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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1086: Samsara Ends Bahasa Indonesia

Stella felt relieved and touched when Liam said these words.

She felt so sorry for him and guilty for leaving him behind.

Yet, she knew that Liam had to find a light of his own.

They would still be very close, but he had to find someone to share a deeper connection with.

Stella pulled Liam aside, and they teleported away.

They needed to have a heart-to-heart.

Gravis looked at the place where Liam had just been with a smile.

He also wanted Liam to be happy.

The relationship between the two of them had been awkward in the beginning, but they had long gotten past that.

Now, Liam was a genuine friend to Gravis.

“I think it’s my time, dad,” Aris said.

Gravis looked at his son with pride and nodded.

“Your personality has become very stable. You should be able to get through Samsara,” he said.

Aris nodded.

Samsara activated.

The first perspective was from Gravis.

Aris saw how Gravis looked over him with worry ever since he had been born, and with his maturity, Aris noticed that Gravis had always loved him as a son.

Even though Aris had been nothing but a mindless animal in the beginning, Gravis had still viewed him as his son.

Something like this wasn’t common.

When Aris saw his young self, he nearly died of shame.

He had been so stupidly arrogant back then.

Luckily, Aris’ personality was steady enough to resist the onslaught of embarrassing memories.

Aris also saw his master again, and Aris saw how his master viewed him.

His master saw Aris as a younger version of himself, someone that needed help to mature properly.

Even until the very end, Aris’ master had looked at Aris with pride.

Aris was doing a great job!

When Aris came to his reunion with his father, he saw how much Gravis had cared for him and how proud he was of him.

Aris felt thankful that he had a father such as Gravis.

In the end, Aris managed to get through Samsara without any significant issues.

On top of the Major Law of Time, Aris also comprehended the Law of Humility and the Law of Empathy.

Samsara had increased Aris’ power by a lot, and Aris felt as sure of himself as never before.

When Samsara ended, Aris looked at Gravis with a peaceful smile.

“Thank you,” he said.

“I did nothing,” Gravis said with a smile. “You did all of this yourself.”

Gravis still felt a bit guilty for leaving his son so soon in his life.

Yet, Aris didn’t mind.

Right now, he was glad that Gravis was his father.

Aris didn’t even glance at his mother, Azure, who was also present.

They were nothing more than companions.

There was no love between them.

It sounded cruel to say, but that actually wasn’t a problem.

This was simply how beasts were.

“Argh, fine!” Dorian suddenly shouted. “Me next. Everyone else got through it, so I can’t keep postponing it! Where would I put my pride as an old man if I chickened out now.”

Gravis laughed a bit. “You’ll be fine, Dorian,” he said.

“Of course I will!” Dorian answered while crossing his arms.

Gravis put Dorian under Samsara.

Dorian watched his life, and he nodded with appreciation at himself.

The young Dorian was just as dominating as the old one!

When Dorian came to the part where he met Gravis, he was hit with nostalgia.

This strange, young person would change everyone’s life.

Dorian had known that Gravis was special, but he had severely underestimated the effect Gravis would have on the lower world and everyone’s lives.

Gravis had been so weak in front of Dorian.

Dorian could have killed him with a wave of his hand.

And now, Gravis was so powerful that Dorian couldn’t even feel his power, even though they were in the same Realm.

It was still very difficult to get through Samsara, but Dorian managed it eventually.

In the end, Dorian also comprehended a very important Law.

Just like Ferris, Dorian had comprehended the Law of Freedom!

Dorian had always lived in freedom and had always done the things he wanted. Going through Samsara had only reaffirmed that mindset.

Dorian was missing a lot of Emotional Laws and Laws of Perceived Reality, but he had overcome the biggest hurdle of becoming a Heaven’s Magnate.

Maybe, he could become a Heaven’s Magnate eventually.

Only time would tell.

Gravis informed Dorian that he shouldn’t inform the others about his Law, and Dorian only scoffed.

“I know! I’m not stupid!” Dorian answered with a scoff.

Gravis only chuckled a bit.

“I think this old man has waited for long enough,” Styr said as he stepped forward. “If you will, Gravis.”

Gravis nodded and hit Styr with Samsara.

As a beast, it was relatively easy for Styr to get through Samsara.

Yet, there were still some funny moments.

One of them was how Gravis perceived him when they met.

It was such a strange situation.

Styr was an incredible danger to Gravis, but he also wasn’t a danger at all.

Luckily, Styr had basically ignored the situation. He hadn’t wanted to deal with such complex situations.

Styr had it a bit harder than the other beasts but still easier than most humans. Styr’s mindset was on the more complex side of beasts, but not as complex as a human mindset.

When Styr recovered, he had comprehended the Major Law of Time and the Law of Control.

The Law of Control was very had to comprehend, but Styr managed it.

Comprehending the Law of Control needed a very rational mind that was able to perceive complex relationships between different beings.

In comparison, the Law of Freedom needed a simple mindset.

Most Peak Divine Gods either missed the Law of Freedom or the Law of Control for exactly that reason.

Gravis’ mindset had a greater affinity for the Law of Control due to his analyzing mind. Luckily, he had managed to grasp freedom since it was his goal.

However, it was unknown if Gravis would have actually understood it if the highest Heaven and the middle Heaven hadn’t suppressed him to the extreme.

Styr pushed Azure forward, and Azure sighed.

She was actually rather nervous.

She didn’t want to admit it, but she feared something.

She feared Gravis’ perception of herself and Gravis’ children’s perception of herself.

Was she truly as emotionless as she imagined?

Yet, she had to go through this.

“Azure,” Gravis said as he noticed her absentminded gaze. “You’ll be fine,” he said.

Azure took a deep breath and nodded.

“Hit me!”

Gravis activated Samsara.

Azure had no issues in getting through her life.

That was until she came to the moment when she and Gravis had “mated”.

When she saw that Gravis only looked at her as a friend, she released a sigh of relief.

She had been scared that Gravis had wanted more.

Then came the part when her three children wanted to visit her.

The three of them looked at the Mountain of Pride.

Yet, they weren’t that interested in meeting her.

In their minds, Azure was unimportant.

So what if she was their mother?

They didn’t really care.

What did Azure feel when she saw that not one of her three children was interested in her?


Azure had feared that she would feel pain when she looked at herself through their eyes.

However, she didn’t feel any pain.

Azure’s worry was unfounded.

She had talked with Gravis too much, and his words about happiness and so on had created doubts in her mind.

Yet, Azure was a pureblooded beast.

She truly didn’t care about any of them.

Azure realized that she had worried over nothing.

It was fine as it was.

After that, Samsara became somewhat easy, but it was still very tiring.

When Azure recovered, she had comprehended the Major Law of Time and the Law of Apathy.

She had realized that she truly didn’t care about what some beings felt of her, and that allowed her to comprehend the Law of Apathy.

In a sense, Azure didn’t much care for anyone, but she still supported her close companions.

In the end, actions were more important than words and intent.

Even if she didn’t have much care to spare, she was still a good companion.

Azure talked with Styr as they left, thanking Gravis.

Azure’s personality had also become more stable.

Samsara, an attack that had been created to destroy Gravis’ opponents, was now helping his companions in growing as people and in power.

Sometimes, reality took weird turns.

“I think it’s my time,” Sary said, unsure of herself.

“Don’t worry,” Gravis said with a smile.

Then, Gravis hit Sary with Samsara.

Sary had been worried about seeing how she had lost her motivation in the middle world. Back then, she had stopped advancing until Gravis’ words had woken her up.

Yet, Sary had worried over nothing, just like Azure.

10,000 years might have appeared like an eternity back then, but to the current Sary, it wasn’t that long.

She overcame that time of her life relatively easily, and the remainder of her life hadn’t been nearly as bad.

She had been lucky that this period of weakness had happened so far in the past.

It was still hard to get through Samsara, but she managed it.

Sary only comprehended the Major Law of Time, but that was still a lot.

When Sary woke up, she sighed and thanked Gravis.

Then, she winked at him and went to Azure and Styr.

Ferris was still watching with interest.

Now, only a single person was left.

Siral sighed. “Seems like I’m the last one,” he said.

Gravis nodded.

Gravis activated Samsara, and Siral went through his life.

Surprisingly, the easiest period was when he was under the effect of Gravis’ Life Ring. After all, he had no control over himself back then.

Yet, as more time passed, Siral’s mind started to deteriorate.

He always had had regrets about his chosen path to power.

He had regretted that he hadn’t trained in more Laws that were useful in direct confrontations.

He feared that his path would eventually end in tragedy.

His current mindset and his old mindset clashed.

Siral was the person Gravis was most worried about.

In fact, Gravis wasn’t sure if Siral would manage to get through Samsara.

However, danger followed everyone.

It made no sense to shield Siral from danger right now.

As time passed, Siral’s mind shook more and more.

Eventually, Samsara ended.

As Samsara ended, Gravis looked at Siral, and his eyes widened.

Then, Gravis took a deep breath.


Gravis pulled Siral into his Life Ring and followed him.

Ferris was confused for a second.

Why had they vanished?

Inside Gravis’ Life Ring, Siral fell over and hit the ground.

The Law fragments that made up his personality had vanished.

Siral had died.

He hadn’t managed to get through it.


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