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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1198: Manifestation Bahasa Indonesia

The Opposer’s rampage continued.

He didn’t bother with Cultivators below the Immortal Realm anymore.

They couldn’t increase his power.

Over time, his priorities had changed.

He didn’t want to kill the entire world anymore since all that rage had already been vented.

Now, he only wanted to be the most powerful.

He wanted to be in control of everything.

He wanted to make the world into whatever he wanted.

He wanted to own this world!

Yet, there was still some buried rage and hatred deep inside of him.

However, the Opposer realized that being subject to one’s emotions was also weakness.

He wanted to control everything, and how could he control everything if he couldn’t even control himself?

Because of that, his rampage became very contained and deliberate.

He only eradicated Sects that could fight him or Sects that were subservient to a Sect that could pose a danger to him.

Eventually, while the Opposer was in the Immortal Emperor Realm, a Gate of Death appeared in front of him.

He entered without hesitation.

He didn’t even inspect it or take a look at what it was.

He only knew that something dared to appear in front of him while he was comprehending Laws.

A couple minutes later, the Opposer exited the gate.

However, he had changed.

There was no hatred inside him.

There was no rage inside him.

There was no happiness inside him.

There was nothing inside him.

There wasn’t even a personality inside him.

He was only a vehicle.

He was a vehicle for Death.

The Opposer’s mind was replaced with only a single goal.

Become powerful!

And then, destroy!

The Opposer had the Major Law of Death as his Avatar.

Yet, in reality, the Opposer was the Major Law of Death’s Avatar.

Gravis had once become the Manifestation of Lightning, but his being had been altered by Orthar and his father.

However, the Opposer was not the Manifestation of Death.

He hadn’t died physically but mentally.

The old Opposer didn’t exist anymore.

From this day forth, the Opposer’s manner changed.

He mainly looked at Laws, and only when someone attacked him would he fight back.

If no one attacked him, he would comprehend Laws until his tribulation arrived.

Most of the time, he was analyzing all manners of feelings out of interest.

In essence, the current Opposer was no longer a human.

He was something without emotions, and he wanted to comprehend emotions.

It wasn’t necessary to feel emotions to comprehend the Emotional Laws. Feeling the emotions only made it easier to comprehend the Law of Emotions.

The Opposer’s life was long.

Incredibly long.

When the Opposer became a level nine Star God, he had already gone through ten tribulations, which meant that he had been in the Star God Realm for ten million years!

Eventually, Samsara ended.

It had ended at a seemingly random position.

Initially, Gravis had been thoroughly shaken by what he had seen.

He had thought that his father was a human, but he actually wasn’t.

He had once been a human, but he had transformed into a Manifestation of Death.

The only reason why he hadn’t shot through the Realms, like the Manifestation of Lightning would have done, was because Death didn’t exist in Orthar’s Cosmos.

Additionally, the concept of a Sin Aura hadn’t existed back then. Back then, Orthar had managed such problematic Cultivators with the reduction of Karmic Luck. If they could survive with zero Karmic Luck, it proved that they had immense potential for their future, and someone like that was worth keeping.

Just before Samsara ended, Gravis realized that he essentially wasn’t fighting his father.

He was fighting a Manifestation of Death.

There were no emotions in him.

There was no personality in him.

He was just a force that wanted to end existence itself.

And to achieve that goal, he needed power.

‘Yet, how did father become human again?’ Gravis thought.

‘If he has been like that in the past, how did he suddenly develop emotions?’

‘What changed?’

Gravis thought about what he had seen.

The Opposer’s life had truly been filled with only hatred, anger, greed for power, and battle.

Gravis had also been subject to the Opposer’s undying enmity towards existence itself.

Gravis had learned a lot over the course of Samsara.

Luckily, it hadn’t been overly long since the Opposer rarely existed in the perception of others. Other people rarely saw him, and when they did, their perception would very quickly end.

When Samsara ended, Gravis was calm.

Samsara had no effect on the young Opposer.

He didn’t regret his choices.

He couldn’t.

After all, he had no emotions.

The Opposer’s attack didn’t stop.

Samsara didn’t delay it.

It was like nothing had changed.

Gravis only looked at the attack with an icy expression.

“Wake me after the fight,” Gravis transmitted to Mortis.

At this moment, Mortis had no idea what Gravis meant.

After all, he hadn’t been in Samsara with him.

At this moment, Gravis’ mindset transformed into the mindset of the Opposer.

Gravis didn’t care for existence.

He didn’t care for emotions.

He cared for nothing.

At this moment, he only cared for power.

He looked at the approaching attack.

This attack didn’t deserve to exist.


Two red and black cones ground against each other as all the Energy around them vanished.

The Opposer’s attack had stopped.

The Opposer’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Gravis.

A black aura came out of Gravis, and his saber changed colors to black. Black smoke enveloped Gravis’ body, only letting the light of his cold eyes shine through.

The Opposer knew what had happened.

His opponent had managed to grasp his technique through his memories.

However, his opponent didn’t have perfect control over this power since he was unfamiliar.

That was why black smoke came out of him.

Gravis wasn’t able to completely concentrate and isolate the force of Death inside his body and weapon, making it spill out. In comparison, the Opposer had perfect control over everything.

For a second, the two of them only looked at each other.

Then, Gravis’ icy eyes shone.


The world around Gravis received an additional grey tone as he activated the True Law of Apathy.

Yes, when Gravis had entered the mindset, he had become perfectly compatible with the Law of Apathy.

Gravis’ True Law of Empathy destroyed the Opposer’s True Law of Apathy, allowing Gravis’ True Law of Apathy to show its full effect.

The Opposer’s Will-Aura was consumed, and Gravis’ speed increased as the pressure on him lessened.

Then, the two of them charged at each other.


They clashed, and their surroundings vanished.




Gravis lost a leg, and the Opposer received a minor cut.

The Opposer’s control was superior.

In a direct clash, Gravis couldn’t win.

However, the Opposer realized that Gravis wasn’t his only enemy.

Because of that, he made the Heavenly Fire below him explode again.

A cone of red and black appeared around Gravis as his Death consumed the Energy.


The Opposer clashed with Gravis again, and Gravis was pushed back.

However, his eyes only remained icy.

Mortis wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but he knew that he had to help.

Mortis transformed into Heavenly Lightning, became intangible, and closed in again.

Death was ravaging the surroundings, which made it basically impossible for Mortis to materialize himself.

For some reason, Gravis and the Opposer were immune to the Death in the surroundings. They could only be injured by attacks that directly hit them.

Yet, Mortis wasn’t immune to that.

Mortis couldn’t come out.

He couldn’t interfere.

However, if he didn’t interfere, Gravis would lose!

Mortis had already tried to use the unique power of the Star of Sentient Life, but that power was also based on Energy. The Death in the atmosphere destroyed that power.

But he had to do something!

Eventually, Mortis decided to bet everything on Gravis.

Mortis became tangible and entered Gravis’ saber as Heavenly Lightning.

The force of Death in Gravis’ saber was eating Mortis’ existence.

It was a gamble.

Gravis unleashed another attack, and Mortis transformed himself into a Lightning Crescent that shot out of the saber.

Neither the Opposer nor Gravis had expected that change.

A black Lightning Crescent filled with Death shot out of Gravis’ saber and charged at the Opposer.

The Opposer managed to barely block.


Mortis exploded into a Lightning Crescent, and a huge part of the Opposer’s body was consumed.

A terrifying amount of Heavenly Lightning entered Gravis’ body, which entered his Spirit.

Gravis’ Spirit had been coated with Death, and the Heavenly Lightning managed to break through it.

Gravis’ eyes widened as the smoke around him vanished, and clarity returned.

“No!” Gravis shouted.

Gravis stretched his hand forward.


Time froze.

Then, Gravis’ mind went wild with comprehension.


The True Law of Control appeared in Gravis’ mind, and he used it with all of its power to control the explosion.

The exploding Lightning Crescent was suppressed and compressed.

Eventually, enough lightning gathered, and Mortis’ personality reappeared.

He had been just about to die since his being had been spread too thin, but Gravis had forced him together again, allowing him to survive.


The Opposer suddenly charged through the explosion with eyes filled with brutality.

Half his body was gone, and his attack didn’t have much power in it.

Gravis’ eyes focused on him, and he readied his saber for another attack.

Gravis unleashed his Form Law.


However, the Opposer suddenly vanished before Gravis could hit him.

Gravis’ eyes widened in surprise, but his eyes narrowed as he unleashed another attack.

The Opposer had reappeared somewhere else.

Gravis’ slash hit the Opposer, but he only extended an arm to catch it.

“It’s the real me,” the actual Opposer said.

“I don’t want to see you kill your own father, even if he isn’t the real one.”

“You already won, and I took care of him.”


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