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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1040: Unachievable Star God Realm Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had to laugh quite a bit.

He still remembered the last time he and the Inferno Emperor had met.

Back then, the Inferno Emperor said that he would wait for Gravis.

Yet, who would have thought that he would die to Ferris, and he wouldn’t even be remembered by him.

Gravis hadn’t particularly cared about the Inferno Emperor anymore. After all, so much time had passed for him.

Time made enmities and friendships weaker, and Gravis hadn’t really thought of the Inferno Emperor for a long time.

And now, he didn’t need to think about him anymore. After all, Ferris just killed him like a chicken.

Everyone had a good laugh as they heard how the powerful King that had suppressed Gravis had died to someone like Ferris.

Gravis continued his story, and when he came to his “fight” with the middle Heaven, everyone had to take a deep breath.

None of them had heard of Gravis’ fight with the middle Heaven.

When they heard of the middle Heaven’s power, they realized how incredibly powerful a Heaven was.

When Gravis had fought the lower Heaven, it hadn’t appeared that incredible, but everything changed as soon as Gravis described the middle Heaven’s power.

The middle Heaven’s Battle-Strength was insane!

Most of them had only reached that level of Battle-Strength when they were already Immortal Kings, which couldn’t possibly be compared to the middle Heaven.

In fact, since the middle Heaven even knew the Law of Divine Lightning, everyone would only have reached its Battle-Strength as soon as they comprehended their own level six Law, which was in the late Immortal Emperor Realm.

Having the Battle-Strength of a powerful Immortal Emperor at the Early Minor Circulation Immortal Realm was unfathomable!

It was insane!

Everyone involuntarily looked at Arc.

And this was the most powerful higher Heaven out of them all?

How powerful was this friendly-looking man!?

Arc only smiled back.

“Hey, Gravis,” Ferris said with a burning interest. “Who’s more powerful? You or Arc?” he asked.

“Pfft,” Gravis snorted. “I’m absolutely helpless in front of Arc. He could swat me away like a fly.”

Everyone took a deep breath out of shock.

All of them had above-average Battle-Strengths, which meant that none of them had ever learned the feeling of not being able to sense someone’s power when they were in their own Realm.

If an average Cultivator met a legendary genius of Arc’s world, they wouldn’t be able to feel the legendary genius’ power.

Since a legendary genius could jump three levels in Arc’s world, it meant that genius could jump four levels in a normal world.

In short, to make someone unable to feel one’s power, one had to be four levels of Battle-Strength above the other person.

They had only learned of this concept when they saw Gravis since he was the first being that was definitely incredibly powerful but appeared weak in front of them.

This could only mean that they couldn’t feel Gravis’ power.

In terms of actual power, Arc was probably two or three levels above Gravis.

If Gravis wanted to fight Arc on equal footing, Gravis would need to become a Star God first.

Then, while Gravis was in the first level of the Star God Realm, he could fight Arc on equal footing while he was a Peak Immortal Emperor.

Arc could jump levels against Gravis.

Arc was just that powerful.

“Give it time,” Arc said with a smile. “The gap between us will close eventually.”

Gravis’ friends weren’t stupid.

They knew what being unable to feel Gravis’ power meant.

Yet, a being so much more powerful than them was absolutely helpless in front of Arc.

It was insane!

It made no sense!

They just couldn’t comprehend how powerful Arc was.

After talking a bit more, Gravis continued his story.

When they heard of Gravis’ issue with his lightning, they realized how tricky such a situation actually was.

However, they all knew how Gravis solved that issue as they looked at Mortis.

Mortis remained silent since he didn’t have much to tell everyone.

One could say that his story would be very similar to the Opposer’s story.

When they heard how Gravis had managed to elevate his power more and more, they finally realized how powerful Gravis actually was.

Gravis had managed to kill a Peak Immortal Emperor as a Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor.

This was a jump of six levels!

Gravis was probably four or five levels of Battle-Strength above them.

Gravis’ friends, who had been prideful of their power, immediately felt their pride being shattered.

It was impossible to compare themselves to him.

The gap was simply too wide.

When Gravis arrived at the Gate of Death, they all felt like something mystical was being unveiled before their eyes.

Gravis explained to them how Death wasn’t actually the opposite of life but the opposite of Energy.

Sadly, without coming into contact with Death, it was impossible to fully grasp its concept.

It was just too alien.

When they heard how Gravis had torn apart reality, their eyes widened in horror and astonishment.

Something like that shouldn’t be possible!

How would that even work!?

When they heard about the power of the Law of Sentience, they also almost couldn’t believe it.

Gravis could neutralize all Laws below the ninth level?


How was something like that even possible!?

Gravis had to skip the next part of the story since it involved the deepest secrets of existence.

He could only tell them that he had a talk with the highest Heaven, but that was already enough to shock all of them.

Gravis had talked with the most powerful existence!

When Gravis was done with his story, the entire atmosphere had changed.

It was like Gravis was no longer Gravis.

He was something else.

They didn’t know what, but it felt like they and Gravis lived in different worlds.

This was very similar to how normal Cultivators perceived the Opposer.

He simply couldn’t exist.

However, after throwing a couple of jokes, Gravis managed to lighten the atmosphere.

So what if he was powerful?

He was still Gravis, and they were still his friends.

After Gravis was finished with his story, he finally asked the question on his mind.

“Why are none of you Star Gods yet? You should have had the time,” Gravis said.

As soon as Gravis asked that, the expressions of his friends became conflicted.

Gravis raised an eyebrow as he saw their reactions.

Was there something special about the Star God Realm, well, apart from the stuff he already knew?

Dorian scratched the back of his head as he looked at Gravis. “We can’t reach the Star God Realm yet.”

Gravis’ eyebrows furrowed. “How come?” he asked.

“Well, it seems like the Star God Realm is far harder to achieve than any other Realm we have ever experienced,” Dorian explained. “In fact, it’s so hard to achieve that I fear that I might never reach it.”

“It’s simply too hard.”

“It’s that hard?” Gravis asked in shock.

Everyone nodded.

“Over 99% of Peak Immortal Emperors that reach this world will never become Star Gods,” the Opposer said.

Gravis’ eyes widened as he looked at his father. “Over 99%!? But don’t all of the Peak Immortal Emperors that reach this world already know a level six Law?”

“They do,” the Opposer said.

“However to become a Star God…”

“You need to comprehend a level seven Law.”


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