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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1202: Reward Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Mortis were still a bit skeptical about the last reason, but for some reason, they thought that Orthar spoke the truth.

It didn’t feel like a lie.

However, even if he didn’t lie, there still wasn’t any relevance to the fifth reason. Orthar himself had said that the fifth reason was basically negligible in front of the previous four.

The first three reasons were mainly why he had created the Economistress.

“Thanks for answering my question,” Gravis said politely.

Orthar nodded.

Then, he looked at Gravis and Mortis.

“In the first trial, Mortis has matured, and a basis for his future conviction has been created.”

“In the second trial, Mortis has solidified his conviction, and he has become mentally powerful enough to become a Heaven Breaker in the future.”

“In the third trial, Mortis had proven so.”

“In the fourth trial, you two got valuable experience in what it’s like to fight someone that knows the Law of the True World. Additionally, your Will-Aura has become more powerful, and you comprehended the True Law of Time.”

“In the fifth trial, you proved that your Battle-Strength is the highest one in history. You comprehended the True Law of Control and the True Law of Apathy. Additionally, your Will-Aura reached impressive heights, and you managed to gain control over the power of Brutality.”

“With all of that combined, you would even be able to have a fair fight with my real firstborn while being at the same Realm.”

“At this very moment, you are the most powerful Star Gods that have ever existed, including all my progeny.”

“Your power from before you have entered this Heaven’s Trial is incomparable to your current power.”

“You no longer belong in the Star God Realm, and only the Ancestral God Realm can prove as a challenge to you.”

“For that impressive growth, you deserve a reward. After all, a Heaven’s Trial always rewards everyone according to their growth.”

When Gravis and Mortis heard Orthar’s narration, they realized how much they had actually grown.

When they had entered, everyone in Manuel’s faction could pose a life-threatening challenge.


If Gravis decided to become a level nine Star God again, they could probably even fight the Vice-Sect Masters of the Eternal Fire Sect.

They had jumped from the average power of a level nine Star God to the higher power of a middle-rank Ancestral God.

“You get three sets of Law Comprehension Life Fruits.”

“There are no restrictions.”

“You can choose whatever Laws you desire.”

Gravis’ and Mortis’ eyes widened in shock.

Any Laws?

They would essentially get three Laws, free of charge?

“Keep in mind that you have to know the prerequisite Laws if you want to comprehend the Laws via the fruits. So, choose wisely.”

Gravis and Mortis looked at each other.

Then, Gravis looked at Orthar.

“Does that include the level eleven Law of Energy?” Gravis asked.

Orthar nodded. “If you want it, I can give it to you.”

This shocked Gravis.

If he wanted, he could gain a Law Comprehension Life Fruit for the Law of Energy!

However, Gravis could only sigh.

He wasn’t stupid.

Absorbing Law Comprehension Life Fruits was a small risk. If one didn’t have sufficient experience, the Law Comprehension Life Fruits might make it harder to comprehend any future Laws.

There was still the Law of the Cosmos above the True Law of the True World and the True Law of Energy. The experiences in comprehending the True Law of Energy were probably imperative to comprehending the Law of the Cosmos.

If Gravis decided to get the Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Energy, he would severely reduce his chances of becoming a Heaven Breaker.

Gravis and Mortis both knew that, and they talked amongst each other.

They immediately dismissed the Elemental Laws. They could simply look at the Law Comprehension Areas for those.

Space and Gravity were also not an issue.

Temperature was also immediately thrown away.

Battle Laws were irrelevant since they were not level nine Laws.

The two of them thought about which Law would prove to be the hardest to comprehend, and they quickly got an answer.

“As our first set, we want the Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Suppression,” Gravis said.

Orthar nodded and handed over five grey fruits.

Gravis and Mortis knew that comprehending the True Law of Suppression was incredibly hard for them due to their power.

They had a lot of powerful friends, and their background protected them from a lot of powerful Cultivators.

They had enjoyed life for a long time, and they were mostly in control of their lives.

True suppression could only occur when one didn’t want to be suppressed or searched for suppression.

Because of that, they decided to take the True Law of Suppression.

After that, Gravis and Mortis discussed the next Law they wanted.

Eventually, they came to a decision.

“As our second choice, we want the set for the True Law of Soul Regeneration,” Gravis said.

Orthar nodded and handed over five greenish-silver fruits.

The True Law of Soul Regeneration was only a level eight Law but gaining insight into the first Soul Law of each tier was always difficult. With the True Law of Soul Regeneration, the two of them could more easily comprehend the True Laws of Soul Infusion and Soul Dispersal. That would secure them the True Law of the Soul, a level nine Law.

After that, they discussed for a long time what they should take for their last Law.

Maybe an Emotional Law?

Maybe one of the Laws of Perceived Reality?

However, they came to the conclusion that they wouldn’t find it too hard to comprehend the Emotional Laws. They had two different mindsets, who had different affinities for different Emotions. On top of that, Gravis’ mindset was very flexible, which allowed him to enter basically any headspace.

Then, what about the Laws of Perceived Reality?

Freedom was a no-brainer. They were certain that they had no issues with comprehending that Law in the future.

They already knew Control.

Suppression was already in their hands.

Danger? Shouldn’t be an issue. They were in plenty of danger, and the two of them already had quite a lot of insights that went beyond the Major Law of Danger.

Safety? That would come naturally as they became more powerful.

The two of them realized that there were basically no Laws left that would prove to be a huge challenge in the future.

So, they reduced their standards and decided to take one that would increase their Battle-Strength and would allow them to more easily gain more resources for any Laws they wanted to comprehend in the future.

“For our last set, we want the True Law of Hard Complex Materials,” Gravis said.

Orthar nodded and handed over five goldish-bronze fruits.

Gravis and Mortis had realized that their weapons were becoming weaker as more and more of their opponents used the True Law of Hard Complex Materials.

Additionally, comprehending these Laws naturally would probably either take a ridiculous amount of time or cost a ridiculous amount of money.

However, if they already got it, they could earn more money by forging World Weapons for Ancestral Gods with the True Law of Hard Complex Materials.

This Law would make it far easier for them to comprehend all other Laws.

“The Heaven’s Trial has ended, and you have claimed your reward,” Orthar said. “From now on, there is no point for you to enter a Heaven’s Trial again. You have proven that you can reach the Heaven Breaker Realm.”

“Now, you just have to do it.”

“Until we meet again.”

With these words, Orthar vanished.

When Orthar vanished, Gravis immediately shoved a Law Comprehension Life Fruit for the True Law of Hard Complex Materials into his mouth.

By eating that fruit first, they would only need to comprehend five other level eight Laws to eat another Law Comprehension Life Fruits. In comparison, if they ate the ones for the True Law of Suppression, they would need to comprehend five more level nine Laws to not be in any danger of weakening their Law Comprehension perception.

Additionally, the Hard Complex Law was the most useful out of all of them.

The Opposer also vanished.

For the next 5,000 years, Gravis stayed in the empty space together with Mortis, only comprehending the level eight True Law of Hard Complex Materials.


And then, they comprehended it!

Gravis and Mortis shot one last look at the Heaven’s Trial and then decided to leave.

The Opposer appeared and teleported them out.

They had entered as people that could fight level nine Star Gods.

Now, they could maybe even try to fight a level four Ancestral God, but they weren’t sure yet.

That would be a jump of seven levels, and they didn’t know the Battle-Strength of Ancestral Gods yet.

However, one thing was clear.

They had undergone an unimaginable transformation in the last 50,000 years.

And now, it was time to return home.


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