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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1029: Dorian’s Unique Power Bahasa Indonesia


A cane hit Gravis’ head.

Gravis didn’t attempt to stop that attack.

As the cane struck Gravis, nothing happened.

Gravis’ head didn’t even move.

A teenager with silver hair had unleashed that strike, and Gravis only grinned at him.

“I have a beast body now, Old Man,” Gravis said. “If you want to achieve anything, you gotta put your back into it.”

The teenager that had just unleashed the attack was Dorian, also known as Old Man Lightning by Gravis.

“Old Man?” Dorian said with an offended tone. “Do I look old to you!? You’re the old man! Your entire family are old men!”


“Who are you calling an old man!?” Gravis’ mother shouted as Dorian slid down the wall.

Dorian rubbed his cheek with a pained expression. “It was a reflex, sorry!” he shouted. “I’m used to talking like that!”

Gravis burst out into laughter as he saw Dorian’s sorry figure.

“That’s what you get for running your mouth, old man,” Gravis said with a smirk.

“Stop calling me old man! My name’s Dorian!” Dorian said with an offended tone as he stood up.

Gravis only chuckled a bit. “Were you that bothered by being an old man in the lower world that you are now assuming the look of a teenager?” he asked.

“Hell yeah, I was!” he said, puffing out his chest. “I was always a hotblooded youngster at heart, but the disgusting Heaven Sect forced me to become an old man. Now that I’m young again, I swear that I will never become old again! I will be a hotblooded youngster for my remaining life!”

Gravis had to admit that Dorian truly acted like a teenager.

He even directly insulted Gravis’ family after being offended.

“You know, your conduct has been way cuter when you were an old man. Now, you just seem like a spoiled teenager,” Gravis said with a smirk.

“Spoiled!?” Dorian repeated.

Then, he jumped around a bit in an effort to get himself pumped for a fight.

“Oh, you’ll regret these words, beastman!” he said. “You think you can just insult this daddy however you want? Daddy has plenty of ass-whoopings to hand out! You can get yours today, free of charge!”


Dorian charged forward with impressive speed and punched Gravis’ shoulder, the speed and power of his punch being increased by an explosion of lightning behind his elbow.

Gravis’ shoulder moved back a bit from the hit.


However, Dorian’s fist broke.

Dorian jumped back and shook his broken fist.

“Yo, that body is unfair!” he said. “Having that body is cheating! How am I supposed to abuse you in the future with that body!?”

Gravis only snickered.


Gravis grabbed Dorian’s stick and appeared before Dorian in a flash.


“Ow, fuck!” Dorian shouted as Gravis struck Dorian’s head with the stick.

“Doesn’t feel great, does it, old man?” Gravis said.

“I’m not an old man!” Dorian answered.


“Alright, I’m an old man!” Dorian shouted.

“That was quite a fast turnaround,” Gravis said with a smirk. “Show some backbone!”


“What do you want from me!?” Dorian shouted as he ran away. “Stop that! It hurts!”


“Yes, it sure does,” Gravis said. “Now you know how I have felt while you abused me in the lower world!”


“Okay, I’m sorry!” Dorian said. “Just stop beating me!”

Gravis only had to laugh loudly as he joked around with Dorian.

Gravis had never reached the power to beat the old man in the lower world before he had left.

Now, Gravis was the more powerful one, and he could repay him all the beatings he had to endure!

“Okay! I’m sorry, okay!?” Dorian shouted as he stopped moving.

Gravis arrived in front of him, stick in hand.

Suddenly, Dorian smirked.


Gravis’ entire body seized as a disgusting stench entered his being.

He had never smelled anything this disgusting!


Then, Gravis’ eyes widened as Dorian kicked him in the balls with his full power, even breaking his own leg in the process.

Gravis took a deep breath through his teeth, absorbing more of that disgusting stench.

“Ha! Taste the power of my Law of Fart!” Dorian shouted with excitement. “Not so tough now, are you?”


Dorian kicked Gravis’ head, throwing him to the ground.

“Wheeeew! That felt great!” he shouted.

“Anyway, gotta go! See ya later, Gravis!”


And Dorian teleported away.

Gravis was stunned.

He wasn’t stunned out of pain, but because Dorian had managed to actually land a hit on him.

Gravis had been a bit careless since they were only playing around, but this “Law of Fart” had actually managed to take him by surprise.

A Cultivator in the same Realm as Gravis had managed to hit him with an attack without Gravis letting them.

That surprised him quite a bit.

All of this might have appeared ridiculous and comedic, but it had been effective.

Dorian actually managed to hit Gravis twice!

Gravis narrowed his eyes as he activated his Law of Primordial Force, increasing the power of his Law of Time and Space to the power of level seven Laws.

“You think you can get away?” Gravis said.


Gravis teleported away with a violent explosion of space.


“Hey, I have somewhere to be!” Dorian shouted in Gravis’ grasp.

Gravis had caught him in no time at all.

“Law of Fart?” Gravis asked. “Are you serious? You simply combined some Fire Laws with some Matter Laws to create this disgusting gas.”

“But it’s a real Law!” Dorian shouted in Gravis’ grasp.

“How is this a real Law?” Gravis asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It is!” Dorian repeated. “Look!”

Dorian released more of the gas, but Gravis was prepared for it this time.

Yet, even though Gravis blocked all his orifices, the gas somehow still managed to enter his being, creating an overwhelming feeling of disgust.

Gravis also felt the Law fluctuations this time.

Gravis’ eyes widened.

It was actually a Law!

How was this a Law!?

Yet, Gravis also managed to see all the components of the Law of Fart.

“Are you serious?” Gravis asked with shock, letting Dorian go.

“You condensed a Form Law for a Fart!?”

“Impressive, isn’t it?” Dorian asked with a proud grin. “Why create more offensive attacks when I have a ton of them? I don’t need more of them! Instead, why not make a Law that breaks your opponent’s defense?”

Gravis was actually incredibly shocked.

He had never seen any attack like this!

It was ridiculous and embarrassing, but fuck, it was effective!

Dorian even managed to hit Gravis with it!

Involuntarily, Gravis got reminded of the time when he had stabbed his opponents’ asses. That had been just as ridiculous. Yet, it had been effective.

Dorian had created something similar with his Form Law of Fart.

Sure enough, if not even Gravis had been prepared for that attack, no other Cultivator could be prepared for that.

Gravis almost felt like this couldn’t be real.

‘Well, creativity and originality are also parts of power, I guess,’ Gravis thought. ‘I think Dorian has reached the peak in that regard. I couldn’t come up with such an attack.’

“Honestly, you surprised me quite a bit,” Gravis said. “You actually managed to get a hit in while being on my level.”

Dorian smirked arrogantly. “We old men still have things to teach you youngsters,” Dorian said. “Don’t underestimate anyone, even if you know for certain that they are weaker than you.”

Gravis nodded. “Thanks, Dorian,” he said.

“No problem, Gravis,” Dorian said with a warm smile. “I would like to ask you how you have been, but you should first meet the others. Joyce and I have taken up enough of your time.”

Gravis nodded and looked at the others in the room.


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