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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1318: Vacation Bahasa Indonesia

When Mortis heard that Gravis comprehended the Law of the Cosmos, he was beside Azure. They had been together for quite some time.

Azure was currently focusing on learning the Law of Humility, which wasn’t easy. However, with Mortis’ help, it became far easier.

Not many people could tell the different moods Mortis was currently under due to his introverted personality, but Azure could.

She had noticed that Mortis had started to act strangely a couple million years ago. However, by now, so much time had passed that this newer version of Mortis was already the normal Mortis to her.

Maybe she realized that Mortis was acting strange, or she simply accepted that this was the new Mortis. Nobody knew.

Azure didn’t like to think about such complex things. She liked thinking about stuff she could see and hear, not stuff that she couldn’t perceive with any of her senses.

The couple of days after Mortis had heard about Gravis, he had seemingly changed out of nowhere.

He smiled more, laughed more, and joked more.

Azure welcomed the change, and she enjoyed spending time with Mortis even more.

Azure stopped cultivating for a while when Mortis practically dragged her across the entire world. They were visiting the places outside the Core Regions, and they were even visiting other worlds.

As a Heaven’s Magnate, it wasn’t very difficult for Mortis to go to other worlds. He only had to control his power so that he didn’t accidentally destroy these lower worlds.

They had even wanted to visit the world Azure had been born in, but that world had been abandoned by Orthar. He had simply broken it down into Energy.

However, the other middle world, the one Azure had gone to, was still there, and Azure led Mortis around to see everything.

Sure, a lot of time had passed, but a couple of landmarks were still there. Additionally, with the Law of Time, they could see how it had once been. They could also watch what Azure had been doing in the past.

Azure showed Mortis her life.

Now, it was like Mortis had always been with her.

Then, Azure showed Mortis her life in the higher world.

In the end, Mortis decided to also show his life in the higher world.

When Azure saw the young Mortis, she was shocked.

He had changed so much!

From an external standpoint, one might think that Mortis hadn’t changed by much, but that was a misperception.

Mortis was more in tune with his emotions.

He wasn’t constantly bitter.

He wasn’t constantly cold.

Maybe one thought that Mortis was still bitter and cold, but that was only because of Mortis’ direct and honest answers. Mortis always directly said what he felt, even when he didn’t want to hurt the other side.

Azure and Mortis spent the next 300,000 years just visiting everything. They went to many different worlds, and they went to as many places as they could in the highest world.

They watched how mortals lived in different places and in what different ways the Cultivators cultivated in these places.

They also saw the paths that didn’t lead to supreme power.

Everyone that managed to reach the Star God Realm was cultivating the path that led to supreme power. After all, everyone that didn’t would never reach this Realm.

There were people that didn’t focus on Laws.

There were people that cultivated by consuming their own family.

There were people that cultivated by receiving power and Laws from deities, which were basically just more powerful Cultivators.

There were even some people that fused with some strange shadow beasts. The shadow beasts would augment their powers, but the person would need to feed them Energy.

Azure and Mortis saw so incredibly many different paths to power!

They hadn’t even known that there were that many!

Sadly, different paths had different ceilings. At some point, it was simply no longer possible to cultivate further on these paths.

Maybe one’s will or Spirit became too powerful for one’s body.

Maybe one needed to continually pay a cost in Energy to keep their power alive, and at some point, the cost would become equal to the natural absorption of the Cultivator.

Maybe their way to comprehend Laws was very useful early on, but later it would take so long to comprehend Laws that they would all die before comprehending them.

Different paths had different problems.

Only the classic path of Cultivation could push one towards the Star God Realm and higher.

After their journey, the two of them returned to their home.

For the next 50,000 years, they spent their time together until one fateful day.

It was Gravis’ ten-millionth birthday!

And since Mortis shared Gravis’ memories, it basically was also his ten millionth birthday!

Also, only a couple thousand years separated them. So, it didn’t really matter.

Everyone except Narcissus gathered and talked.

It had been a long time since everyone had been at the same place, and they all had a lot to talk about.

They talked with each other for a couple years and had a great time until eventually leaving.

Then, a couple of days after the birthday party, Mortis vanished.

He simply said that he would be back soon and that Azure shouldn’t worry.

Mortis teleported to an isolated place, and his expression immediately fell into solemnity.

For a long while, Mortis didn’t say anything as he was surrounded by silence.

Then, Mortis looked at the sky.

Lastly, he looked at Azure for a while.

As a Heaven’s Magnate, Mortis’ Spirit Sense was outside Azure’s perception ability.

After a long time, Mortis looked away again.

“Let’s get this over with,” he seemingly said to himself.

“What point is there in protecting my talent at this point? It doesn’t matter,” Mortis said.

“Do you believe you will die?” someone said in front of Mortis.

Mortis didn’t even look at the person.

Mortis didn’t answer.

“You won’t,” the person said.

Mortis didn’t answer.

“Just get this over with,” Mortis said. “I don’t have a choice anyway.”

“You do. Time is on my side, Mortis. If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to. I don’t mind either way,” the person said.

Mortis only looked at him.

“If that’s your choice, fine,” the person said after a while.

When he left, a couple of Law Comprehension Life Fruits were left in front of Mortis.

They were for the Law of Energy.

Mortis took one and looked at it.

He hated looking at it.

This fruit represented his inevitable destiny.

However, there was no longer any point in delaying the inevitable.

He would meet his destiny head-on!

Mortis took a bite.


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