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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1141: New Ascender Bahasa Indonesia

For the next couple of years, Gravis spent some of his time with Stella, but he had also realized that he had to become more powerful.

Right now, Gravis was incredibly powerful, but he still wasn’t strong enough to jump six levels for any future tempering. Even more, his Will-Aura was already incredibly powerful, and his next tempering opponent would probably be against a level nine Star God eventually.

Level nine Star Gods would have several level seven Laws, and they might even have more than Gravis would have.

This was bad, obviously. After all, Gravis needed a severe Law advantage to win against someone like that.

Therefore, Gravis and Mortis had quickly focused on comprehending Laws.

Mortis was still interested in finding a partner, but he didn’t want to deal with that right now. This entire thing with Joyce had soured his mood.

Because of that, Gravis and Mortis concentrated on comprehending the remaining level six Elements. Luckily, Law Comprehension Areas for level six Laws were not very rare, and the Myriad Sect had all of them.

So, Gravis and Mortis had spent most of their time finishing these Laws.

In the first 50,000 years before the war against the Eternal Fire Sect back then, Mortis had finished three level six Elements.

Blaze, Zero, Ancestral Wood.

With Gravis helping Mortis now, their speed doubled.

In just 20,000 years, they managed to comprehend the Laws of Stygian and Purity.

After that, it became even faster. Gravis managed to finish the Law of Adamantite, which was the level six Law equivalent to metal.

Meanwhile, Mortis had comprehended the Law of Hurricane, which was the level six Law equivalent to wind.

Only the Law of Stone was left, which was the level six Law equivalent to earth.

While Mortis was focusing on the Law of Stone, Gravis got contacted by his father.

After listening to his father’s message, Gravis smiled brightly and informed the Myriad Sect that he would be gone for a bit.

Gravis kept the reason for his departure a secret since he wanted it to be a surprise.

Gravis quickly flew over to a nearby city and paid several God Stones for a teleportation.

Gravis felt the spatial displacement, but he had gotten used to them by now.

He had arrived in a city at nearly the other side of the Core Regions of the highest worlds. If he were to travel to this place without a Teleportation Formation Array, Gravis would need to travel for thousands of years.

The distances were simply ridiculous.

After arriving in the city, Gravis quickly checked the entire city with his Spirit Sense, and he immediately found what he was looking for.

In the middle of the city was a gigantic hall, surrounded by many representatives of different Sects.

This was an Ascension Hall, and normally, these representatives would walk forward and offer the Ascenders an invitation to their Sects.

Ascenders had a high chance of becoming Star Gods, and the Sects were very interested in getting these new members.

Smaller Sects led by Star Gods, Sects led by other Peak Immortal Emperors, and even some Sects led by an Ancestral God had representatives in this area.

The power of these Sects would intimidate any Ascender, but they couldn’t count for much in the Core Regions of the highest world.

There were still the Sects with several Ancestral Gods, like the Eternal Fire Sect, above them.

There were also Sects led by Divine Gods above those.

And above those were the Peak Sects.

The highest three ranks only very rarely had representatives from their Sects waiting in these Ascension Halls. After all, why would they want to invest so much money and time into training Immortal Emperors?

Sects on the level of the Eternal Fire Sect were only interested in Star Gods, and the Sects above the Eternal Fire Sect were only interested in Ancestral Gods.

These small Sects could teach these Ascenders, and the trained people from these small Sects would just enter the more powerful Sects anyway.

The powerful Sects didn’t need to put any resources into raising the power of Ascenders. After all, they would just come on their own when they were powerful enough.

Because of all of that, the strongest Sect present only had three Ancestral Gods at the beginning of their Realm.

Usually, the atmosphere in this Ascension Hall was cold, distant, and professional. The Sects would simply make their offers and explain their mindsets. The Ascender would then get to choose which Sect they wanted to join.

However, this time, the atmosphere was very different.

The representatives were almost aggressive with each other.

Some of them had even started shouting and denouncing each other.

Yet, not all of them were acting this way.

The representatives of the Peak Immortal Emperor Sects had stepped back and looked to the side. Obviously, they didn’t want to get involved.

The representatives of the Sects with Star Gods stood at the back, but they still silently gave their offers to the new Ascender.

They had to get this Ascender!

Lastly, the Sects being led by Ancestral Gods were nearly fighting each other for this new Ascender.

Getting this Ascender was getting a Star God, and not only that, but the Ascender also had the ability to strengthen the entire Sect and earn them a ton of money.

This Ascender was incredibly powerful, would help the entire Sect, and would earn them a lot of money.

These were the most sought-after Ascenders out of all of them.

The Ascender had the appearance of an 18-year-old girl with green hair. Beautiful flowers could be seen in her hair, and her appearance was absolutely stunning.

She almost looked like a goddess.

It was like she was representing nature itself!

The reason why everyone wanted her in their Sect was that she was a plant.

Plants at the level of Star Gods were exceedingly rare, and being able to get one for one’s Sect was an incredible blessing.

As a plant, she would easily reach the Star God Realm.

As a plant, she could condense Law Comprehension Life Fruits, which could then be given to outstanding disciples.

However, her fruits could also be sold for an incredible amount of money.

This was why these powerful Sects were fighting over her so much.

Right now, the new Ascender simply looked around the hall with an aloof expression. She seemingly ignored all of these people as she inspected the highest world.

‘So, these are humans, huh?’ she thought as she inspected all the different humans in the city.

She had never seen a human before.

She had expected that her first contact with humans would end with enmity. After all, she was a beast, and they were humans.

There had to be some animosity between them, right?

Yet, surprisingly, all these people promised her infinite riches and incredible privileges just so that she would decide to join their Sect.

She was a bit disappointed by that development.

As everyone continued arguing, Gravis stepped into the hall.

The arguing representatives immediately stopped as they glared at the new arrival. They could handle the present representatives, but they wouldn’t allow someone they didn’t know to vie for the Ascender’s attention.

The hall fell silent, and the Ascender looked at the new person.

For some reason, she found this new person familiar. Yet, she had never seen this person before.

Gravis only smirked.

“Ah, shit. It’s the thick flower girl. It’s a wonder that you managed to get this powerful with your shitty, toxic mouth,” Gravis said with a smirk.

The room became even quieter as the representatives looked with shock at the new arrival.

What did that guy just say?

The Ascender looked with shock at Gravis, and her eyebrows furrowed. “I think such a limp-dicked pussy like you is just jealous that you can’t get hard enough to even impress a dandelion. How about you swallow the shit that comes out of your mouth and go puke in a corner?”

The representatives became even more shocked.

This beautiful, proud, elegant girl had just uttered such obscene words.

Even more, her voice had a kind of resonance with nature, which made her voice sound peaceful and tranquil.

Gravis snorted. “You’re just mad because you are stuck with this girl-body instead of the muscular, powerful body you showed me back then. Bet you feel like a weak little maiden whenever you battle with someone. Do you also dramatically fall back with grace when you get hit?”

The gears in the Ascender’s mind finally clicked.

Then, she smirked.

“Fuck you, Gravis,” Meadow said with delight.


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