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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1232: – Group Bahasa Indonesia

Eventually, the four of them arrived at the meeting place for the Eternal Fire Sect.

Aris and Exar wouldn’t be the only Cultivators from the Eternal Fire Sect that would take part in the tournament.

The four of them were the last ones to arrive, and they saw 15 other people hovering in the sky.

14 of them were level one Ancestral Gods, while the last one was a level six Ancestral God.

Obviously, these 14 people were the participants, while the more powerful person was a Vice-Sect Master that would accompany them.

The two groups looked at each other with interest.

Some of the members had already heard of Aris and Exar. After all, the powerful people in their Sect were not unknown to them.

They had already anticipated that some people from Manuel’s faction would join, and they hadn’t thought much of it.

However, when they felt Aris’ and Exar’s Battle-Strength, a deep shock went through their beings.

So powerful!

The members didn’t even look at Gravis and Mortis as their full attention laid on Aris and Exar.

Yet, there was one person that didn’t look at Aris and Exar.

The Vice-Sect Master looked at Gravis with furrowed brows.

Gravis looked at the Vice-Sect Master and grinned. “Long time no see!” he said.

This was the same Vice-Sect Master that had summoned the Sect Master when Gravis had requested permission to visit his friends.

The other members were shocked when they saw how casually Gravis greeted the Vice-Sect Master.

Yet, as soon as they actually noticed Gravis, they took a deep breath.

Who didn’t know about Gravis?

Everyone had heard what Gravis had done in the headquarters of the Eternal Fire Sect.

He would also take part!?

Then, what was even the point of joining!?

“Will you also take part in the tournament?” the Vice-Sect Master asked Gravis.

“Nope,” Gravis answered. “I’m only here as insurance and emotional support for these two.”

The Vice-Sect Master looked at Gravis for a couple of seconds.

The Vice-Sect Master had also gone through a ridiculous number of political schemes and enemies, and he knew exactly why Gravis declined to take part in the tournament.

Unveiling his power could prove to be Gravis’ downfall.

His power was too conspicuous, and all the powerful Sects in the world would have their eyes on this tournament.

“Are you confident in being able to keep your power a secret?” the Vice-Sect Master asked.

Gravis only smiled.

Then, Gravis’ Battle-Strength seemingly changed, and his Will-Aura weakened.

At this moment, Gravis felt like a slightly above-average level one Ancestral God. He wasn’t outstanding, but he also didn’t appear weak.

He only looked a bit weaker than the other participants.

As soon as Gravis’ aura changed, everyone looked over with shock.

The 14 participants hadn’t felt Gravis become weaker but suddenly becoming stronger.

In their perception, Gravis had felt like an incredibly weak Ancestral God before, but now, he felt like someone that could nearly fight them.

The Vice-Sect Master was also quite surprised when he felt the change in Gravis.

Everyone tried to find out how Gravis had done it, but they just couldn’t.

It was like he had truly changed.

Obviously, they couldn’t see through Gravis’ Law of Perceived Reality, not even the Vice-Sect Master.

Only a Divine God could see through Gravis’ illusion, and only when they questioned their own perception while looking at him.

For anyone below the Divine God Realm, no matter how much they questioned their own perception, they wouldn’t be able to see through Gravis’ illusion.

“Happy?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

The Vice-Sect Master only nodded after a bit. “As far as I can tell, your illusion is perfect, but that’s only from my perception. Are you confident in being able to deceive the eyes of a Divine God?”

Usually, the Vice-Sect Master wouldn’t even ask such a question. What level one Ancestral God could fool a Divine God?

However, he knew that he couldn’t evaluate Gravis with normal standards.

“Quite confident,” Gravis answered. “There are some ways for such powerful people to see through my illusion, but they won’t use them against some random level one Ancestral God.”

The Vice-Sect Master nodded. “Alright, but you are accompanying us by your decision. If anything unforeseen happens, the Eternal Fire Sect won’t protect you. We can’t afford to offend the gathered Sects.”

“I know,” Gravis said.

Then, the Vice-Sect Master looked at Mortis with calm eyes.

However, these calm eyes were only for show.

The Vice-Sect Master had noticed that Mortis’ Will-Aura was seemingly more powerful than his own while feeling incredibly weak.

He felt exactly like the normal Gravis, which shocked the Vice-Sect Master beyond all belief.

It was like there was a second Gravis.

Yet, their auras were very different. Additionally, he had never even heard of this white-haired man.

Where did he come from?

Why was he here?

Who was he?

“And you are?” the Vice-Sect Master asked.

“I’m only here to keep an eye out for any underhanded tactics someone might employ against us,” Mortis said. “You won’t even notice I’m here.”

The Vice-Sect Master doubted Mortis’ words, but then, Mortis suddenly disappeared.

Everyone looked with surprise at where Mortis had just been, and they all tried to find him.

However, it was impossible.

Not even the Vice-Sect Master could find him!

This unknown, white-haired man also had such strange powers as Gravis!?

Of course no one could see through Mortis’ intangible state. The only beings that could find Mortis in his intangible state were Heaven’s Magnates. In order to see Mortis, one needed to know the True Law of Perceived Reality, and only Heaven’s Magnates knew that Law.

However, Mortis could still see and perceive the entire world in his state.

“Fine,” the Vice-Sect Master said. “If you find anything suspicious, inform me. I will take care of it.”

“Sure,” Gravis said.

The Vice-Sect Master nodded and gestured for Exar and Aris to join the other members.

“Vice-Sect Master, I think there’s no point for me to join the tournament,” one of the members said while looking at Aris and Exar. “I thought that I had a chance to enter the top three, but I doubt I will. I might have overestimated myself.”

The Vice-Sect Master only nodded. “You can leave.”

“Thank you,” the member said before leaving.

After the member left, another seven left for the same reason, leaving only six plus Aris and Exar.

The remaining members also thought that they didn’t have a chance, but they wanted to see the Lightning Peak Sect, which is why they stayed.

However, there was one member here for a different reason.

It was a young woman with a cold expression and pink hair.

Gravis had already noticed her when he had arrived due to the Battle-Strength.

As far as he could tell, she was at the awkward phase of her Battle-Strength. Normal people one level above herself were too weak, while people two levels above her were slightly too strong.

In essence, she could jump 1.5 levels.

Yet, surprisingly, she wasn’t here to win the tournament.

No, she was here for tempering.

How would that be possible in a public tournament?

Well, she had heard some insider information from one of her friends, and she knew how the tournament would work.

Usually, it would be impossible to temper oneself in this tournament, but by requesting one thing, it became possible.

If she found a perfect opponent, she would willingly put her life at risk.

This was the perfect opportunity to finally gain the ability to jump two levels.

After some talking, the group left for the Lightning Peak Sect.

Five members were here to sightsee.

One member was here to temper herself.

Two members were here to win.

The Vice-Sect Master, Gravis, and Mortis were here to keep everything in order.

In total, there were eleven Cultivators in this group.

It was time to go to the Lightning Peak Sect!


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