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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1297: Not up for Jokes Bahasa Indonesia

Stella was sitting in her room with closed eyes. She had just gone through some of the most intense tempering she had ever been through in her entire life just a couple of minutes ago.

While Gravis had been gone, Stella had gone through fight after fight, and after this battle, she had managed to push her Will-Aura to the level of a Heaven’s Magnate.

She didn’t need to fight anymore.

Now, she only needed to focus on her Laws.

It was a strange feeling to know that she didn’t have to fight again for a long time. Maybe she would need to fight as a Heaven’s Magnate in the future, but that future was a long time away.

For her entire life, Stella had always thought about her next fight. She had to become more and more powerful and to do that, she needed to fight.

But now, she didn’t have to do that anymore.

It felt strange.

“I have come to claim what is mine!”

Stella’s eyes opened wide as she turned around.

It took her a long time to comprehend what she was seeing.

There was a tiny man.

He had green hair, was rather old, and was only ten centimeters tall. He didn’t even reach her knee.

On top of that, his voice was very squeaky.

However, she recognized the aura and appearance of that person.

It was the Ancestor of the True Life Sect!

“I have defeated the one that claimed ownership over you,” the tiny man proudly proclaimed as he raised his head high. “I walked over to him, slapped him, and he blew up into millions of pieces.”

Then, the tiny man walked closer to Stella with a proud smile. “You don’t have to be with such a loser as him. I freed you, and now, I am here to take my bride away!”


The tiny Ancestor transformed into his beast form as he took out eight tiny weapons.

“If you like it or not! You belong to me!” he shouted with dominance.

Then, he ran over, which wasn’t very fast considering his very short feet.

After reaching Stella’s left foot, the Elements exploded around him as he performed his Form Laws. His display showcased talent, skill, power, and dominance.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

All his weapons bounced off Stella’s legs.

His face transformed into horror as he looked at Stella.

“How… How are you this powerful!?” he shouted in shock. “How is this possible!? I’m the mighty Ancestor of the True Life Sect! No one is more powerful than me!”

Stella still tried to come to terms with what she was experiencing right now.

She was already questioning her own perception, and her Will-Aura was on the level of a Heaven’s Magnate. On top of that, she knew the Major Law of Sentience.

So, this could only be real, right?

Yet, her mind quickly made a connection.

There was one possibility.

Someone with the Will-Aura of a Heaven’s Magnate and the True Law of Perceived Reality could escape her scrutiny.

Stella’s heart began to beat faster as a possibility came to her mind.

Arc wouldn’t do something like that, and the other Heaven’s Magnates obviously also wouldn’t pull off such a joke.

There was only one person she could think of who would do something like that.

“Gravis?” Stella asked in nervousness and hope.

“No! I killed the one called Gravis! I’m the Ancestor of the True Life Sect, and I am unsurpassed!” the tiny beast claimed.

Surprisingly, Stella didn’t show a smile or a laugh, which Gravis had expected.

Instead, she only looked with a serious expression at the tiny beast.

“I’m not up for jokes at this moment, and you also shouldn’t be,” Stella said with a serious voice.

The tiny Ancestor deflated. “Really?” he asked with disappointment.

“Really,” Stella answered.

The tiny Ancestor’s shoulders sank, and he transformed into Gravis.

For a long moment, the two of them only looked into each other’s eyes.

“Is it that bad?” Gravis asked.

Stella nodded. “Yes,” she said slowly.

Gravis sighed, and he sat beside her.

“I only wanted to make the current situation easier,” Gravis said. “Sorry if the joke might have been inappropriate.”

Stella sighed.

“I know what you tried to do, and I appreciate the effort,” she said, “but I’m not in the mood for jokes right now. In fact, I’m surprised that you are in the mood for jokes. Don’t you already know?”

Gravis knew what Stella was referring to, and he looked to the side. “I haven’t checked. I didn’t want to be all sad and depressed when we saw each other again for the first time after such a long time apart. I saw that you already felt quite down, so I wanted to lighten the mood a bit.”

“I know,” Stella said.

Then, she slowly leaned toward Gravis and let her head rest on his shoulder.

“But for now, I’m not interested in joy. I don’t need you to cheer me up. For now, I only need you to be close to me,” she said softly.

Gravis wrapped his arm around her as he pulled her close.

He had missed this feeling.

They had been apart for such a long time, but right now, it felt like they had never been apart.

It had been around three million years since they had last seen each other, but their connection was still as strong as ever.

From the standpoint of feelings, one could say that this was true love, but from a logical standpoint, it was simply the effect of the True Laws of Time and Empathy. The passage of time no longer had such a gigantic effect on them, and the Law of Empathy allowed them to immediately connect again.

Because of that, Gravis had never been worried about meeting Stella again.

He knew that they would immediately return to how they had been previously.

For several minutes, the two of them only sat by each other’s side without saying anything.

“Who is it this time?” Gravis asked.

“A lot,” Stella said.

Gravis felt a dark void open up in his heart.

Several million years had passed.

Not all of Gravis’ friends had the potential to become Divine Gods.

On top of that, there had been an extremely devastating war just a couple of minutes ago.

This was the moment Gravis had been dreading the most.

Gravis knew that he wouldn’t see all of his friends again.

“Tell me,” Gravis said silently.


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