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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 126: Hidden Danger Bahasa Indonesia

After a while, Gravis lifted his head and looked at the Guild Master. “His intentions behind what he had done, do not matter. He has risked his life for me and gave me everything that he could. The reasons behind those actions don’t change the actions themselves. I will remember him for what he has done, not for what he might have thought.”

The eyes of the Guild Master betrayed a small glimmer of recognition and interest. “We have talked enough,” said the Guild Master as he walked back to his throne. He sat down and looked at Gravis. “We now know each other better, and we also understand the other side, but our relationship doesn’t change. We need to uphold justice for all our disciples. Nothing will change.”

“But,” he said loudly after sitting down. “This Jaimy has played a huge part in this tragic situation. This disciple has killed someone of their own guild and that is not how the disciples of my Lightning Guild should behave.” He turned to an elder. “Search for this Jaimy and bring him here.”

The elder nodded at the Guild Master and left the hall. The Guild Master turned to Gravis and waved his hand in dismissal. “That is all!”

Gravis nodded as he stood up. “I will repay all deaths in the future,” said Gravis as he turned around. He reached the closed door and used his lightning to open them. “I will make the Lightning Sect the overlord of this world.” Gravis stepped through the door. “Bar none!”


The door closed, but the people inside the hall didn’t talk. They thought about the whole enmity and how tragic it was. They could understand Gravis, and they could also understand that it would actually be better for all of them if they didn’t try to kill him. Yet, that was only a fantasy. The Lightning Guild had to uphold justice! If they spared Gravis, they would betray all victims and persecuted criminals in the past.

“Our meeting is over,” said the Guild Master after around a minute. “Vice-Guild Masters remain.”

The elders nodded and bowed slightly as a goodbye. They all left the hall, and only the three people in the Spirit Forming Realm remained. They remained silent for a while until the Guild Master finally spoke. “What have you noticed about him?”

The first Vice-Guild Master laid his head on his hands in thought. “He has somehow cultivated lightning with at least 80% Destruction Energy,” he commented. “Everyone in the hall noticed. There was simply no other way for him to open the door.”

The door of the hall worked according to the density of Destruction Energy in the lightning. The earliest someone could open the door was at the fifth level of Energy Gathering with 40% Destruction Energy. Logically, someone with lightning with a ratio of 30% Destruction Energy or less would need to be in the sixth level of Energy Gathering to open the door.

The density of the Energy doubled with each level. It was impossible to compress the Energy further while not increasing their realm. Everyone had the ability to feel Gravis’ Energy, and they all saw that he didn’t have a denser Energy than someone at the fourth level of Energy Gathering. So the only way he could have opened the door, was that the Destruction Energy inside his lightning was at least double of 40%.

If Gravis knew that the secret about his lightning had been exposed to everyone in the Lightning Guild, he would not be so calm anymore. If they realized his power and potential, they might sacrifice the whole Lightning Guild to protect the Lightning Sect. Gravis’ status as a Heavenborn could not protect him then.

This was the first time that Gravis had not noticed a scheme of Heaven after it had taken effect. Was it a coincidence that Gravis got sent to the Lightning Guild just when he had achieved the strength to open the door? Of course not! If Gravis had been at the fifth level of Energy Gathering, no one would have cared. Yet, he had come when he was at the fourth level.

Gravis didn’t notice Heaven’s scheme this time, which made it even more deadly. His secret was exposed! In the eyes of everyone, he was a Heavenborn, and he was under Heaven’s command. Gravis was still 16 years old, and his temperament was not set in stone yet. Would he remain the same person when he reached 40 years of age? What about 100 years? His assurance about not being an Enemy of the Lightning Sect was worthless if he changed in the future.

“We need to talk about this properly,” said the second Vice-Guild Master. “He is still young, and his potential is frightening. We have already sent many strong disciples to hunt him down. When he grows complacent in the future, he might decide to avenge old enmities to feel young again. We all know that Heavenborn don’t ascend. When he stops cultivating, he would probably be at the peak of Spirit Forming or maybe even…”

The Vice-Guild Master shuddered as he thought about the High Priest of the Heaven Sect. If Gravis also reached his strength, their Lightning Sect would suffer. A Heavenborn in the Spirit Forming Realm was troublesome but not scary. If Heavenborn acted without an official mission, their deed was considered personal, which meant that the victims were allowed to retaliate and even kill the Heavenborn.

Yet, what could the Lightning Sect even do if someone with the strength of the High Priest attacked them? The Lightning Sect didn’t have a person in that realm. Gravis growing powerful could very well spell doom for the Lightning Sect. It was not a question of if Gravis grew complacent in the future. It was a question of when.

Heavenborn couldn’t ascend and therefore, also couldn’t chase the peak. They would forever remain in this world, and their ambition and thirst for power would come to an end. Their dreams would die, and they would search for excitement in other ways. The High Priest had shown it in the past by exterminating the Wood Sect. Ever since that day, the eight Main-Elemental Guilds had become seven.

“The danger is too big,” said the first Vice-Guild Master. “We need to kill him. Our Lightning Guild may get destroyed, but it is for the good of the whole Lightning Sect. We also have a good reason for killing him since there is enmity between him and us. Maybe not everyone in the Lightning Guild will die.”

The second Vice-Guild Master also nodded. “I agree. The danger is too big. We need to give our lives for the Lightning Sect’s well-being.”

The two Vice-Guild Masters looked at the Guild Master. The Guild Master’s eyes narrowed, and lightning shot through them.


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