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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1163: Matter Laws Done Bahasa Indonesia

While everyone was settling down in the Eternal Fire Sect, Gravis and Mortis continued their Law Comprehension.

Mortis made himself intangible and snuck some comprehension from Sects far more powerful than him while Gravis returned to Opposer City to look at the Soft Pure Material Law.

And so, another long time of comprehension took place.

Mortis needed 80,000 years to comprehend the Law of Hurricane’s Cutting. His speed of comprehending level seven Laws became faster thanks to his increased Law Comprehension experience.

Gravis needed 90,000 years in total to comprehend the True Law of Soft Pure Materials.

‘Finally, all the level seven Material Laws are done,’ Gravis thought with a sigh. ‘The Material Laws have already integrated into the Major Law of the Dead World, just like all the level six Elemental Laws.’

‘Theoretically, I could create a world even more powerful than a higher world with enough Energy. Although, I can’t fill it with life.’

‘Anyway, I should buy some Law Comprehension Fruits for the more troublesome Battle Laws,’ Gravis thought.

Mortis had stayed with Azure ever since he had finished comprehending the Law of Hurricane’s Cutting.

Gravis also wanted to visit the Eternal Fire Sect, but he also wanted to buy the Law Comprehension Life Fruits first.

Narcissus knew a lot of powerful Laws, but Gravis wasn’t sure if he knew these specific level seven Elemental Battle Laws. Additionally, Gravis didn’t always want to rely on the wealth of his friends.

Also, Gravis had enough money now to buy these fruits.

Gravis went to the Smart Cultivator in Opposer City, and as soon as he entered, he was greeted by an Ancestral God.

‘Jake told me that the manager would come out himself as soon as a Star God enters the shop,’ Gravis remembered.

“Welcome to the Smart Cultivator. How can I help you?” the Ancestral God asked with a polite smile.

“Hello, I would like to buy four Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Stone’s Cutting,” Gravis said.

The smile of the manager widened. “Of course, but they are very expensive. A Virtualization Array for a level seven Law costs 100,000 God Stones per century, and a Cultivator needs 100,000 years to comprehend a level seven Law on average. This means that they would need to buy the lease 1,000 times, which would come to 100 million God Stones.”

“Four Law Comprehension Life Fruits are more than enough for the average Cultivator to comprehend the True Law of Stone’s Cutting. In essence, three of them are worth just as much as a full comprehension via Virtualization Array. So, I would make a loss by offering you four for the price of three.”

Then, the smile of the manager widened. “But I’m going to do just that. Four for the price of three, which comes to exactly 100 million God Stones. Are you interested?”

100 million God Stones.

That was enough for a level one Star God to become a level six Star God. This should show how much 100 million God Stones were.

Gravis handed over the 100 million God Stones without a word.

Why would Gravis hesitate? He had 12 billion God Stones right now. The Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect had paid with ten God Crystals, which came to 20 billion God Stones due to their increased worth. The Economistress took four billion, and another four billion were used for the material packages, leaving Gravis with 12 billion God Stones.

If a level one Star God consumed 12 billion God Stones, what Realm would they reach?

If a level one Star God consumed 12 billion God Stones, they would become a level four Ancestral God.

However, 100 million God Stones was still a lot, right?

Well, humans often had issues with imagining big numbers.

In fact, 100 million God Stones wasn’t even 1% of 12 billion God Stones.

If someone earned 2,000 gold per month, the current expenditure of the Law Comprehension Life Fruits, when put into perspective, would be less than 20 gold.

It was essentially nothing.

When the manager saw Gravis hand over so many God Stones without any noteworthy reactions, his smile widened. He knew that he had a big customer on hand.

“Due to the small demand for these Law Comprehension Life Fruits, you’ll have to wait for about five hours while we procure the fruits. I’m sorry for any eventual troubles,” the manager said.

“It’s fine,” Gravis said. “I’ll just wait here.”

“Of course,” the manager said.

Gravis went to the side and simply waited for a couple of hours, which was basically nothing to someone over 700,000 years old.

A couple of hours later, Gravis got his Law Comprehension Life Fruits, and he went back to his father’s place.

Gravis swallowed the fruits and concentrated on comprehending them, and after just 200 years, Gravis comprehended the True Law of Stone Cutting.

‘Six out of fourteen done. Nearly halfway there,’ Gravis thought. ‘Anyway, I wonder how everyone’s doing inside the Eternal Fire Sect. I should go visit them.’

Gravis left Opposer City and traveled to the Eternal Fire Sect.

It didn’t take Gravis very long to reach the Eternal Fire Sect, and when he arrived, he saw the Eternal Fire Sect for the first time.

It actually didn’t look very special.

In fact, the Eternal Fire Sect was set up very differently from the Sects Gravis was used to seeing.

Usually, a Sect had one huge headquarter where everyone would live and do their duties.

Yet, the Eternal Fire Sect was different.

Due to all the different factions, the Eternal Fire Sect didn’t have a headquarter or a single place where everyone could meet. Sure, there was the castle with the leaders of the Sect, but that castle basically stood alone on top of a mountain range. There were no other buildings near it.

Instead, all the different factions in the Sect had created their own small regions and territories.

This meant that, funnily enough, the Eternal Fire Sect was basically just a huge geographical territory with plenty of smaller powers trying to vie for supremacy.

There was one undisputed leading power, which was the leadership of the Eternal Fire Sect. However, the leadership rarely involved themselves in the struggles of the different factions. They only set up the rules and enforced them if someone broke them.

Of course, when the Eternal Fire Sect got into trouble, they would force the factions to help. The factions might be warring with each other in secret, but if an external power threatened them, they would be a united front.

Obviously, with all of this faction warfare, it was possible to gain a certain amount of political power if one led a powerful faction. Could one of those faction leaders demand more rewards or better jobs from the leadership of the Eternal Fire Sect?


The factions were allowed to go against each other, but they were not allowed to go against the Eternal Fire Sect. As soon as one faction tried to go against the Eternal Fire Sect, there would be no more reason for that faction to exist.

The leadership would just directly kill the leaders of that faction.

Even if 80% of the Sect started a rebellion, the Sect Master would just kill the strongest 10%. The rebellion would quickly disperse after that.

Gravis thought that the style of management the Eternal Fire Sect employed was quite effective.

‘Reminds me a bit of the middle world.’


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