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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1088: Unexpected Idol Bahasa Indonesia

As Siral woke up, Gravis could see confusion in his eyes.

As far as Siral knew, he was just about to undergo Samsara. But now, he was lying on the ground.

“Did something happen?” Siral asked as he stood up in confusion.

Gravis sighed.

“Samsara killed you,” Gravis answered.

Siral’s mind stopped.

Killed him?

He had died?

“But then, how am I here?” he asked in shock.

“Arc deleted all the new memories and restored your old ones. Then, I recreated your personality based on your Law fragments before you underwent Samsara. You are still in the same body with the same Spirit and same mind. We simply repaired you, in a sense,” Gravis answered.

Siral still tried to come to terms with the fact that he had died.

“Why did I die?” Siral asked.

“I’m not sure,” Gravis said. “I can’t watch someone’s soul while undergoing Samsara. Arc didn’t tell me. I can only make an educated guess, which is that it probably has something to do with your chosen path to power. However, I can’t be sure.”

Siral didn’t speak for a while.

He simply tried to come to terms with everything he was hearing.

“So, I was the only one of the group that died,” Siral answered with a lost voice.

“Sadly, yes,” Gravis said. “However, you can’t put it like that. Everyone in the group has a very powerful and stable personality. Samsara is very destructive, and surviving it isn’t easy. Nearly everyone struggled while overcoming it, and they had all been changed.”

Siral could understand Gravis’ words, but that didn’t help him much.

He was still the only one that died to Samsara.

This made him feel inferior to the others.

“Also,” Gravis added, “don’t forget that you are actually not the only one.”

“What do you mean?” Siral asked.

“Joyce,” Gravis answered. “Joyce would have died just like you. However, in comparison to her, you actually had a chance of overcoming Samsara. If she undergoes Samsara, her death is basically a certainty.”

Siral thought about Joyce.

Joyce had a powerful Battle-Strength, but even she would have died to Samsara.

This thought made it easier for Siral to accept his current situation.

“I can help you undergo Samsara again, but not now,” Gravis said. “If you want to survive, you need to think about your life and think about the things you regret. Additionally, I would advise you to wait for at least 200,000 years. Your perception of time needs to be expanded. Otherwise, you will simply die again.”

“The next time you undergo Samsara, you will truly die. This was a one-time thing, and your life is in your hands. I will let you undergo Samsara whenever you want. I won’t warn you if I think that you will die again. It’s your life. So, only ask for Samsara when you are certain you can survive.”

Siral took a deep breath.

“Thank you, Gravis,” Siral said.

“There’s nothing to thank me for,” Gravis said. “You underwent one of the cruelest deaths imaginable. You went through thousands of years of torture that pushed you to the point that you voluntarily killed yourself.”

“I understand,” Siral said, “but I’m talking more about the fact that you will allow me to undergo Samsara again in the future. This opportunity is worth a lot.”

“No problem,” Gravis answered. He was happy that Siral was alive, but he still wasn’t in the mood to smile right now.

Gravis had been careless, and it had nearly cost him the life of one of his friends.

The two of them left Gravis’ Life Ring and returned to the outside world.

“Oh, hey, you’re back!” Ferris shouted with excitement. “I thought you died!”

Siral looked at Ferris with a bitter smile.

“Sadly, I actually died. Luckily, I was saved by Gravis and Arc,” Siral said.

“Oh? You died!?” Ferris asked in shock. “That’s super bad! Everyone’s so powerful now! Are you also more powerful?”

Siral grimaced.

Ferris was a nice guy, but his simple mind made him blurt out things without any consideration.

However, Siral knew that Ferris didn’t mean these comments as an insult.

“I don’t remember undergoing Samsara,” Siral said. “My power hasn’t increased.”

“Oh, okay. That sucks,” Ferris said. “But you’re still very powerful.”

Siral only laughed bitterly.

“Am I? Why can’t I see it?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Ferris answered with several nods. “Your attacks are super powerful. It’s like super hard to resist them.”

Siral sighed.

“Sure, my attacks might be very powerful, but I can only launch one at a time.”

“Why?” Ferris asked.

“Because, as soon as my opponent notices my presence, I have to flee,” Siral answered.

“Why?” Ferris asked again.

“Because I’m not good at direct confrontations. I’m good at attacking and good at fleeing. Sadly, I’m not good at everything else,” Siral said.

Ferris remained silent for a bit.

“I don’t get it,” Ferris said. “Isn’t fleeing basically evasion?”

Siral laughed bitterly. “A bit, yeah, but it’s still difficult if my opponent can see through the Laws that allow me to flee.”

“Yeah, but isn’t that normal?” Ferris asked as he tilted his head. “If my opponent sees through my Laws, I will also have a hard time.”

Siral rubbed his temples in annoyance. “Yeah, but it’s still very different from how you fight. I’m missing a way of coming close to my enemy and making my attacks hit when they know I’m there.”

Ferris scratched his chin in thought. He saw how Gravis did that a lot, and he liked doing that too.

“You remind me of Dorian,” Ferris said.

“Dorian?” Siral asked.

“Yeah, you know, Dorian. The guy in our Sect,” Ferris said.

“I know who Dorian is,” Siral said with a bit of annoyance. “I want to know why I remind you of him.”

“You described how you fought, and that really reminded me of the time I saw Dorian fight,” Ferris said. “I once followed Dorian as insurance since we had a mission to take out a Peak Immortal Emperor that knew three level six Laws. The guy was really strong!”

“But Dorian said that he could take care of him alone. I thought Dorian was only making a joke. After all, Dorian knows only a single level six Law, well, two now, but he only knew one back then. How is he supposed to win?”

“However, the fight was super weird,” Ferris said with a solemn nod. “Like, super, super weird. Dorian attacked the guy but failed. Then, Dorian scrambled around, dodging in very weird ways and taunting the guy.”

“You had to see it! Dorian used so many ways to get away from the guy and then sneak attacked him several times.”

“The fight took hours! Dorian kept running away and doing weird and funny stuff while provoking his opponent to follow him. I tell you, I could feel the rage of the guy, and it was like, super powerful!”

“Then, Dorian killed him when the guy became careless.”

“That’s why your words reminded me of him. You said you can only flee and attack. In that fight, Dorian also only fled and attacked.”

“So, how can you say that you are not powerful? Dorian does the same stuff you do, and he managed to win against someone that knew three level six Laws. That’s not weak! That’s like, super powerful!”

Siral felt like Ferris wasn’t able to understand Siral’s problem.

However, for a second, Siral thought about what Ferris had described.

After a bit, Siral realized that Dorian’s fighting style was actually very similar to his own but better.

Siral put everything he had on one hand, but Dorian seemingly did the same thing but with a way to quickly recover.

“Huh,” Gravis said from the side. “I actually hadn’t noticed that, but Ferris is right. Dorian is basically a more flexible version of you, Siral.”

For a while, Siral only thought about what Ferris and Gravis had said.

“I should look into this,” Siral said. “If that’s true, Dorian might be able to help me in expanding my fighting style.”

“You should,” Gravis said. “Dorian is an eccentric guy, but he has a kind heart. As long as you get used to him, you will have a good friend.”

Siral nodded.

Then, he smiled at Ferris. “Thank you for your wise words,” he said with a polite bow.

“Wise words? Me?” Ferris asked in shock.

Then, Ferris puffed out his chest.

“No one ever said that to me before! So, I am wise!” Ferris proclaimed with pride.

Gravis and Siral laughed a bit, and Siral teleported away.

He had to talk with Dorian.

“I’ll also be leaving now, Ferris,” Gravis said. “I’m going to comprehend a really awesome Law soon.”

“Oh? Really awesome Law?” Ferris asked with interest. “What Law?”

“A Law someone else in our group knows,” Gravis said. “It’s really powerful.”

Ferris looked with wonder at Gravis. “Wow! A really powerful Law! That’s so cool! You’re really strong, Gravis!”

Gravis laughed and teleported away.

Surprisingly, Gravis didn’t go to some Law Comprehension Area but went home.

“I would like to request leave for the remaining century,” Gravis transmitted to Eve.

“Fine. You worked for long enough,” Eve said.

“Thanks, Eve,” Gravis answered.

Then, Gravis simply waited.

A couple days later, Stella returned to their home.

Gravis looked at Stella and smiled.

“Did everything go well with Liam?” he asked.

“Yes,” Stella said with a bright smile as she hugged Gravis. “I think he finally realized that he needs a partner of his own.”

Gravis nodded.

“So, are you ready? You should know all the relevant Laws by now,” he said.

“Thanks to you, yes,” Stella said with embarrassment. “Sorry that I kept you waiting.”

“No, it’s fine. I wanted to comprehend this Law with you regardless. After all, it’s a big one. Want to start right now?” Gravis asked.

Stella nodded with conviction.

“Alright, then let’s begin. I’ll condense it first and show you.”

“Just watch.”


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