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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1048: Heavenly Lightning Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had to laugh at the Black Magnate’s comment.

“That bad?” he asked.

“Yes, that bad!” he answered with annoyance. “I always win against your father in this game, but this guy, who isn’t even a Star God, beats me every time!”

Gravis chuckled a bit. “I mean, you have watched my journey, right? You know how Arc is.”

“No, I don’t,” he answered. “Us Heaven’s Magnates can’t sense Heavens for some reason. Whenever you interacted with him, it was like you were talking to air.”

Gravis was a bit surprised by that but realized that it made a lot of sense.

Arc had talked about some dangerous topics, and Orthar probably didn’t want to kill one of his strongest Energy magnets due to him finding out too much. So, Orthar simply made the conversations between Gravis and Arc secret.

The Black Magnate probably met Arc for the first time after he came to the highest world.

“How are you actually losing?” Gravis asked. “You should be able to see through Arc’s entire being. You should know what he will do before even he knows what he will do.”

“Heavens work very differently from normal beings. Their Laws are hidden from everyone,” the Black Magnate answered. “Didn’t you already notice that?”

Gravis blinked a couple of times and looked at Arc.

Gravis was a bit surprised when he realized that Arc didn’t seem any different from usual.

However, exactly that was the issue.

When Gravis had comprehended the Law of Sentience, all the Laws of everyone below the Star God Realm had revealed themselves to him. Yet, Arc didn’t seem any different.

It was like Arc didn’t have any Laws making up his being.

“Huh, I never noticed,” Gravis said.

“You know how my Creator is. The fewer people know about him, the better,” Arc said with a smile.

Gravis nodded. Orthar left nothing to chance.

“So, how does it feel to know a level nine Law?” the Black Magnate asked with a smirk. “Powerful, isn’t it?”


Gravis summoned some Heavenly Lightning, and the azure ball of lightning floated on his finger.

Gravis knew everything there was to know about this ball of lightning, and he also knew how powerful it was.

Its destructive power was insane!

Gravis also realized that this was the highest Element achievable by normal people.

Even the Heaven’s Magnates used Elements on this level.

This Law should even be enough for Gravis to become a Divine God, which felt insane to him.

It was the one True Law of Lightning.

Gravis hadn’t even comprehended a second Element among the level six Laws, but he had already comprehended a level nine Elemental Law.

It felt unreal to him.

Just a tiny bit of this lightning could destroy a vast area of land.

Its speed was also insanely fast.

As long as Gravis combined the Law of Heavenly Lightning with the Major Law of Death, he had the power to injure beasts six levels above himself, which had seemed impossible in the past.

Divine Lightning would have only allowed Gravis to injure beasts five levels above himself, and only if they let the Divine Lightning strike them directly.

Heavenly Lightning allowed Gravis to injure beasts six levels above himself, which didn’t seem like a big upgrade, but the strength of Heavenly Lightning didn’t lie in its destruction.

No, it lied in its speed.

It was impossible to avoid Heavenly Lightning for anyone six levels above Gravis.

As soon as Gravis unleashed an attack, the enemy would get hit.

It didn’t matter what they would do.

“It truly is powerful,” Gravis said. Then, he looked at Arc. “Thanks, Arc.”

“Hey, you did more for me than I did for you,” Arc said with a smirk. “You shouldn’t thank me.”

Gravis nodded with a smile. “What will you do now?”

“Well, I waited for you to recover to give you this,” Arc said as he threw something over.

Gravis caught it.

It was a ring.

“This is a communication ring I created myself. I will soon travel the world and look at everything. I will probably remain a Peak Immortal Emperor for a while longer but will become a Star God when my longevity is about to run out. Then, I will probably remain a level one Star God until the Star God population has recovered. At that point, there’s plenty for me to fight.”

“As long as we are both in the Immortal Emperor Realm, this ring should allow us to communicate, regardless of the distance. However, when one of us two reaches the Star God Realm, the ring won’t be able to sense the presence of the other person anymore. After all, I only know the Major Law of the True World, not the real one.”

Gravis nodded.

“Anyway, that should be about it,” Arc said as he stood up. “We will see each other again, Gravis.”

Gravis nodded again. “Yes, we’ll see each other again.”

Arc winked at Gravis and teleported away.

And he was gone just like that.

Arc officially started his journey in the highest world.

No one in the highest world knew that an unprecedented monster joined their Cultivation world.

Even Gravis would be helpless against Arc.

Anyone that had malicious intentions towards Arc would only find death.

While Gravis was thinking about Arc, the Black Magnate smirked at the Opposer.

“Want to go for a round?” he asked.

The Opposer looked at the board and then at the Black Magnate.

“How about arm wrestling?”

The Black Magnate covertly hid his right arm behind his back.

“How about Law Energy Stimulation Simulation?” he asked.

The Opposer furrowed his brows.

“How about a contest of wills?”

Gravis found the scene a bit amusing, but he didn’t linger for long.

“I’ll come back later, father, alright?” Gravis asked.

His father nodded. “Go visit your wife and kids. We can talk later.”


Gravis teleported away and entered Opposer City.

It didn’t take him long to find his family.

Five people were currently shopping in one of the streets.

One of them was a beautiful woman with long red hair.

It was Stella.

One of them was a cute young woman with long black hair.

It was Yersi.

One of them was a young man in a suit with a happy smile.

It was Jake.

One of them was a man with short red hair, who currently looked at some weapons.

It was Liam.

The last one of them was… Gravis?

Gravis looked over, and his eyes widened.

For a moment, he had believed that he saw himself, but he soon noticed some differences.

This man had longer black hair, and he also seemed more like a middle-aged man instead of a young man.

His long hair was very voluminous, and it looked almost like a mane that hung down his back. One could even say that his hair looked very wild.

The man was currently smiling at Yersi and laughing with her.

“Aris?” Gravis asked with surprise.

Everyone looked over, and they saw Gravis.

Stella smiled at him but held herself back.

She would have enough time to be with Gravis later.

Yersi’s eyes widened, and an excited smile appeared on her face.

Aris saw his father.

A peaceful smile crossed his lips.

“Hello, father.”


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