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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1191: True World Bahasa Indonesia

Orthar stepped to the side while Gravis and Mortis were still looking at Arc with shocked expressions.

However, when Orthar stepped to the side, it signaled the beginning of the battle.


Arc released a tiny explosion of Heavenly Lightning and charged into the distance with incredible speeds.

Then, Arc stretched his arms to his side.


A gigantic planet formed behind him, and Arc’s entire Energy nearly left his being.

The planet grew until it was over a hundred thousand kilometers wide.

Rivers, oceans, forests, deserts, mountains, volcanoes, craters, swamps, meadows, steppes, and everything one would associate with a true world formed behind him.

In an instant, a true world was created.

Creating such a world showed one’s power over reality and existence itself.

Life appeared in an instant, and the life evolved into humans.

On Arc’s planet, many humans opened their eyes as they rammed their hands into the ground.


All the humans pulled fully formed suits of armor and weapons out of the ground.

The humans shone for an instant, and their equipment fused with them.

Wisdom and intelligence appeared in the humans’ eyes.

They looked with worship and undying loyalty at Arc.

And then, they looked with righteous anger and hatred at Gravis and Mortis.

“Fight!” one human shouted.

“FIGHT!” an army of voices echoed.

All of this had happened so fast that Gravis and Mortis couldn’t even react.


An army of over four million Peak Immortal Emperors appeared between Arc and his opponents.

Their armors shone in complex Formation Arrays, and all their power was linked.

One person stepped forward. He had white hair, and his eyes shone with endless wisdom. Uncountable Laws reflected in his eyes, and he took out a long spear.

All the humans behind him took out their own weapons, and they all performed different attacks.

The eyes of the general glistened with even more wisdom.

Four million different Form Laws had just been created and handed over to the leading person.

In an instant, the leading person created several level eight Form Laws by absorbing the knowledge of the four million other Form Laws.


The Element of Blaze burned across every single human in the army.


The Blaze shot forward, concentrated, and gathered on the leading person’s spear.

Gravis’ and Mortis’ eyes widened.


Such power!

If that attack got unleashed, they would die!


Mortis charged forward.

The general unleashed his spear.


However, the fire suddenly vanished.

Mortis had arrived before the general could unleash his attack.

Mortis was Gravis’ Star, and Mortis’ domain took effect.

Every Star had a domain that suppressed one thing and strengthened another.

What was the domain of the Star of Sentience?

The domain of the Star of Sentience could eradicate all level seven Laws.

But wait, wasn’t that worse than the actual ability of the Law of Sentience? After all, it could suppress all the level eight Laws.

Well, the difference was that the Star of Sentience didn’t suppress the user.

The general couldn’t use level seven Laws anymore, but Gravis and Mortis could use them.

The general’s eyes widened in surprise, but he quickly adapted.

Mortis arrived in front of the general, and he unleashed his Form Law.

Mortis’ Form Law took a while to unleash, but the short moment of surprise of the general had given Mortis exactly that opening.

Mortis’ saber swung down.


The general’s spear blocked Mortis’ saber.


Mortis’ saber cracked.

However, the general’s arm didn’t move.

His physical power, along with his powerful Form Law, was just too overwhelming.

He was only a Peak Immortal Emperor, but the combined power of all these Peak Immortal Emperors perfectly fused into him.

Mortis narrowed his eyes as he saw that the general easily resisted his attack.

Mortis knew that if the general could block that attack, he could also block a Lightning Crescent.

Mortis’ mind immediately gave the general an evaluation.



At the same time, Gravis unleashed his Form Law from a distance.

However, he didn’t target the general, but the army behind him.


However, just when the strike was about to reach the army, it suddenly halted. Then, it slowly vanished into nothingness.

Gravis narrowed his eyes as he felt space warp in front of his attack.

Gravis looked over at Arc, who was currently hovering over his planet.

Arc had expanded the space between the army and Gravis’ Form Law to impossible lengths.

Gravis’ strike had traveled for millions if not billions of kilometers before it eventually lost all power and vanished.

However, from the outside, it had seemingly stopped in place.

Gravis immediately knew that Arc knew the True Law of Space.

Such a feat would have been impossible otherwise.

At the same time, the general pushed his spear forward with unimaginable speed.


The void was seemingly destroyed, and a long, black line stretched into infinity.

However, Mortis had vanished.

For an instant, the general narrowed his eyes as he realized that his prey had escaped.

Yet, he also realized that he had regained access to his Laws.

The army behind the general shone in a burning, while light, which then focused on the general.


However, the light vanished again as Gravis activated his actual Law of Sentience.

The general glared with hatred at Gravis when he felt that all his Laws had left him again.

Then, the general stepped forward.


In an instant, the general arrived at Gravis’ location, and his spear punched forward.


Over ten shields had been summoned in front of Gravis, but they were all destroyed in an instant.

Those shields had all had the power of Hard Pure Materials of the ninth level of the Star God Realm.

The spear reached Gravis, but Gravis barely managed to evade to the side.

The shields had delayed the strike just enough for him to evade.

‘The True Law of Hard Complex Materials,’ Gravis realized.

His enemy’s weapon was far superior to his own.

Gravis had already tried to redirect the strike with his Major Law of Perceived Reality, but that hadn’t worked. Arc also knew that Law, which made it unusable against him or his general.


However, just when the general missed his attack, the planet below Arc exploded.

Arc’s eyes widened in surprise. Logically, it should have been impossible for anyone to destroy his planet. After all, there were trillions of kilometers of stretched space between his planet and the battlefield.

Mortis appeared at the place where Arc’s planet had just been.

When Mortis was intangible, he was immune to all Laws.

That included the Law of Space.

Mortis had noticed that Arc’s planet was absorbing Energy like crazy.

In just an instant, Arc’s empty Energy storages had been refilled, and he had been about to summon the next army of humans.

Luckily, Mortis had destroyed Arc’s planet before they could unite.

Four million Peak Immortal Emperors united was an unopposable force.

Four million Peak Immortal Emperors divided were weak.

All of them had been annihilated and transformed into Heavenly Lightning, which quickly entered Mortis’ saber.

Mortis’ saber violently crackled with lightning as he vanished again.

Arc’s eyes widened.

Then, Mortis appeared beside Arc, and he was already mid-swing.


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