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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1066: Manager Bahasa Indonesia

A hundred years after they arrived in the highest world, Mortis vanished from Joyce’s perception.

Mortis needed to distract himself and get away from this fucked up situation.

Where did he go?

Mortis went to a Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Blaze.

Where was the Law Comprehension Area, and how did Mortis gain access to it?

Gravis’ first paycheck.

A century after Gravis started working in The Heaven Company, he got his first paycheck. He was called into The Heaven Company to get it.

He greeted the receptionist, and the receptionist told him where he had to go.

Gravis teleported to an office where an Ancestral God stayed to hand out paychecks.

Gravis handed over his white emblem, and the Ancestral God looked at it.

“Black Sentry, huh? Never seen you here before,” he said casually. “You’re new, right?”

Gravis nodded with a smile. “Yep. This is my first paycheck.”

The Ancestral God nodded and put Gravis’ emblem into a Formation Array. The Formation Array shone brightly for a second, and the Ancestral God retrieved it again.

“That’s quite a big paycheck you got there,” the Ancestral God said. The number of the Contribution Points had shocked him for a bit, but after he inspected Gravis’ Aura closer, he realized why he was paid such an insane wage.

Gravis’ Battle-Strength was so powerful that it was almost unreal.

The Ancestral God handed the emblem back to Gravis. “You can see what you can buy for your Contribution Points in the exchange hall.”

Gravis looked at his emblem, and he saw that he had 5,000 Contribution Points now.

“Thanks,” Gravis said as he teleported to the exchange hall.


As soon as Gravis arrived, he saw a ton of Cultivators talking to each other. Apparently, the exchange hall also acted as some kind of hub for the workers of The Heaven Company to meet up.

The hall was massive, and Gravis could see several counters with people sitting behind them.

Gravis noted the huge lines forming in front of the counters, and he also noticed that the lines were of varying lengths. Some of them were nearly a kilometer long, while others only had a couple of people in them.

The rightmost queue only had a single person standing in it.

Gravis quickly noticed that the queues were of such varying lengths because of the Realm of the people standing in line.

One queue only had people at the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm, while another queue only had Immortal Emperors that weren’t at the peak in it.

They probably sold different things according to what Realm the workers were in.

Additionally, Gravis was quite sure that there were also different Contribution Points.

Gravis joined the queue of the Peak Immortal Emperors, which was slightly shorter than the queue for Immortals.

The queue went forward surprisingly quickly. After all, the customers only talked to the clerks via voice transmission, which was basically instantaneous. Additionally, the speed at which Peak Immortal Emperors thought was way faster than the thinking speed of Immortals.

Because of that, Gravis’ queue was moving far quicker than all the queues to his left.

A ton of people stepped into the queue behind Gravis, making him only one person out of many inside it.

Gravis arrived at the front not even 30 minutes after joining, and Gravis handed over his emblem.

The clerk inspected it with practiced ease, but he did a double-take shortly after.

Then, he looked at Gravis and back at the emblem. Then back at Gravis and back at the emblem again.

Lastly, the clerk handed the emblem back.

“Wrong queue,” he said, pointing to Gravis’ right. “These are Star God Contribution Points. This line is for Peak Immortal Emperor Contribution Points or PIE for short. Don’t make a pie joke. I’m sick of them.”

Gravis immediately suppressed what he wanted to say and took his emblem back. “Okay, thanks,” he said as he left the queue.

The clerk looked at Gravis with interest as he went to the other queue. Star God Contribution Points as a Peak Immortal Emperor, huh? How did that happen?

Gravis walked over to the empty counter. The singular person that had just talked with the clerk had already left.

Surprisingly, this was the rightmost counter. This probably meant that even Ancestral Gods and Divine Gods went through this counter. However, it could also be possible that Divine Gods got their wares from somewhere completely else. After all, every single Divine God represented a huge part of The Heaven Company.

Gravis arrived in front of the counter and waited. The clerk had vanished.

Gravis waited for several minutes, but the clerk didn’t return.

Then, Gravis noticed a sign. “Ring the bell if the counter has been empty for ten seconds.”

Gravis blinked a couple of times.

Then, he rang the bell.

RIN- “Yes, hello. Wrong counter. Peak Immortal Emperors go to the left. Can’t you see that based on context clues?”

The clerk returned so quickly that Gravis hadn’t even noticed it. He had even stopped the bell from ringing.

He probably hated that sound.

After all, that sound signified that he had to work.

“I have Star God Contribution Points,” Gravis said.

The clerk blinked a couple of times in surprise.


Everyone looked at the clerk as he suddenly started screaming in pain.

What was going on!?

Wasn’t this the manager of the exchange hall!?

He was a Divine God!

Why did he suddenly scream in pain!?

Gravis looked coldly at the manager.

“It’s a wonder that you still have a job,” Gravis commented. “Has no one lodged a complaint about you yet?”

What had happened?

Well, the manager was a very impatient person. He wanted to get his work over with as quickly as possible to relax, and if things didn’t move fast enough, he would accelerate them.

So, what did he do?

He needed Gravis’ emblem to check if he had told the truth.

Where was Gravis’ emblem?

In his Spirit Space.

However, the manager couldn’t be bothered to ask for the emblem since that would take too long. So, he extended a hand into Gravis’ Spirit Space to get it himself.

Something like this was even worse than going through one’s purse.

It was far beyond rude.

This could almost be counted as an attack.

Gravis’ Spirit was no longer made of the normal kinds of lightning but Void Lightning. Void Lightning didn’t have any inherent offensive capabilities, which would mean that someone wouldn’t be injured if they entered his Spirit Space.

However, Gravis wasn’t stupid. Why would he leave his Spirit Space unprotected?

Even though Gravis’ Spirit was no longer made of normal lightning, he could still fuse with normal lightning.

So, Gravis always had a protective shield made of Heavenly Lightning around his Spirit.

Usually, Gravis’ Heavenly Lightning wasn’t powerful enough to injure someone like this, but it was different when someone tried to enter Gravis’ Spirit Space. Only the Spirit of the other party could enter, and that Spirit was made of pure Energy.

This meant that, as soon as the manager tried to enter Gravis’ Spirit Space, a part of his Spirit was eaten by Gravis’ Heavenly Lightning.

This was also the reason why the manager suddenly screamed in pain. After all, a part of his Spirit had been torn off and eaten just now.

He hadn’t been prepared for that at all.

“Anyway, I’ll overlook this transgression since you just gave me something like 400,000 God Stones in Energy. Thanks,” Gravis said with a smirk.

The manager’s eyes opened wide, and his rage exploded.


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