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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1195: Pressure And Brutality Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Mortis looked at the young version of the Opposer with solemn eyes.

They knew how powerful their father was, and they also knew that he had been a terrifying Cultivator, even when he had been younger.

Just his Will-Aura alone was terrifyingly powerful.

He had a Will-Aura equivalent to a Divine God as a level nine Star God.

This told them two things.

First of all, the Opposer knew the Law of Freedom, and probably even the true version. The Major Law of Freedom only went up to the eighth level as long as it was included in another Law and then used as a Star. This meant that it could only support the freedom of a Cultivator up to the peak of the Ancestral God Realm.

The Major Law of Freedom wasn’t enough to increase someone’s capabilities to the Divine God Realm.

The second thing they noticed was that the Opposer had gone through an incredible number of battles.

His life had probably been far more dangerous than Gravis’ or Mortis’ lives.

On top of that, Gravis felt an unreal amount of pressure emanating from the younger version of the Opposer.

It was like he was the master over everything.

Everything was beneath him.

It was like Gravis had entered the domain of a demon king.

The pressure was icy, oppressive, overbearing, brutal, and absolute.

Not many people would be able to feel all the intricacies of this unreal pressure, but Gravis knew enough Laws to feel out everything.

This unique pressure came from the True Law of Suppression, the True Law of Control, the True Law of Apathy, the True Law of Rage, the True Law of Pride, and the Major Law of Death.

Together with the True Law of Freedom, the Opposer had to know due to his Will-Aura, Gravis realized that the young version of his father knew at least six level nine Laws.

Gravis himself only knew three.

In terms of high-ranking Laws, the Opposer was far above them.

In terms of Will-Aura, he was also above them.

However, there was one thing Gravis noticed in which they had the edge.

The Opposer didn’t give off the feelings of the Life Law. Additionally, he lacked the Law of Perceived Reality, based on what Gravis was feeling.

This meant that the young Opposer couldn’t possibly have a fused Major version of a Main Law.

At most, he could have the Law of the Dead World and the Law of Emotions. However, those two Laws couldn’t be fused.

Gravis guessed that the Opposer was probably missing the Plant Laws in the Life Law category.

He also guessed that the Opposer probably didn’t have the Law of Safety in the Perceived Reality Law category.

In short, the Opposer had specialized in one or two paths and pushed them to the peak while Gravis was improving himself all around.

Gravis knew that they had a chance, but their victory was not even close to secure.

After some seconds, Orthar moved to the side.

This signaled the start of the fight.

Gravis and Mortis took out their sabers.

Then, the young Opposer slowly took out his saber.


As soon as he retrieved his saber, the world started shaking.

Heavenly Fire was exploding out of the ground, and powerful magma flooded the entire area.

At this moment, Gravis and Mortis felt the most powerful pressure they had ever felt in their entire lives.

Their bodies even gave off some slight cracking noises under the pressure.


The two of them activated the Major Law of Freedom, which had been boosted to the power of a level eight Law.

It was enough to withstand the pressure of a Peak Ancestral God.

However, this pressure was even superior.

Gravis’ own powerful Will-Aura canceled out the remainder easily, but this wasn’t the end.

The world changed color to an oppressive grey as the True Law of Suppression and the True Law of Apathy were unleashed.


The grey color vanished as Gravis unleashed his True Law of Empathy. The True Law of Empathy was generally useless in battle, except for when the opponent unleashed the True Law of Apathy.

Empathy and apathy canceled each other out.

However, the True Law of Suppression still attacked them unhindered.

Gravis and Mortis tried everything, but it wasn’t enough.

For the first time in a long while, the two of them were suppressed again by an enemy’s pressure.

They gritted their teeth as their bodies felt like they had been encased by lead.

Their speed had been slowed by 50%!

The young Opposer’s eyes narrowed further when he saw that Gravis and Mortis could still move.

The Opposer lifted his saber.


As the Opposer lifted his saber, the world shook even more.

The air around his saber transformed into a black and dark-red mix of colors, which morphed into tortured, smoky, ethereal faces.

Gravis could only feel one single thing.


Absolute, sheer brutality.

This strike represented the Opposer’s mind, personality, life, and goals.

There was only destruction.

There was no greed, empathy, freedom, happiness, sadness, or anything in the strike.

It was like the entire goal of the Opposer was simply to destroy as much as possible.

He only wanted to destroy.

He didn’t have any other goal.

Even more, the conviction in the Opposer’s eyes was unequaled.

It was like he had been born to destroy.

It was his life’s mission and his goal.

It was who he was.

Yet, his face only showed cold disregard.

The world and the atmosphere shook under the pressure as all the volcanoes around them broke apart and got flattened.

Gravis felt the incredible power behind the slash, even before it had been unleashed.

It was world-ending.

It was like the very antithesis to existence had arrived to eradicate existence itself.

However, the most shocking of all was that Gravis didn’t know what this slash even was.

It obviously wasn’t a Law, but it also didn’t feel like a Form Law.

It was like… something completely new.

Even more, the absolute power of this slash felt even more powerful than a level nine Law.

In this absolute domain of suppression, apathy, and control, Gravis knew that it was impossible for him to block or evade the attack.

This attack would kill him.

After an instant, the Opposer lowered his saber to strike.

Yet, he attacked in a seemingly random direction.



Everything for hundreds of thousands of kilometers in a line had disintegrated and vanished.

There was no more Energy in that direction.

After the Opposer had unleashed his strike, his brows furrowed.


Mortis suddenly appeared beside the Opposer with a loaded Lightning Crescent.

The Opposer had just unleashed his slash towards Mortis.

He hadn’t been able to see or hear Mortis since he had gone intangible, but his instincts had told him that he had to strike towards that direction.

The Opposer’s instincts were terrifying.

Mortis had been just about to become tangible and attack the Opposer, but just when he had planned to attack him, the Opposer had attacked him.

If Gravis hadn’t used the True Law of Time to pause time for a tiny instant, Mortis would have died.

If Mortis had been alone, he would have already lost the fight.

The Opposer would have killed someone that could become intangible with a mere thought.


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