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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1188: Third Trial: Proof Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Mortis spent the 10,000 years just talking to each other about the life they had lived in the dream.

However, there wasn’t much to talk about. It felt like a dream, and just after a couple of hours, they got bored of the topic.

After they were done talking, Gravis simply focused on waiting.

At the same time, Mortis thought about the opportunity he now had.

He knew that he had only lived a dream, but he also knew that these regrets would become a reality if he went through with it.

Now, Mortis had truly realized how wrong this path was.

‘It’s never enough,’ Mortis thought. ‘It can only be enough when it stops being interesting. Sadly, a couple million years aren’t nearly enough to make my life boring.’

‘I need more time, and for that, I need power.’

By now, Mortis had fully thrown away his past hesitations.

Mortis didn’t even consider stopping on his path anymore.

He had to become powerful!

For his future!

For Azure!

For his family!

For his happiness!

Gravis knew Mortis very well, and when he felt the changes inside Mortis, he only smiled warmly.

‘He’s secure in himself now,’ Gravis thought. ‘He isn’t hesitating anymore.’

‘Mortis has now fully grown up, and his ideology and his mind have become stable.’

‘He won’t change significantly in the future anymore.’

‘He’s now who he will be.’

Gravis had always felt that he had to look over Mortis like an older brother. Mortis’ goals and personality had often conflicted with each other, making him prone to spurts of instabilities.

But now, all of this would change.

Gravis’ worries that Mortis would one day kill himself again had also vanished.

Mortis knew what he wanted, and even if something significant happened, he wouldn’t throw his life away again.

The 10,000 years passed rather quickly for both Mortis and Gravis.

Mortis no longer had any issues with staying alone without any distractions.

His inner voices of worry had disappeared, and Mortis was finally one with himself.

The two first trials had transformed Mortis.

His conviction was now on par with Gravis’ conviction.

After 10,000 years, the gate opened.

Gravis and Mortis stood up without hesitation and charged towards the next trial.

In only just a couple of seconds, they arrived at the next trial, and they charged through the gates.

There was no hesitation inside them.

They knew what they wanted!

However, their eyes widened in surprise when they saw the place for the third trial.

It was a small hall again.

Another trial without a fight? What had Orthar planned this time?

Gravis and Mortis looked at Orthar.

Orthar looked at Gravis for a second and then focused on Mortis.

“Mortis again?” Gravis asked.

“Yes, there is one last thing,” Orthar said.

“Can I take part in the trial again?” Gravis asked.

“Not this time,” Orthar said as he turned to Gravis. “If you also take part in it, it will make it easier for Mortis. Additionally, you’ve gone through this trial already.”

“Huh?” Gravis uttered in confusion.

Orthar slowly extended his right arm.


Something appeared on top of his right arm, and as soon as Gravis saw it, his entire body shook.

Memories entered Gravis’ mind, and he immediately stepped to the side of the hall, showing that he wouldn’t take part in this trial.

Mortis took a deep breath as he looked at the black mosquito hovering over Orthar’s hand.

It was a Sin Monster.

“Proof,” Orthar said. “You’ve managed to solidify your conviction. Now, prove the power of your conviction to yourself and to me.”

“If you manage to get through this without ending your own life, nothing will ever make you throw your life away in the future.”

Gravis looked at Mortis with gritted teeth.

This trial was no joke!

Sure, they already knew the True Law of Suffering, but that wouldn’t make things easier. Suffering was suffering. It didn’t matter if one understood it or not.

Mortis took a deep, shaky breath.

He hadn’t experienced the pain the Sin Monster could inflict, but he had seen what kind of effect it had on someone like Gravis.

Gravis had nearly committed suicide several times due to the Sin Monster.

“10,000 years with 10,000 Sin Monsters,” Orthar said. “They will not multiply, but you have to survive for 10,000 years.”

“If your conviction isn’t strong enough, you will not survive.”

“You will also not get back the things you have lost.”

“Losing your power is part of the suffering.”

Orthar’s words genuinely made Mortis nervous and even a bit afraid.

“I only have to survive for 10,000 years, right?” Mortis asked again.

“Correct,” Orthar answered.

Mortis took a deep breath.

Then, he released it slowly.

Mortis’ eyes shot open with conviction.

So what if it hurt!?

He no longer was the old Mortis!

He would get through this!

Mortis walked to the middle of the room and sat down.

Then, Mortis took another deep breath.

“You can start,” he said.

“Keep thinking of your past and your future,” Gravis said. “Think of Azure and think about the opportunity you now have. You’ve felt how it feels to feel regret. You have a chance to fix that regret now, but if you give up now, you will never feel happy again.”

“Don’t let Azure hear that your last moments were spent in pure suffering and pain.”

Mortis nodded.

Then, Orthar let the Sin Monster go.


The Sin Monster split into 10,000 smaller Sin Monsters, which quickly landed all over Mortis’ body.

Mortis was blanketed by Sin Monsters.

And then, the first bite came.









Mortis felt that a bite had been taken out of his being, and his entire mind and body seized.

Mortis tried to scream in agony, but the second bite had arrived before he could scream.

It was just as bad as the first bite.

Mortis received about ten bites per second, and they all locked him into a state of frozen terror.

Eventually, Mortis’ body began spasming as he couldn’t control it anymore.

Mortis just silently writhed on the ground with widely opened eyes and mouth.

His eyes were full of regret, pain, and horror.

It had been far worse than he had thought.

For a long time, Mortis couldn’t form a rational thought.

He didn’t even know how much time had passed.

Usually, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to tell how much time had passed, but with his current situation, even that became a possibility.

Mortis had no idea if only an hour or a thousand years had passed.


This was the only thought Mortis could form through all the pain and chaos.

More time passed.


More time passed.


More time passed.

‘How much longer?’

Even more time passed.

‘How much time has passed?’

More time passed.

‘My Realm decreased.’

More time passed.

‘My Will-Aura became weaker.’

More time passed.


More time passed.

‘Make it end.’

More time passed.

‘Please, make it end.’

More time passed.

‘Make it end!’

More time passed.

‘I can’t anymore.’

More time passed.

‘I don’t want to anymore!’

More time passed.

‘Let me die!’

More time passed.

‘Please, I only want to die!’

More time passed.

‘I… I don’t-… should I?’

More time passed.

‘I don’t know if I can survive this.’

More time passed.


More time passed.

‘I’m so sorry, Azure.’

More time passed.


More time passed.

‘Please, Azure.’

More time passed.

‘Please forgive me, Azure.’

More time passed.

‘I can’t see you again.’

More time passed.

‘I’m sorry.’

More time passed.

‘I’m so sorry!’

More time passed.

‘Please forgive me!’


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