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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1193: On The Cusp Of Death Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis’ mind raced as he tried his best to come up with an actual solution.

Mortis would be able to survive this strike, but the one after that would kill him.

Gravis’ perception connected with Mortis’ perception, and Gravis felt how it felt to be frozen in time.

Understanding enveloped Gravis’ mind as all his past interactions with time fused.

Gravis’ eyes shone.


Mortis became intangible due to Gravis’ order, and Arc’s attack missed.

Arc’s eyes narrowed.

The general unleashed another attack at Gravis.

This time, it was Gravis who was distracted.

Gravis realized that he couldn’t evade and only barely managed to move upward a bit.


The spear punched through Gravis’ chest and destroyed nearly all of it.

Usually, a Cultivator would unleash their Law to make the opponent explode from inside, but since all the Laws of the general were suppressed, he couldn’t do that.

At that moment, Mortis reappeared and unleashed another attack at Arc.

Arc gritted his teeth and froze time for both Mortis and Gravis.

Mortis stopped in his tracks.

Gravis also stopped.

The general pulled his spear out again and stabbed it towards Gravis’ head.

Arc slashed at Mortis.


Gravis suddenly moved to the side as Mortis blocked Arc’s slash.

Arc’s eyes widened.

There was only one explanation for why the two of them could escape frozen time.

They knew the True Law of Time!

Knowing the True Law of Time made one immune to all Time Laws.

Gravis and Mortis had faked being frozen to force Arc to use more of his Energy, and it had worked.

Arc now had less than 50% of his Energy left.

Mortis activated his own True Law of Time. He hadn’t been able to use the Major Law of Time previously since it was only at the power of a level seven Law, but now, it had the power of a level nine Law.

Mortis moved with incredible speeds, and Arc barely managed to evade to the side by using his own True Law of Time on himself.

However, the speed difference was just too vast.


A huge chunk of Arc’s left side was cut off with the Major Law of Death.

Gravis saw his chance and unleashed another attack at the army behind the general with his Form Law.

Arc’s eyes focused on the army again, but then, his eyes widened in terror.


Arc suddenly shouted in unreal pain as his concentration waned.

The general’s eyes widened as he glanced at Arc.

“My lord!” the general shouted in fear.

Mortis’ attack hadn’t only been loaded with the Major Law of Death but also with the True Law of Suffering.

Just for a second, Mortis had deactivated his Law of Sentience so that he could use that Law.

Luckily, Arc hadn’t noticed that his Laws had returned for just an instant.

Due to the pain, Arc couldn’t use the True Law of Space to isolate the army.

Gravis’ Form Law hit the army.


Gravis’ attack exploded, enveloping the entire army.

At the same time, the general shouted in pain.

A deep cut appeared on his torso, and it radiated the aura of the Major Law of Death.

The army reappeared, but the members were all in different conditions.

Some were missing arms.

Some were missing legs.

Some were bisected.

Some had even died.

The general’s condition was equivalent to the average condition of his army, and the general’s condition showed that the average of his army was severely injured.

The army could have sacrificed some individuals to keep the others perfectly healthy, but that would reduce the overall power of the general.

The more members of the army were alive, the more powerful the general was.

Because of that, they had decided to share the injuries amongst everyone.

This meant that every survivor was heavily injured now, but the general didn’t lose too much power.

Gravis immediately unleashed another attack with his Form Law.


The general appeared in front of the attack and blocked it.

In the distance, Mortis was attacking Arc again.

Arc barely recovered his faculties with gritted teeth.


Space suddenly exploded around Arc as he forcefully tore space apart to teleport away.

That move used up 10% of Arc’s Energy, but it was instantaneous, and it couldn’t be stopped as long as the other side didn’t know the True Law of Space.

Arc appeared far in the distance.

Mortis vanished as he became intangible again.

Arc’s eyes burned with fury.

And then, Arc looked at Gravis.


Space around Arc exploded again as he arrived in front of Gravis.

The general unleashed another attack at Gravis.

Gravis gritted his teeth.


A second saber appeared in another two hands of Gravis, and Arc noticed that Gravis was ready for his attack.

Arc realized that attacking Gravis was risky.

The general was basically invincible in front of Gravis, which meant that Arc didn’t have to fear for him.

However, Arc wasn’t.

Arc also gritted his teeth as he made a decision.

Arc extended his hands towards Gravis’ direction.

Gravis suddenly felt a force interact with his body.

Gravis hadn’t felt this force before.

It felt like… decomposition.

It was like a natural deterioration of life itself.

It wasn’t like Death, which completely canceled Energy out.

No, it was like the force of Life was trying to vanish from Gravis.

However, it was only trying.

Arc’s eyes widened in shock.

He had just used the power of the Law of Sentient Life!

This Law exchanged Energy for the direct deterioration of Life Energy in someone else, and the scary thing about it was that it couldn’t be stopped.

However, it was stopped!

Arc could only come up with one explanation, but that explanation was impossible.

The only possibility of why his Law couldn’t work was that Gravis was not comprised of Energy.

But how would that even work!?

The attack of the general arrived.


Gravis transformed into Void Lightning again.

However, the general had already seen that move before.


The general unleashed several quick strikes, taking out nearly 80% of the Void Lightning.

The remaining Void Lightning moved to the side and charged towards Arc.

Gravis rematerialized.

Luckily, he had absorbed more Energy than necessary to become a level four Star God, which meant that he was still a level four Star God.

Otherwise, he would have fallen a level.

However, Gravis had still used up an incredible amount of Energy with this maneuver, but it was necessary.

The general would have killed him if that attack had hit. Gravis had basically used up all his tricks for staying alive.

He was running out of escape methods, and he had to end the fight quickly.

As Gravis charged at Arc, Mortis also reappeared behind him.

Mortis unleashed an attack, while Gravis unleashed his Form Law.

Arc’s eyes narrowed.


Gravis’ Form Law was stopped by the True Law of Space.


Mortis cut off the remainder of Arc’s left arm.

Arc gritted his teeth as an unending amount of pain assaulted him.

However, he had already felt the pain, and he was prepared for it.

Then, Gravis opened his mouth, and a wide beam of Heavenly Lightning left it.

It was the all-out attack of beasts.

This attack didn’t use a specific Law, which made it immune towards the control the Major Law of the True World had over all the Laws.

The attack vanished as it couldn’t overcome the expanded space.

However, more of Arc’s Energy was used up.

In the instant Gravis unleashed his all-out attack, he transformed into Void Lightning.

Only a little bit of Void Lightning was left.

Why did he do that?

If Gravis remained in his material body, his Realm would reduce, but as long as he remained in the form of Void Lightning, his Realm would be unstable.

This meant that it couldn’t pull down Mortis with it.

If Gravis transformed into his physical body, both he and Mortis would fall to the third level of the Star God Realm. At that point, the fight would be over.

Right now, Mortis was still full of Energy, and he unleashed a Lightning Crescent.

Arc quickly took control over the Lightning Crescent and stopped it in its track.

However, Mortis charged through the Lightning Crescent like it didn’t exist and attacked Arc.

Arc had been busy controlling the Lightning Crescent’s sheer power, which allowed Mortis to close in.

Mortis’ saber slashed towards Arc’s head.

Arc only looked with intense eyes at the approaching saber.


The general appeared between Arc and Mortis, blocking the blow.

Mortis gritted his teeth in frustration.

Meanwhile, the cloud of Void Lightning charged at the Lightning Crescent and absorbed it.

The Lightning Crescent was pulled along by the cloud of Void Lightning and joined it.

However, this was only temporary Energy from Mortis, and it couldn’t increase Gravis’ Realm. If it worked like that, Gravis could just shoot Lightning Crescents at himself to become more powerful.

The cloud of Void Lightning pulled the Heavenly Lightning behind itself and charged at the army.

The general immediately charged after the cloud of Void Lightning.

Mortis charged at Arc.

Arc knew that he couldn’t fully evade the strike, so he blocked it with his sword.


Arc’s sword was thrown into the distance.

The sword left the range of their Spirit Sense in an instant, making it impossible to retrieve it.

However, Arc managed to stay alive.

Meanwhile, the general closed in on the cloud of Void Lightning.

He was far faster than the cloud of Void Lightning, and he struck towards it.

This strike would reduce it to nothingness.

Meanwhile, Gravis’ mind focused on something.

This was his last chance.

And eventually, he succeeded.


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