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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1060: Investigator Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis frowned.

He didn’t like what he had just heard for several reasons.

First of all, he knew that The Heaven Company paid their personnel according to their power. Gravis obviously had the power to even overlook fights between level two Star Gods, but he was stuck with Peak Immortal Emperors.

The difference in pay had to be absolutely massive. One person was a Peak Immortal Emperor, of which there was a ridiculous amount, and the other one would overlook the currently most powerful fights in the Star God Realm.

Even more, the personnel able to overlook fights between level two Star Gods were probably all Ancestral Gods, and using Ancestral Gods for a fight of such a level would be a huge waste for The Heaven Company. They were essentially killing a fly with a war hammer.

This meant that the people able to overlook such fights were worth far more. The economy was dictated by supply and demand. The demand for people of such a level wasn’t very high, but the supply was many times below even that, essentially making such people incredibly valuable.

The Heaven Company was probably willing to pay an insane amount of money for such people.

Another reason why Gravis didn’t like that was the fact that he had been tested against level two Star Gods earlier. If they couldn’t use him against level two Star Gods due to a particular reason, why did they even test him? He had also obviously passed the test!

“Why?” Gravis asked. He wanted to hear the reason first.

If one didn’t pay attention, one wouldn’t notice how weird this interaction actually was.

In all the previous worlds Gravis had been to, his question and direct responses would have been seen as incredibly disrespectful. The person in front of Gravis was akin to a mighty Sect Leader of an outstanding Sect, while Gravis was only a mere Peak Immortal Emperor.

However, this world was different from all the previous worlds Gravis had been to.

This wasn’t a Sect.

It was a Company.

Loyalty and respect were not that important in a Company. After all, it was simply an exchange of service for money. Because of that, even bosses and employees could talk to each other on the same level.

Gravis wasn’t under some threat of eradication because of his direct questions.

It was within his right to refuse employment. That was why there was no asymmetric power dynamic between him and the Divine God.

“There are two reasons,” the young man answered. “First of all, perception is based on Battle-Strength, not on Realm. I presume that you can probably jump six levels in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm. If someone were at the Peak Star God Realm but had only the Laws of a Peak Immortal Emperor, they still wouldn’t be able to feel your power. You should have noticed that by now.”

Gravis nodded. Gravis remembered his fight with Eran, the Space Cultivator. Back then, Gravis had jumped five levels for the first time. He had been just as powerful as Eran back then.

However, Eran hadn’t been able to feel Gravis’ Battle-Strength, which was why he hadn’t taken him seriously when they were talking.


Because Eran’s own Battle-Strength hadn’t been powerful enough to evaluate Gravis’ Battle-Strength. All his power came from his superior Realm.

“Of course, the average Battle-Strength of Cultivators increase the more powerful they become. A Peak Star God that knows several level seven Laws might only be average in their Realm, but if you were to reduce their Realm to the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm, they would still be able to jump around five levels just because of their Laws.”

“An average level one Star God has a Battle-Strength equivalent to a Peak Immortal Emperor that can jump 3.5 levels. These Star Gods wouldn’t be able to feel your power. It would require a slightly above-average level one Star God to feel your power.”

“I know that you have the emblem for exactly this reason, but that isn’t the only problem. The next problem is the perception of your Realm and the unbelievability of your power. Even if the level one Star Gods can feel your true power, there would be a high chance that they would think that you are bluffing. After all, such a powerful Peak Immortal Emperor couldn’t exist.”

“They would assume that the chances of them being inside an illusion would be higher than you actually being that powerful.”

“This would influence the fight, which we can’t allow.”

“On top of that, there is one last issue, but this one is minor in comparison.”

“The Stars of Star Gods can influence the world around them. You should have noticed that several groups of Laws had been suppressed as soon as the ice crystals have reached the Star God Realm.”

Gravis nodded.

“You can still use your Law to protect the surroundings, but the power of the Stars also increases or decreases according to the environment. Your Law destroys all other Laws in a given area, which stops the Stars from using that environment to increase their power.”

“This would influence the fight.”

“These reasons are why I can’t let you overlook fights between Star Gods,” the young man finished.


After a while, Gravis sighed. “Okay, that makes sense.”

“No worries, you will be paid according to your power, not your tasks. You will earn just as much as level two Star Gods,” the young man said.

Gravis was taken aback.

“Why didn’t you say that earlier!?” Gravis asked with some annoyance.

Gravis had only cared about his pay, and his pay was the entire reason why he had even seen that as an issue. After all, being paid for being a level two Star God while only having to look at Peak Immortal Emperors was actually even better. He would have to work less for the same amount of money.

The young man smirked. “Because it’s fun,” he said.


Suddenly, a purple emblem appeared in the young man’s hand, and he frowned as he looked at it.

“Work calls!”


The young man broke the purple emblem and was teleported away.

Gravis was a bit surprised.

That was an awkward end to their conversation.

“Eve, would you please show him around?” the old man said to the Instructor.


The old man and the other person teleported away, leaving Gravis alone with the Instructor.

The Instructor tried to smile politely, but she obviously wasn’t used to smiling. Her smile looked a bit forced and awkward.

“Hello, I’m Eve, and I will be showing you what you have to do,” Eve said.

“Thank you, Eve,” Gravis said politely. “By the way, what was the young man’s position?”

“He’s our Chief Investigator,” Eve explained.

“Investigator?” Gravis asked. “What do they do?”

“Our job is being performed by living beings, and living beings make mistakes occasionally,” Eve explained, her forced smile gone as she explained these things neutrally. “Sometimes, we get complaints from Cultivators that a Judge influenced their fight.

“In order to lodge these complaints, the complainer must put forward a hefty sum as insurance. If the complaint was found to be valid, they will get their money back, get an additional sum of money for reparation, and the responsible Judge will get their pay cut. If the complaint was unjustified, The Heaven Company would keep the insurance money.”

“Investigators are sent to investigate these complaints,” Eve explained.

Gravis nodded a couple of times. “I guess Investigators have to be truly powerful to investigate something like that.”

Eve nodded. “Every Investigator must have comprehended the True Laws of Time and Space.”

Gravis took a deep breath.

These were level nine Laws!

Probably only Divine Gods could comprehend these Laws!

Gravis hadn’t known about the young man’s power before, but now he did.

A Divine God, huh?

A Divine God was one of the true leaders of the world.

Heaven’s Magnates only existed in legends, and there were probably not even a hundred in the entire world.

Even the Sect Masters of the most powerful Sects in the world were only Divine Gods. Heaven’s Magnates generally didn’t have any organizations since there was nothing they could gain from these organizations. It would only be a waste of time.

Even the most powerful Sects in the world would probably treat an Investigator with immense respect.

“There’s still a long way to go,” Eve said. “Even for me, the Divine God Realm is merely a distant dream, and I’m already a level seven Ancestral God.”

Gravis nodded.

There was a long way to go.

“Follow me. I’ll show you your work,” Eve said.


And both of them teleported away.


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