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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1076: No Way Bahasa Indonesia

After Broad Walker left, the actual interrogation took place.

“What have you done to my junior brother?” Power Walker asked.

“Nothing,” Gravis answered in a relaxed manner. “He stole from me, and I stopped him.”

“Lies!” Power Walker shouted. “Prove it!”

“I have not lied,” Gravis said with the Law of Honesty.

The Law of Honesty washed over the two present people.

Silent Walker’s expression didn’t change.

Power Walker’s eyebrows furrowed.

Then, Power Walker turned to Silent Walker. “Has your recounting of the events been accurate?” he asked.

“Yes,” Silent Walker answered.

The fluctuations of a Law could be felt, and Gravis raised an eyebrow.

“So that’s it,” Power Walker said as he looked at Gravis. “You think I will fall for your Law of Lies!?”

Gravis blinked a couple of times in confusion.

Was that guy stupid?

Silent Walker had been the one using the Law of Lies. Power Walker’s Will-Aura should be powerful enough to feel the difference between the Law of Honesty and the Law of Lies.

One thing felt white, while the other thing felt black.

Gravis’ Will-Aura was more powerful than Silent Walker’s, which was why he had been able to see that Silent Walker had used the Law of Lies. Although, Gravis could have also realized that by simply thinking about his own perception and the truth.

“Your junior brother is using the Law of Lies, not me,” Gravis answered with the Law of Honesty.

Power Walker looked at Silent Walker.

“I’m using the Law of Honesty,” Silent Walker said calmly while activating the Law of Lies.

Power Walker looked back at Gravis. “Do you think I’m stupid?” he asked with narrowed eyes. “I have a perfect comparison here. My junior brother is using the Law of Honesty, and your Law feels different from his Law. So, when my junior brother is telling the truth, you can only be spouting lies.”

‘That guy’s so far gone, it’s not even funny anymore,’ Gravis thought. ‘The dude’s literally saying that black is white and white is black.’

“What do you want?” Gravis asked. “You paid so much money for that interrogation thing. So, what’s your plan? What do you want from me?”

Gravis still didn’t know why they actually wanted to interrogate him. After all, if they wanted to kill him, they could have simply sent some Star God. In their minds, a Star God should be powerful enough to take care of a Peak Immortal Emperor, even if they felt very powerful.

So, why waste so much money?

Power Walker glanced at Silent Walker.

Power Walker had gotten Gravis in front of Silent Walker.

This was Silent Walker’s revenge, not Power Walker’s revenge.

Power Walker wouldn’t involve himself in Silent Walker’s revenge. He only gave him the opportunity to grasp it.

Silent Walker walked up to Gravis’ cage and looked at him with cold eyes.

“Your life is in my hands,” he said after some time.

“You want another demonstration?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

Silent Walker’s right eyelid twitched for a second. “You know what I mean. You might be able to scare me with your powers, but you can’t kill me as long as my senior brother is here.”

“However, you are only safe for the next five years. After that, we can simply send one of our Vice-Sect Masters to take care of you. In front of a Star God, you are helpless,” Silent Walker said with authority.

“So, you’re saying that you got me here just to give me a chance to survive?” Gravis asked. “You spent 50,000 God Stones to give your enemy a chance of survival? You’re truly a saint.”

Silent Walker didn’t react to Gravis’ provocation.

“Killing you might give me some momentary satisfaction, but it won’t help me in becoming more powerful. Sometimes, cooperation is better than enmity.”

“Oh, is that an ultimatum?” Gravis asked.

“Yes,” Silent Walker answered, annoyed at Gravis not taking the situation seriously.

“So? What do you want?” Gravis asked with a smile as he leaned his head on one of his hands.

“I want you to pay my bail, your own Interrogation Warrant, and 200,000 God Stones for your own life. That’s a total of 350,000 God Stones. If you pay that, we can forget these things,” Silent Walker said.

“350,000 God Stones is quite a bit,” Gravis commented. “What makes you think I have so much money?”

“Because of your background,” Silent Walker said.

One of Gravis’ eyebrows rose. “Oh?” he uttered. “What background?”

“We don’t know,” Silent Walker said. “However, your background is powerful enough to be classified as Top Secret in the Information Pavilion. Only a few organizations have such a privilege, and none of these organizations are simple.”

‘Interesting. They actually don’t know about my background,’ Gravis thought.

“And if my background is so powerful, what gives you the guts to capture me like this?” Gravis asked.

“Independence,” Silent Walker answered immediately. “These gigantic organizations know that independence and the ability to solve one’s own problems are some of the most important parts of Cultivation. If my senior brother were to kill you, they would probably kill us. However, as long as we send people that you can realistically win against, they shouldn’t mind that you die.”

“Independence?” Gravis asked with a snort.

The guy using his master as a crutch was talking about independence.

“Yes, independence,” Silent Walker answered, not reacting to Gravis’ words. “We have all kinds of Peak Immortal Emperors in our ranks. We can simply send a weak one and judge your power. Then, before you have the chance to comprehend another Law, we’ll simply send a stronger one.”

“Even if you manage to kill that one, you will eventually run out of Laws to comprehend during a fight.”

“As long as you don’t immediately have the ability to become a Star God, you will eventually succumb to the enemies. Also, even if you break into the Star God Realm right now, we have two Vice-Sect Masters that have been in that Realm for far longer than you.”

“You mean like 30,000 years longer,” Gravis interrupted Silent Walker. “That’s not that much.”

“Yet, they are familiar with their newfound powers, while you won’t be,” Silent Walker said.

Gravis blinked a couple of times.

Then, he looked at Power Walker with confusion.

Power Walker tried to keep his expression neutral, but Gravis could feel a certain awkwardness radiating off of him.

Power Walker should have the ability to judge Gravis’ Battle-Strength to some degree.

So, why was this guy threatening him with Peak Immortal Emperors?

Gravis looked at Power Walker with a deadpan expression, just waiting.

Silent Walker narrowed his eyes. He felt like Gravis was ignoring him.

Power Walker felt a bit awkward.

Then, Power Walker informed Silent Walker with a voice transmission.

Silent Walker’s eyes widened in shock.

Power Walker wasn’t sure exactly how powerful Gravis was, but he knew that Gravis was the most powerful Peak Immortal Emperor he had ever seen.

If someone like that became a Star God, they would be able to jump, at least, one level.

One had to remember that jumping one level in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm and in the Star God Realm were two entirely different concepts.

Every single Star God knew a level seven Law, and every single Peak Immortal Emperor that knew a level seven Law could jump at least three to four levels.

This meant that every single Star God was a genius that had managed to jump three or four levels just a short while ago.

Being able to jump a level against such geniuses was unreal.

Power Walker knew that if Gravis became a Star God, his two Vice-Sect Masters probably wouldn’t be able to fight him, even if they fought him simultaneously.

Luckily, it took a ton of money to become a Star God, and as long as Gravis wasn’t a Star God, one of the Vice-Sect Masters should be enough to deal with Gravis.

They might even get some tempering out of the fight.

Silent Walker fell into thought as his mind was going wild.

His entire plan had been to threaten Gravis into giving him a lot of money.

Yet, he couldn’t threaten Gravis!?

Why hadn’t he known that earlier!?

If he had known that earlier, his puppet wouldn’t have wasted so many God Stones!

Sadly, this was one of the issues with the Favorite Child Poison. The poisoner was the decision-maker, and the victim was the puppet. A puppet wouldn’t think. That was not its job.

It only followed orders.

And because of that, Silent Walker found himself in a very awkward situation.

He would have Gravis in front of him for the foreseeable future, and he had no easy way to get value out of him.

That was when Silent Walker made a choice.

“What if my senior brother kills you?” he asked with narrowed eyes.

The atmosphere in the room changed.


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