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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1307: Independence Bahasa Indonesia

Mortis remained silent as he only closed his eyes. Gravis would have to be the one to sever their connection.

Gravis looked at Mortis and concentrated on his own world.

He felt a resonance come out of Mortis. The resonance was Mortis himself.

Gravis was only focusing on his own world, but currently, his entire world was also Mortis.

This was what he was about to change.

Gravis focused on gathering as much Energy as he could.


When Gravis started focusing, Mortis began to absorb Energy in an unending stream. The draw of Energy went across the entire highest world.

Divine Gods all opened their eyes at the same time as they all looked towards the same point in the highest world.

They had seen this draw of Energy twice before in the last five million years.

This was the sign of the birth of a new Heaven’s Magnate.

Mortis absorbed an incredible amount of Energy, but before he could absorb enough to attempt a breakthrough into the Heaven’s Magnate Realm, the attraction of Energy suddenly stopped.

Gravis closed his eyes as he slowly started to separate his world from Mortis.

It was like Gravis was cutting away tissue from inside another person.

However, at the same time, Gravis was replacing the destroyed tissue with new tissue. It was essentially the same tissue but without the connection with Gravis.

Gravis slowly flew closer to Mortis.

The connection was nearly severed.

Then, Gravis put his hand on Mortis’ back.


Mortis suddenly exploded into pure Energy and Laws. Usually, doing something like this was impossible, but since Mortis wasn’t resisting, it became easy for Gravis.

It wasn’t any different from pulling apart the different parts of a sword.

From one whole being, Mortis had been transformed into uncountable pieces of pure principle.

Everything that defined Mortis was now before Gravis, separated into different parts.

And in the middle of all of these parts was a small world.

It was Gravis’ Star.

A Divine God’s Star took on the shape of a black hole. The black hole symbolized the absorption of principles and Laws to become whole. It would continue to consume until it was full.

However, Gravis’ Star was already full and complete.

Because of that, the black hole had transformed into a new shape.

A world.

It was a small, illusory world.

It represented the very principles of a world.

Gravis’ world pulled away from Mortis.

Then, Gravis pointed towards Mortis’ side.

An unfathomable amount of Energy was pulled out of all the different parts of Mortis. This was the Energy Mortis had absorbed just moments prior.

Gravis had to fully concentrate on creating Mortis’ world. Mortis would become his own being, and for that, he needed his own Star.

The Law of Sentient Life was the principle that dictated the creation of a Star. With enough Energy, Gravis could generate as many Stars as he wanted.

As Gravis created Mortis’ world, he started to combine it with Mortis’ components.

After a couple of minutes, Gravis had intrinsically connected Mortis’ world with his being.

After Gravis was done, he released a sigh.

Then, he focused on Mortis.

Gravis took all the different components of Mortis and fused them together. Gravis had essentially pulled Mortis apart into his individual components, changed them slightly, and then put them back together again.

All the principles and Laws that had been Mortis combined again until a new Mortis stood in front of Gravis.

Then, Gravis made Mortis’ will move.

Mortis’ will moved throughout his being as it took command of everything concerning the being called Mortis.

Finally, for the first time, Mortis, the real being, opened his eyes.

Mortis looked at his own body and then at his world.

At first glance, Mortis’ world looked just like any other world.

Yet, only a few people knew that Mortis’ world was made entirely out of Heavenly Lightning.

The Heavenly Lightning imitated all the other principles of the world, creating something entirely new.

At its base, it was different from all the other worlds, but in the end, it was the same.

Mortis was using a different base to achieve the same result.

For a long while, Mortis didn’t say anything. He simply looked at himself.

“I don’t feel any different,” Mortis said.

“It isn’t very different,” Gravis answered. “In my mind, you have always been your own being. The only differences were some minor abilities and the definition of what constitutes a being.”

“There are only three differences.

“You can’t become intangible anymore.”

“You have your own world.”

“And our lives are no longer connected.”

“That’s it,” Gravis said.

Mortis looked at his world for a while.

“And we can’t fight together anymore.”

“Sadly, no,” Gravis said. “We also can’t control each other anymore since there is no connection between us anymore.”

“I am Gravis. You are Mortis.”

“That’s it.”

Mortis wasn’t sure how he should feel right now.

On one hand, he had always wanted to become his own being.

Yet, on the other hand, he felt like his connection to Gravis had been severed.

Mortis had lived his entire life connected to Gravis, and now, that connection was gone.

It was very difficult for Mortis to grasp his new situation.


Gravis threw something over, and Mortis caught it.

It was a ring.

“We need a communication ring from now on,” Gravis said. “After all, we can’t communicate with each other over infinite distances anymore.”

Mortis looked at the ring.

It was a symbol of duality.

It represented Mortis’ independence.

But it also represented Mortis’ distance from Gravis.

Then, Mortis felt a request for permission to enter his Spirit Space come from Gravis.

Mortis didn’t even think about declining.

In an instant, a mountain of valuable materials was put into Mortis’ Spirit Space. “Since we are two separate beings now, it doesn’t make any sense for me to hold onto all our wealth. So, each of us gets half.”

Mortis only looked at the mountain of wealth before him with a complex expression.

“None of that matters anymore,” he said.

“So? It’s still the half you deserve,” Gravis said. “In the end, it’s up to you what you do with your wealth.”

Mortis didn’t answer as he only looked at the mountain of wealth.

“I’m planning on taking another long break. I can live for a very long time, and I am not in a hurry. If you want, you can become a Heaven’s Magnate. It’s no longer up to me to decide when we advance.”

“It’s all up to you now.”


And then, Gravis teleported away.

He knew that Mortis had mixed feelings, and that was exactly why he was acting like this.

Mortis had to realize that he was his own being now.

After Gravis left, Mortis was left wondering what he should do.

In the end, he decided to visit Azure.

For some reason, it didn’t feel right to become a Heaven’s Magnate when Gravis hadn’t decided to become one yet.


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