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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 14: Furious Thirst for Power (1) Bahasa Indonesia

In the next couple of months, Gravis learned a lot more about practical fighting techniques and group strategies. The ice between him and his classmates also melted, and he began to socialize more. This was important for his development because he really lacked in the social aspect. He never had anyone to talk with on the same level. Either people were way above him in strength, or his status intimidated them.

Gravis also found out why everyone in the city knew that he was the son of the Opposer. It couldn’t be possible that everyone knew his face, could it? And he was right. The reason why everyone knew that he was the new child of the Opposer was actually his ring. The ring released a special aura that any people with sufficient strength could feel. He never noticed because… well, he didn’t have sufficient strength.

The ring released different auras based on the status that the wearer had in regards to the Opposer. When he hadn’t found his path yet, his ring said to everyone: “Don’t touch him.” That’s also why absolutely everyone was so scared when they saw him, even though they treated his siblings normally. Gravis asked his brother Orpheus what his ring said now.

Gravis laughed bitterly when he remembered what Orpheus said.

“It says, no protection. But what it actually means was free food.”

His father was no longer protecting him. If anyone killed him, they wouldn’t need to be worried about any repercussions. He also asked his brother if the ring could do anything else.

“Nah,” was the answer he received.

Another interesting fact that Gravis learned was that he was the only one fighting humans with tempered skin. The others fought mortal warriors. Orpheus said that Gravis had been in the tempered organ and blood stage for over 15 years. If the monsters or humans were the same as the others, he wouldn’t receive the intended tempering. Orpheus assured him that, aside from his bad luck, the test was for him just as hard as the other’s tests.

After two months, the second practical test started. Gravis was immediately greeted by the perfect combination of another tortoise and the cunning shadow. The shadow always kept close to the tortoise and defended its weak points. The fight took an entire day. Gravis finally made progress when he traded an internal injury for the death of the shadow. With his added experience, the tortoise was no issue.

In the next round, Gravis understood that he had absolutely no luck. The storm environment challenge and the rapids environment challenge came at the same time, creating a massive whirlpool. Every other person would have died since it was impossible to survive this. Ironically, by creating the deadliest stage, he got to relax for some hours due to his elemental synchronicity. Maybe Heaven’s absence of luck didn’t consider his elemental synchronicity?

Though, if everything only appeared once, it could also mean that he wouldn’t have the environment as help in future fights. If a massive storm would have raged while he fought Samuel, would that even be considered a battle? Gravis could simply control the wind and watch Samuel get smashed to a pulp. Even though he could not create his own storm, he could control natural storms to a certain degree.

The next couple of rounds were no big deal. Gravis cleared them quickly, and after a couple of days, he was at the final challenge again. This time, he fought two people with tempered skin. In contrast to expectation, the fight finished exceptionally quickly. Gravis learned from his battle with Samuel that he needed to exploit the surprise of the enemy. While they were talking, he immediately charged forward.

The first guy jumped back, and the second guy hacked at Gravis from behind. Gravis turned around and used a full-powered slash to cut halfway through the enemy’s neck, while the enemies axe cut off Gravis’ left arm. With a kick to the stuck blade, he finished the job. The other guy was stunned and intimidated. Gravis took up his saber and charged at him with bloodshot eyes. The enemy was so afraid that he couldn’t bring out all of his power. Like Samuel’s ending, this guy was also hacked to death after a miserable while of barely dodging and blocking.

Another three people didn’t return this time. Gravis sighed as he realized that another three friends died. He was pretty close to those three. Did his ‘heavenly luck’ include his close ones, as well? Would Heaven not allow anyone to be close to him or help him? Orpheus said that something similar happened to him. Only people that didn’t cultivate seemed to be spared from this luck. Orpheus assumed that Heaven would rescind the karmic luck of anyone that got close to him.

Gravis felt frustrated beyond belief. Heaven created Stella in order to hurt him to get back at his father. Then, it stole all his karmic luck. On top of that, it also rescinded all karmic luck of people close to him. Gravis felt a mix of guilt, frustration, and anger. Five people died because they were too close to him. Maybe that was also a reason why no one wanted to get close to him. Gravis decided that he would only get close to people who were mortal, or stopped their cultivation journey. If they didn’t involve themselves in life and death struggles, their bad luck wouldn’t kill them.

Gravis was depressed for a couple of days after that. The realization that he had to walk his whole path alone without anyone by his side, but his family, gnawed at him. From his family, he only had his father, mother, and one brother by his side. The others didn’t seem to care about him.

Gravis couldn’t wait to go to the lower realm. The more he remained in his current realm, the more he realized how weak and oppressed he was under Heaven. Heaven’s oppression only fueled his ambition to get stronger.

So, Gravis went on a mad quest for power.


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