grant him at least this much respect.

“Heaven, I want to die just as I lived,” Gravis continued, “Please strike me down with your lightning. I am sure that my father won’t mind since I have allowed it.” Gravis looked down to the floor with a bitter smile. “I am just a failure.”

In the air, lightning appeared and concentrated in the center. The lightning bolt was powerful enough to annihilate anyone in the Spirit Forming Realm. The end was about to arrive. Gravis had already given his consent.

After the lightning had concentrated, it shot down at Gravis.

Gravis couldn’t stop Heaven from striking him anymore.

And Gravis didn’t want to stop it.

Gravis retrieved a jade token out of his sleeve and crushed it with a mad smile.

‘Got you!’


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