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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 106: Shopping Bahasa Indonesia

“It takes a lot of work to produce just one Nine-Eves Pill, and you only want to pay 50 gold for one?” said a grey-haired old man in red robes towards a younger one in annoyance. The old man was no longer talking politely since he had been arguing with the “customer” for many minutes.

“No one in the middle-continent would buy pills for the Body Tempering Stage,” the young man answered. “Who else would buy Nine-Eves Pills around here? They would only go bad. So, might as well sell them to me!”


The old man slammed the table and pointed with his finger aggressively at the young man. “Are you insulting our Medicine Pavilion?!” he shouted aggressively. “Are you insinuating that we wouldn’t be able to keep our pills fresh for some measly weeks?”

The young man just grinned while leaning back on his chair, keeping away from the old man’s wildly flowing spittle. “No, but you need to sell your stock,” he said casually. “Come on, you are a company, and you only want to make money. Just sell some of them to me for 50 gold. A customer for those won’t just fall from the sky.”


The roof exploded, and a body hit the floor of the room. The old man and the young man got thrown back by the impact, and a big cloud of dust and dirt whirled through the room.


Before the old man could say anything, a sack of gold was thrown to his feet. “This should be enough for the roof,” Gravis said. “I want to exchange for Magic-Stones.”

The two people still couldn’t comprehend the situation. Someone broke through the Medicinal Pavilion’s roof and then said that he wanted to buy something. Who would do such a thing? Why not just use the front door?

Gravis wanted to speed up his cultivation, and he needed Energy Stones for that. One of the reasons why he visited Earth Town earlier was to exchange for Energy Stones. Absorbing those would expedite his cultivation tremendously, but sadly, he had been chased out of town before he could even ask for those.

Gravis had run from Earth Town previously without entering. Why was that? That was because there were probably a lot of strong people in there and he would be surrounded. The guards had already seen him and had already rung the alarm. Buying something in that situation? Very difficult.

Yet, with his new and improved Will-Aura, Gravis got some ideas. One of them was charging through the gates and knocking every guard unconscious along the way. If no guard actually noticed him, no alarm would be rung. Also, the Fire Guild and Lightning Guild in Earth Town were basically annihilated.

The issue with that plan was that bystanders would probably notice something, which could be problematic. With that plan, Gravis would need to enter and leave very quickly.

Yet, before running to Earth Town, Gravis had seen the bird and got an idea. No one would care about a bird passing over the city. People couldn’t fly, and they knew that no Energy Beast would dare attack the town, at least no Energy Beast below high-grade.

It had been a couple of days since the fight, and Gravis had communicated with the bird a lot. He had even given it a name: Skye. They could communicate somewhat, and Gravis was able to explain his idea to Skye. Skye accepted, and Gravis rode it to Earth Town.

They flew 50 meters above the town, and Gravis jumped off when they were directly above the Medicinal Pavilion. Gravis would survive a fall from this height, so he wasn’t worried. He fell through the roof, and that was how he had arrived in the Medicinal Pavilion.

The old man could finally wrap his head around the situation, and he looked at the sack of gold before him and counted the gold inside it. There was ten gold inside it, and that would easily pay for the damages. The old man stood up and dusted off his robe.

“Magic-Stones go for at least 500 gold. No one will accept less than 500 golds, because you can find gold everywhere, but not Magic-Stones,” he explained with an interested look. The other young man was not sure what he should do. A new guy just crashed through the roof. Was he supposed to complain and say that he was here first?

“600 gold alright?” Gravis asked, and the old man’s eyes shone. That was more than alright.

“Sure! How many do you want?” he asked with a smile.

Gravis still had a little over 12,000 gold from his time in the Proxy-Lightning Guild, and he wanted to exchange all his money. “20, please,” he said as he put all his sacks of gold on the floor.

The old man checked some of the bags and weighed the remainder with his hands. “Checks out, here!” he said as he threw over another sack. Gravis caught it and looked inside. He could see 20 shimmering, blue stones. He guessed that with these, he could probably rise another level in the Energy Gathering Realm.

Gravis jumped and left through the hole in the roof. The young man followed him with his eyes, while the old man was looking through the gold with a happy expression. The young man stood up. “So, about my Nine-Eves Pills,” he said, and just like that, the old man’s good mood was gone again.

Gravis jumped down to the plaza and started sprinting to the town’s exit. He had finished what he came here to do, and there was no reason to remain. Every guard that Gravis saw got knocked unconscious by his Will-Aura. Some passersby noticed that something was wrong, but Gravis was already gone before they could do anything.

When he arrived at the town’s gate, he saw that it was closed and some guards were standing around it. Gravis simply knocked all of them unconscious and climbed over the wall. Many people noticed and pointed with their fingers at him. It was rare to see anyone trying to climb over the walls since the guards on top could shoot anyone down with their specialized bows.

Yet, to the surprise of everyone watching, every guard in Gravis’ vicinity was knocked unconscious. Gravis easily jumped over the wall and left Earth Town behind. He ran towards the big tree since that was an excellent place to stay for a while. There were three Energy Beasts around, which were not aggressive towards him, while one was even high-grade.

Heaven would need to bring its absolute A-game to do anything to him while he was there.


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