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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 142: Introduction Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked on as the army of fire disciples charged towards him, and he tried to think of a way to make it more orderly. How was he supposed to pick his enemies? They couldn’t just all attack him at the same time, could they?

“Stop!” he shouted, and surprisingly, everyone stopped. About a hundred meters was between him and the fire disciples, and now, Gravis finally had time to analyze the strength of the arrivals. Surprisingly, most of them were at the seventh level of Energy Gathering. Only a very few of them were at the eighth level, and he could see no one at the ninth level. There were also some with an even weaker level, but that was probably just because they wanted to watch. ‘Huh, I’m being underestimated. That’s been a while.’

The last time when Gravis had been underestimated was when he newly arrived at the Middle-Continent. Those three disciples of the Lightning Guild had attacked him then. Ever since then, only enemies that could actually succeed in killing him had arrived. ‘But that’s also good,’ Gravis thought with a small smirk.

Usually, he wouldn’t care about such weak people. They would not come even close to tempering his will, but this time, it was different. Every one of them should have at least one pill to strengthen the body. In this case, he could get something out of the fights, even if those people were weak. On top of that, they were the ones searching for death. Though, he should warn them, just in case.

“Let me warn all of you,” Gravis said as he made his neck crack to loosen up. “People at the ninth level of Magic Gathering have a real chance of killing me. Supreme geniuses at the eighth level have a small chance of winning,” Gravis’ expression changed to a disdainful smirk. “While people at the seventh level are committing suicide by coming here.”

Of course, that riled the crowd up even more. ‘What arrogance!’ was what everyone was thinking right now. Someone at the seventh level had double the Energy of someone at the sixth level. Every single one of the people in the seventh level were already feeling bad for wanting to fight someone one realm below them. Yet, Gravis had said that they were suicidal? They had never seen such an arrogant person, even in their Fire Guild.

“I’ll stuff your face, you arrogant prick!” shouted someone at the seventh level. The person quickly took out a bottle with a pill and threw it at Gravis. Gravis caught it, looked at it, and nodded. The other people spat to the floor in anger. That dick had managed to be the first, and now he would get the opportunity to shove Gravis’ arrogant words back into his mouth.

Gravis didn’t take out his weapon and just gestured with his fingers to come at him. The fury of the fire disciple exploded, and he took out his saber. Many of the fire disciples used sabers and halberds since those were the most violent weapons. Sabers were a more aggressive version of swords, and halberds were a more aggressive version of an axe.

The disciple charged at Gravis, enveloped his saber in fire, and used all his strength to slash at Gravis.


Gravis caught the saber with two fingers. His body was already as powerful as the Energy of someone at the seventh level of Energy Gathering, so why would he care about such a weak slash? The attacker’s element might be powerful, but when someone used their weapon in such a simple attack, they relied on their physical power for the speed. Using his element like this only increased the destructive power of the attack, not the speed.

Everyone’s eyes flew open in shock. What were they seeing? Someone at the sixth level of Energy Gathering caught the full power attack of someone at the seventh level? How was that even possible? On top of that, his fingers didn’t even seem to care about the fire.

When someone talked about the body’s elemental resistance, they meant the body’s resistance towards elemental attacks from a higher level than itself. Nearly no one trained their body, so when people fought in the Energy Gathering Realm, they never talked about the body’s strength, but about its elemental resistance.

For example, Gravis’ body had been slightly stronger than someone at the third level of Energy Gathering, when he had last fought the fire disciples on the tree. Every single disciple of the Fire Guild, at that time, had been at the fourth level of Energy Gathering, at least.

His body hadn’t been able to withstand such fire attacks then. Yet, if someone at the third level of Energy Gathering had thrown a fireball at Gravis, he could have nearly ignored such an attack. It might’ve scorched his skin a little, but nothing serious would have happened.

Right now, Gravis’ fingers felt a burning heat, but they didn’t really get injured. His body was already at the seventh level of Energy Gathering, and such a small amount of fire was no issue for it. Gravis smirked at the attacker, who took a deep breath in shock. Gravis’ other hand shot forward to the disciple’s throat.


Gravis’ hand grabbed the throat of the disciple and squeezed with all his strength. The head fell off, similar to how the top of a tomato would fall off if someone squeezed it hard. Gravis opened his hand again, and only a thin string of mush remained of his neck. His body was incredibly weak without the defense of his element.

The body fell to the side, and Gravis used the robes of the body to clean his bloody hand. Then, he looked through the body’s valuables but only found a few Energy Stones. Gravis simply pocketed them. After that, he held up the body and threw it over the river.


Skye took off and swallowed the flying body like a dog would swallow a treat that had been thrown at it. Gravis turned around and looked at the faces of the disciples of the Fire Guild.

The disciples looked at him with incredible shock. That was a supremely powerful body! Gravis hadn’t even used a real attack. He had just grabbed the poor guy. What a monster!

Gravis just smirked at them. “Anyone else at the seventh level interested?”


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