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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1095: New Arrival Bahasa Indonesia

The first person had died in the war, and it was Samuel, the former Junior Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect.

After Exar had killed Samuel, he looked at a specific person immediately.

It was Gravis.

Exar hadn’t been under so much pressure that he couldn’t spare any concentration, which meant that he had watched some of the other fights.

Exar knew that Gravis was incredibly powerful but seeing something was always different from hearing about it.

Gravis had killed a level two Star God with basically nothing.

He simply threw a needle from a distance, and the guy died without being able to fight back.

Exar knew that his teacher was supremely powerful, but he had thought that he would, at least, be able to come to terms with Gravis’ power. After all, Gravis was weaker than Arc.

Yet, Gravis easily took care of a level two Star God.

Even more, his Avatar was currently fighting a level three Star God.

However, one had to remember that Mortis currently had two bodies. Under normal circumstances, Gravis and Mortis would fight a level three Star God together, which would also come to two bodies fighting one.

It would be a bit disingenuous to say that Mortis could fight a level three Star God alone. After all, he had a strong boost in Battle-Strength by having two bodies.

After this incident, Exar realized that there was still a gigantic gap between him and Gravis.

The young boy he had given Arc’s emblem to had become an absolute monster.


Up in the air, away from the fighting, a new person appeared.

He was a red-haired young man, and he looked at the war with narrowed eyes.

He immediately focused on Exar.

This person had killed his disciple.

Yes, this young man was the Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect, a level seven Ancestral God.

As soon as he felt that one of his disciples had died, he immediately realized that something had gone wrong. That was why he arrived here so quickly.

The Eternal Fire Sect was some distance away from the Myriad Sect, but the distance was basically negligible in terms of the entire highest world. A Peak Immortal Emperor would need nearly a day to travel from one Sect to the other, but such a distance was not an issue for a level seven Ancestral God.

The young man stopped looking at Exar and focused on Ishtar’s fight.

He had given Ishtar enough God Stones to become a level three Star God as insurance. It had been Ishtar’s job to stop his disciple brothers from dying.

Originally, he had believed that Ishtar had purposefully let Samuel die to get rid of some competition, but after the Sect Master looked at Ishtar’s fight, he realized that Ishtar was also fighting with everything he had.

Usually, the Sect Master’s mind was always tranquil. He had seen so many things that nothing could shock him.

But today, he received an immense shock.

Ishtar was fighting against two Peak Immortal Emperors!

The Sect Master spectated the fight between Mortis and Ishtar for a bit.


A violent explosion of lightning paused space and time around Mortis as he barely evaded the strike of a sword.


Mortis’ second body had just unleashed his Form Law, but a kick from Ishtar had stopped the Form Law.

Ishtar’s boots were valuable treasures, and it wasn’t easy for Mortis to break through them. All of this had already happened more than once.

Yet, this time.


The boots suddenly cracked apart as Mortis’ saber buried itself into Ishtar’s foot.

The accumulated Destruction Energy of the Law of Core’s Destruction had finally done its work!


A little black lightning bolt came out of Mortis’ saber, forcing Ishtar’s injury to remain permanent.

Ishtar gritted his teeth.

This was so frustrating!

If only he had access to any of his Laws, this wouldn’t even be a fight!

This was correct.

Gravis and Mortis had been able to fight six levels above themselves in the higher world, but the average power of Star Gods made a gigantic jump.

The only reason why Mortis could even fight equally against Ishtar was that he had two bodies, that he had the Law of Sentience, and that he had the Law of Heavenly Lightning.

If any of these things weren’t there, Mortis would have no chance.

If Ishtar could use his level seven Law of Pure Elements, Mortis would be bombarded again and again until he ran out of Energy.

Luckily, Mortis had the Law of Sentience, which was essentially the Anti-Law Law.


Ishtar exploded forward as his shoulder hit the Mortis that had just evaded. Ishtar’s sword was in a bad position right now, and if he tried attacking Mortis with his sword, Mortis would have had enough time to block or evade it.

The other Mortis immediately followed up with another attack, but his attack was halted by a wave of Spirit coming out of Ishtar. His Laws might be suppressed, but he could still use his Spirit.


Another small black lightning bolt appeared, and Ishtar gritted his teeth.

He had just lost 1.3% of his Spirit permanently.

This black lightning had catastrophic effects!

However, this gave Ishtar enough time to attack Mortis with his sword.


Ishtar’s sword cleaved through Mortis, but something shocking happened.


Mortis transformed into pure lightning, and Ishtar’s sword only managed to destroy about 40% of the lightning.

Ishtar’s eyes widened in shock.



On the side, Gravis felt his Realm drop by a bit. ‘Tch, even if I’m not in the fight, you’re still taking advantage of our shared Realm.’

Mortis reappeared above Ishtar’s sword, readying his saber for another strike with his Form Law.

Ishtar quickly moved his sword upward to block Mortis’ attack, but his eyes widened.

An incredibly powerful spear was shooting at Ishtar from a distance!

The other Mortis had launched Mortality!

Ishtar immediately felt the devastating power in Mortality, gritted his teeth, and turned around to block Mortality with his sword.


Ishtar’s sword was completely destroyed, but he managed to block Mortality.


Mortis left a two-centimeter-deep cut on Ishtar’s back, which wouldn’t ever heal again.

By now, Ishtar was bleeding all over, and his Life Energy was slowly being consumed.

The injuries were consuming more life Energy than he could recover.

With burning eyes, Ishtar turned around and hit Mortis with his sword.

Mortis was bisected horizontally at his chest.

However, the remaining part of Mortis’ body didn’t flee as he looked deeply into Ishtar’s eyes.

His body started to heal itself, but it would take a bit. Healing such an injury would cost him 30% of his Life Energy, and he was also running low.

From a distance, the other Mortis charged in again.

This was what the Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect had witnessed with shocked eyes.

It was about as brutal as a fight could get.

Ishtar definitely wasn’t putting on an act.

The Sect Master closely inspected all the people in the warzone, and his eyes widened.

There were another two!?

He immediately focused on the two Gravises, who were calmly building some kind of construct while absolute chaos rained down around them.

The Sect Master felt the pure power radiating off Gravis’ prepared Void Needle, and he gritted his teeth.

He couldn’t send another level two Star God in there!

They would immediately be killed!

Gravis noticed the Sect Master since he wasn’t in a stressful situation right now.

Gravis grinned and waved at him.

The Sect Master furrowed his brows.

How had he made such a gigantic mistake?

He had personally scouted out the Myriad Sect, but he hadn’t noticed the Ancestral God that was currently fighting one of his Elders, and he hadn’t noticed these four freaks of Immortal Emperors.

‘This is on me,’ the Sect Master thought. ‘How ironic. I reprimanded my disciples for not being thorough in their investigation, but I did that exact thing.’

‘My mistake caused Samuel to die.’

‘Well, even I’m not too old to learn something new.’

Then, the Sect Master focused on the Judge.

The Judge also completely focused on him.

The Judge was so powerful that he didn’t even need to look at the battle between the two Ancestral Gods to isolate their battle.

The Judge looked at the Sect Master, and the Sect Master looked at the Judge.

Both of them were level seven Ancestral Gods.


A new Judge appeared in the air.


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