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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1017: Law of Sentience Bahasa Indonesia

When Gravis saw Arc nodding, he didn’t know what he should feel.

He had finally reached a power that would allow him to overcome this monumental challenge that had appeared insurmountable in the past.

Yet, it also meant that he would have to kill Arc now.

Gravis was so close to coming back home and being able to see everyone he cared about again. Sadly, this meant killing someone he cared about.

However, there was no other way.

This was an agreement between the highest Heaven and Gravis’ father.

“Go comprehend the Law of Sentience first, Gravis,” Arc said with a smile. “After you’ve done that, we can start.”

“But give me a moment,” Arc said. “I want to take care of some things first.”


Arc teleported away, leaving Gravis and Mortis behind.

Gravis sighed.

Gravis knew that Arc knew that there was a high chance that he would die.

If Arc had his full power in the fight, Gravis and Mortis would be helpless in front of him.

Yet, he only had the Law of the Living World to rely on.

Even his guessed Laws from the highest world would probably be restricted.

Over 90% of Arc’s power would be restricted.

Arc was supremely powerful, but Gravis also wasn’t weak. 10% of Arc’s power would be enough to eradicate anyone in the same Realm as him, but Gravis wasn’t just anyone.

Still, the fight would be very difficult, and Gravis knew that.

Yet, Gravis’ biggest concern was the fact that he had to kill Arc.

He really didn’t want to do that.

Arc had been nothing but kind to him, and he had also supported Gravis all the way.

In some sense, Gravis viewed Arc as a mentor figure.

Mortis noticed Gravis’ expression.

“I know that you don’t want to do it,” he said. “I also don’t want to do it, but there’s no other way. We might be free in our own perception, but we’re not free in objective reality. Sometimes, we have to do things we don’t want.”

Gravis only looked at the spot where Arc had just been.

“Do we really?” he asked.

“That’s a question only a child would ask,” Mortis answered.

Gravis sighed.

Mortis was right, sadly.

“Go condense the Law of Sentience,” Mortis said.

Gravis remained silent for a bit but nodded.

Gravis slowly closed his eyes as his mind went through all his knowledge regarding perceived reality and emotions.

These two things were the things that could elevate a mere plant to an intelligent lifeform.

Animals had emotions, and they could even cultivate up to a certain point. After all, Energy Beasts were just more powerful and smarter animals.

Only when beasts became Spirit Beasts would they gain true sentience, which allowed them to plan for the future and analyze themselves. At that point, animals didn’t only look at only the moment anymore, but also at the future and the past. They would also gain the ability to analyze themselves.

That’s when the Laws of Perceived Reality came into play.

Emotions transformed simple organisms into complex beings.

Perceived Reality transformed complex beings into sentient beings.

The Law of the Dead World was the basis for gathering Energy and creating life.

The Law of Life would take the power and resources the Law of the Dead World created and would transform them into simple life.

In theory, one could say that only the Law of Life, the Law of Emotions, and the Law of Perceived Reality made up complex life. After all, the Law of the Dead World only provided the Energy.

Three of the four main Laws had to do with life.

The first two created life, and the second two elevated life.

As Gravis went through all his experiences regarding these Laws in his mind, he felt several concepts combine.

Gravis realized that if he had an empty, living body in the Immortal Emperor Realm, he could change that body in such a way that it would gain sentience.

Insects and basic plants were also considered life, but nearly no one felt bad for these lifeforms.


Because they didn’t feel any emotions.

If one tortured an insect, would the insect feel pain?


The insect would only react out of instinct according to what was done to it, but it didn’t have the perception to feel pain.

If one differentiated the categories of life, one could say that Gravis now had the ability to create true life, as long as he had a fitting vessel to host that life.

Gravis could create a human.

He could create a child that was able to think and feel for themselves.

If Gravis knew the relevant Soul Laws, he would even have the ability to insert knowledge into that child.

If Gravis hadn’t talked with Arc about the Law of the Living World, he would have gotten nervous after gaining such a fundamental power.


A couple minutes later, Gravis comprehended the level seven Law of Sentience!

At the same time when Gravis comprehended the Law of Sentience, Mortis began to shine.

Gravis’ Avatar had elevated.

It no longer only consisted of the Law of Perceived Reality.

Now, the Law of Emotions had been integrated.

This meant that the power of Gravis’ Law of Emotions had risen by another level, thanks to being inside Gravis’ Avatar.

Gravis’ Form Law included a lot of level five Battle Laws, but most of its power came from the Law of Emotions.

After comprehending the Law of Emotions at the end of his fight with Nira, Gravis’ Form Law had also become more powerful, and now, it had become even more powerful.

In a sense, Gravis’ Form Law was just a little bit weaker than a level eight Law now.

This power was incredible!

Gravis thought about the usage of the Law of Sentience and furrowed his brows.

For a second, he thought that the Law of Sentience was a bit underwhelming with its power.

However, as he thought about how he would actually use it in a fight, he realized that it was actually ridiculously powerful.

Gravis thought about the Law of the Living World for a second.

The Law of the Living World had also appeared rather weak at first glance. After all, what’s the point of summoning a couple guards on the same level as the fighter?

Yet, the ability to combine defenses and attacks was ridiculous.

If Arc managed to create something like 5,000 living guards, all in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm, would Gravis even be able to injure them?

It was difficult to say.

So, if Gravis didn’t even have the ability to injure his opponent, what would be the point of fighting?

That was how powerful the Law of the Living World was.

In short, its power was basically insurmountable for anyone at the same Realm.

Could the Law of Sentience overpower the Law of the Living World?

No, it couldn’t.

Gravis couldn’t even create sentience in the minds of the puppets since they would all have Arc’s will on them.

If Arc managed to unleash the Law of the Living World, Gravis and Mortis wouldn’t be able to win.

However, the Law of Sentience was an insane counter to the Law of the Living World.

It would make the Law of the Living World useless.

This was different from resisting the Law.

Gravis released a sigh.

“To think that the fight would become like this,” Gravis said with a lamenting tone.

Mortis also knew the Law of the Sentience now, and he could understand Gravis’ feelings.

“Is this what the highest Heaven had planned?” Mortis asked with furrowed brows.

“It wanted us to grow by putting us under life-threatening pressure.”

“Yet,” Mortis said with some hesitation.

“Why do I feel like it never intended to kill us?”


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