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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1069: Angry Master Bahasa Indonesia

The master of Broad Walker and Silent Walker gritted his teeth. However, in comparison to his disciple, he knew that he couldn’t throw a fit here.

“How much?” he asked.

“57 God Stones,” the Commander in the golden armor said.

“57 God Stones!? What kind of table is this!? Can it cure Will-Aura injuries!? Is it edible!?” he asked in shock.

No one answered. The Commander only extended his right arm, waiting for payment.

“Fine!” the man shouted. “Here! Have your God Stones! I hope you choke on them!”


The man threw the God Stones over, and the Commander pocketed them. Then, the Commander pointed at the destroyed table.


And the table was repaired.


And it was destroyed again.

“Are you kidding me!?” the man shouted. “I paid 57 God Stones for the table, and you just repair it like it’s nothing!?”

The Commander extended his hand again, waiting for payment.

The body of the man shook in fury.

He immediately regretted his actions.

He shouldn’t have hit the table again with his fist.

However, it felt so good to vent his anger!

The man paid another 57 God Stones, and the table was repaired.

“Dirty profiteers,” the man grumbled.

Why had this man lost his control again? He was an Ancestral God, and he should have more intelligence than that. Was he stupid?


The reason for the outburst was the Law of Rage. The man knew the level five Law of Rage but no other Emotional Laws. This made the rage inside of him boil over whenever he got angry, severely strengthening it. He wouldn’t lose his rationality, but he was more likely to commit small mistakes.

“Your disciple Broad Walker destroyed one of our tables, just like you, and he didn’t have any money with him. That’s why he is in the mines,” the Commander said. His guards couldn’t deal with Ancestral Gods, which was why he remained in the room.

BA- plonk.

Another fist went down on the table, but all its strength vanished before it touched the table, only letting out a quiet sound.

When he heard that his disciple had destroyed the table without any money to pay for it, the man became furious at his disciple.

How could his disciple be so stupid!?

When he got his disciple back, he would teach him about how to think before acting!

“Your other disciple, Silent Walker, openly attempted to steal from someone and was caught. That is why he’s in the mines,” the Commander said.


A restrained fist fell slowly on the table.

“Silent Walker!? Stealing!?” the man shouted in outrage. “Silent Walker is the kindest and most honest out of all my disciples! I refuse to believe that he stole anything! Someone must have framed him!”

“Do you want to view the surveillance footage?” the Commander asked calmly.

“Yes!” the man shouted immediately.

The Commander extended his hand.

The man got a bad feeling.

“150 God Stones,” the Commander said.

The man nearly exploded again. “150 God Stones!? Why is watching something a Formation Array captured so expensive!?”

“The Formation Array that overlooks the city is on the Divine God level. It can see through all illusions and is unalterable. Such a Formation Array requires a lot of Energy to operate,” the Commander explained.

The man gritted his teeth but paid the fee regardless.

The Commander pocketed the God Stones and summoned a screen in the air. After fiddling with the screen for a bit, the Commander managed to let it display the scene of when Silent Walker got captured.

The man saw how Gravis summoned his Life Fruits and then how the fruits vanished. Shortly after, Silent Walker fell to the ground in hysterics. It was like an army of monsters were attacking him.

“There is no proof that my disciple stole these fruits! It could have been anyone!” the man shouted in anger.

No one answered.

After a while, the man saw how his disciple procured the fruits himself.

The man’s face turned white.



This had to be a trick!

Silent Walker?

A thief?

That couldn’t be!

The man hadn’t lied when he said that Silent Walker was the most honest out of all his disciples. He genuinely believed that.

It was impossible that Silent Walker would steal anything.

Silent Walker was the nicest and most helpful being he had ever met!

Even more, the words that Silent Walker shouted were just as unbelievable.

He was threatening everyone around him with his master.

This wasn’t Silent Walker!

Suddenly, the man’s eyes widened.

“Show me the illusion my disciple was seeing! The illusion must have clouded his mind!” he demanded.

“The Formation Array can only show reality. It can’t show illusions,” the Commander said.

The Commander sounded confident and stalwart, but that was only his practiced outward appearance.

In reality, the Formation Array could show illusions. After all, the Formation Array was of an incredible rank.

Yet, no matter how hard the guards had tried, they couldn’t see the illusions Silent Walker had been under.

This had stumped all of the guards that tried to investigate this case.

Something like this had never happened before, as far as they knew.

This even went up the ranks until a Divine God took a look at the recording.

After looking at it, the Divine God said that the Formation Array didn’t malfunction. The illusions were not exactly illusions, and the Formation Array simply couldn’t perceive them.

In order to create a Formation Array that could capture perceived realities, the creator of the Formation Array had to comprehend the Law of Perceived Reality first. After all, the Formation Array had not been the target of Gravis’ Law of Perceived Reality. If it had been, it would have been able to capture the illusions.

The Divine God hadn’t explained why the Formation Array wasn’t able to see the illusions. He only said that it couldn’t.

The guards and Commanders were stumped, but they didn’t question their superior.

That was why the Commander had lied to the man. He felt that if he admitted that their Formation Array couldn’t capture everything, its credibility would be severely compromised.

This might reopen long-closed cases for reinvestigation.

“Then it’s possible that my disciple was under an illusion from the very beginning, right?” the man asked. This time, he didn’t sound as angry since he felt like he was on to something.

“Possible,” the Commander said. “However, this does not change anything. We have investigated this case thoroughly. Even a Divine God has investigated this case. The Divine God has said that there was no indication of your disciple being provoked or misdirected into theft. All of this came from his own desires.”

The Commander wasn’t lying. The leader of the City Guards was a Divine God, and he was also the controller of the Formation Array. The Divine God might not know the Law of Perceived Reality, but he knew the True Law of Emotions. He had reviewed the footage, and he had concluded that nothing had been done to manipulate the disciple into stealing.

If something like that had occurred, Gravis would be the one in the mines, not Silent Walker.

After all, the City Guards had to keep their credibility.

The man narrowed his eyes, but his rage didn’t explode.

Something was going on.

He believed that the footage was real, but he didn’t believe that Silent Walker would do something like this.

This completely didn’t fit Silent Walker’s personality.

Silent Walker’s master decided to believe in his disciple, even if everything pointed to his disciple being a thief.

As Silent Walker’s master, the man believed that he had to trust in his disciple. If he didn’t believe in his disciple, no one would.

His disciple was innocent, and he would do everything in his power to right this wrong and bring the true culprit to justice!

The man looked with hatred at the Gravis in the projection.

After some seconds, the man looked at the Commander again.

“How much for both of my disciples?” he asked.

“100,013 God Stones,” the Commander said.


Another gentle fist on the table.

“That’s too much! Silent Walker has already been in the mines for over a century! It shouldn’t be above 100,000 God Stones, even with Broad Walker added to the mix!” the man shouted.

“Broad Walker has thrown several tantrums in the mines, which increased the duration of his stay,” the Commander answered.

The Commander summoned several pieces of paper, all of them being reports from the mine. Each one detailed what Broad Walker had done and how his sentence had changed.

The man looked with fury at the papers.

Broad Walker had screwed him over yet again!

This bastard of a disciple had already cost him over 100 God Stones! Why had he ever decided to take him in as a disciple!? Why couldn’t he be more like Silent Walker!? Silent Walker had always helped out, and he had never made any problems for his master!

“Fine! I’ll pay, but I will get to the bottom of this!” the man threatened.

The Commander smiled for the first time. “Happy to serve you!” he said.

The man paid the near 100,000 God Stones for Silent Walker with a neutral facial expression. It was a necessary evil.

However, when the man paid the about 100 God Stones for Broad Walker, fury could be seen on the man’s face.

He would make Broad Walker pay for that!

“Here is the release-token for your disciples,” the Commander said, handing two tokens over to the man. “You can pick them up in mine 357R.”

The man gritted his teeth but didn’t say anything further.


The man kicked open the door, destroying it in the process.

Tink, tink, tink!

Before the Commander could intercept the man for another round of payment, the man had already thrown several God Stones into the garrison.

It was more than enough to pay for the door.


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