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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1027: Joyce Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was quite surprised when he saw that someone had attacked Arc.

Where had the Opposer dropped them off?

In his own room.

Someone dared to attack Arc in the Opposer’s room?

However, most of Gravis’ questions were answered when he saw the attacker.

It was a beautiful woman with purple hair tied up in a long ponytail that reached the floor behind her. Her eyes were narrowed as she looked at Arc, but Gravis could see some confusion and shock in them.

Gravis had to take a deep breath as he saw her.

He knew her.

That was Joyce!

Gravis and Joyce had met for the last time when Gravis had been about 24 years old. An unimaginable amount of time had passed since then.

Gravis had promised Joyce back then that if she managed to reach the highest world, they could be together.

However, both of them have changed severely since then.

Ironically, their mindsets had changed places.

Joyce had been a kind soul, but now, she had become as cold and brutal as Mortis.

Meanwhile, Gravis had basically been Mortis in the lower world, but now, he had come to terms with his emotions again, placing happiness on the top of his list of priorities.

As far as Gravis could tell, Joyce had probably thought that it would be Gravis stepping through the portal. She probably wanted to test Gravis’ power with a sudden attack.

Sadly, it had been Arc that came through the portal first.

Joyce was in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm, and Gravis could feel her Battle-Strength.

It was quite impressive.

She could probably jump one level above herself, making her more powerful than most Ascenders in Arc’s world. Being more powerful than most of the Ascenders from the most powerful higher world was already pretty impressive.

So, what was Joyce doing here?

Well, Gravis had told her back then that she only needed to search for the Opposer, and she would be able to find him.

His father obviously knew who she was and allowed her to remain here until Gravis returned.

“Hey, Gravis! Look! I’ve been attacked!” Arc shouted with an excited smile, looking at Gravis. “Isn’t that great?”

Gravis had to laugh a bit at Arc’s enthusiasm for being the target of an attack. “Yes, Arc. That’s great.”

Joyce’s narrowed eyes went from Arc to Gravis, and Gravis could feel quite some anger and killing intent behind them.

Obviously, Joyce wasn’t happy right now.


Joyce tried to pull her saber back, but Arc had it firmly in his grasp.


Joyce activated several different Elements with her saber to break free, but they were all easily canceled by Arc.

She simply couldn’t remove her saber from Arc’s claws.


That was when Mortis also arrived in the Opposer’s room.

The portal behind him closed as Mortis’ eyes immediately fell on Joyce.

Mortis’ insides shook when he saw her.

Her hair.

Her violent demeanor.

Her power.

She was… stunning!

The cold Mortis immediately became nervous when confronted with Joyce.

When Joyce saw Mortis, she stopped moving.

This was Gravis!

This was the person that had captured her heart back in the lower world.

This was the person she had been chasing for her entire life!

He was still the same.

He still looked the same as back then.

His eyes were still as emotionless and cold.

He was just like she remembered!

However, when Joyce remembered the words she had heard, her eyes narrowed again in hatred.


Joyce let go of her saber and got another one.

Gravis, Mortis, and Arc were a bit surprised for a second but remembered that not every Cultivator put their Avatar in their weapons.

If a Weapon Cultivator let go of their weapon like this, they would lose their Avatar, which would basically be a death sentence.

However, Joyce hadn’t come from a battle world but from an elemental world.

Arc had seen Gravis’ life, and he also knew who that person was. That was one of the reasons why he didn’t launch a counterattack. Another reason was that Joyce hadn’t launched a killing blow.


Joyce’s saber was loaded with Blaze, the level six Law of Fire.

Obviously, Joyce focused on the lightning Element, but she also remembered that Gravis was immune to lightning. That was why she was using the Blaze Element.

Then, she slashed at Mortis with her burning saber.


Mortis exploded, bathing the entire room in Blaze.

Yet, what kind of room was this?

Who was the owner of this room?

Even if Joyce did her best, she couldn’t damage a single thing in this room.

The fire vanished quickly, and everyone could see what had happened.

Gravis’ and Arc’s eyes widened in surprise.

Mortis’ left hand was currently outstretched in an attempt to catch the saber, but he had… missed?

This resulted in Joyce’s saber hitting Mortis’ shoulder, burying deeply into his body.

Mortis had quite a shocked look in his eyes.

Then, a bitter expression appeared on Mortis’ face.

“That’s not funny,” he said.

Arc and Gravis didn’t exactly know what he meant.


Joyce obviously didn’t intend that attack as a joke.

“A man should let his woman vent her anger!”

Gravis’ mother had appeared close to Mortis as she looked at him with a rebuking expression.

“I thought, as your mother, I had taught you better!” she said with a displeased expression.

Now, everything made sense.

It was impossible for Mortis to miss such an attack. Sure, the attack had been powerful, but nothing in comparison to what they fought normally. Stopping the attack should have been easy for Mortis.

The reason that he had missed was that their mother had gotten involved.

She had moved Mortis’ arm slightly to the side without anyone noticing.

Well, Mortis still noticed.

Mortis had immediately known that someone had interfered, and his mind went through all the possible culprits.

Gravis didn’t have the power to do something this subtle.

Arc wouldn’t have done that. He was too busy looking at the new world.

The Opposer? Nah.

That only left their mother.

When Mortis heard that his mother referred to herself as his mother, some worry disappeared from his heart.

His mother also acknowledged him as his son.

However, Mortis’ eyes still narrowed.

Mortis grabbed the saber buried in his body.


And broke it in two.

Then, he threw it to the side as he glared at his mother.

“And what does this have to do with you?” he said coldly to his mother. “This is between her and me. I’m thankful that you acknowledge me as your son, but I want you to keep out of things that don’t concern you.”

The Economistress’ eyebrows rose in surprise.

Her newest son was very different from Gravis.

Gravis would have only sighed and would have indulged her mischievous mindset.

Yet, Mortis had directly told her that she should mind her own business.


Surprisingly, their mother teleported away.


Because she was too embarrassed to stay here.

She had only wanted to joke around, but her newest son didn’t take this joke very well.

She wasn’t really hurt by Mortis’ words since he was in the right.

Maybe she had acted a bit too willful.


At the side, the Opposer snorted with satisfaction.

Finally, his wife also got played.

She had lorded over Gravis and him all this time. Maybe he should get Mortis to come into contact with her more in the future.

“Joyce, can you be a bit more careful? Your attack nearly killed us!”

Gravis looked over at the other side of the room, and his eyes widened in shock.

A group of people was there, and they were huddled near a wall.

Joyce’s attack had buried the entire room in Blaze, which wasn’t easy to resist, but the group had been defended by a widely smiling man in red.

Gravis knew all of them!


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