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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1001: Peak Immortal Emperor Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis teleported a couple of times but stopped suddenly.

‘This is taking too long.’


Gravis took out his Life Ring and contacted Stella.

“Hey, honey!” he transmitted with an excited smile.

“Hey, is everything ok?” Stella asked with a nervous voice.

“No worries. Mortis and I won,” Gravis answered.

Gravis couldn’t see it, but a deep darkness of worry and pressure left Stella.

“That’s good,” was the only thing she said.

“It will take a couple hours more, but I will be home in no time at all.”

“That’s fine,” Stella answered with a soft voice.

Gravis noticed how taciturn Stella was, and he knew exactly why.

Gravis was also incredibly worried whenever Stella went out to temper herself. He could empathize with her worry.

Sadly, there was nothing Gravis could do.

The only thing he could do was survive and inform her about his survival.

“See you later,” Gravis sent.

“See you later.”

After the conversation, Gravis put his Life Ring away again and retrieved a ton of Immortal Stones.

‘There’s literally no reason left for me to remain at this level,’ Gravis thought as he looked at the mountain of Immortal Stones in front of him. ‘I’m already the most powerful being of this world. No one can serve as my tempering anymore.’

‘The only reason why I’m remaining so long in my levels is for tempering anyway. So, there’s no point in remaining a Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperor.’

Gravis absorbed all the Immortal Stones he owned, and he owned a lot of Immortal Stones.

In just two hours, Gravis became a Peak Immortal Emperor.

However, he didn’t stop.

In the end, Gravis absorbed thrice the amount of Immortal Stones he would have needed to reach the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm.

Pushing a Cultivator to the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm was an insane expenditure for any Peak Sect. They always had to save up for a long time to get the ridiculous amount of Immortal Stones a single Cultivator needed to become that powerful.

That was also why the Ascenders weren’t in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm.

After all, they didn’t need to be since the Sect had their Ancestor.

After absorbing all the Immortal Stones he owned, Gravis stretched his Spirit Sense to the maximum.

‘Over ten million kilometers, and the speed of my teleportation has also become way faster.’

‘I’m multiple times faster than before, and I don’t have to worry about anything anymore.’


Gravis immediately teleported to the beast territory with his full speed.

It only took him five minutes.

‘Much easier!’


Gravis felt a hidden sense locking onto him as he reached the beast territory.

“Hey, Narcissus,” Gravis answered with a smirk.

When Narcissus realized that the Peak Immortal Emperor was Gravis, he went through several instances of shock.

First of all, Gravis noticed his Spirit Sense. Something like that wasn’t easy at all when Narcissus wanted to stay hidden. After all, Narcissus knew the level five Law of Humility.

Second of all, Gravis was already a Peak Immortal Emperor? That was fast!

Third of all, when Narcissus felt Gravis’ presence, his entire being shook.

With a single glance, Narcissus knew immediately…

He was as helpless as a child in front of Gravis.

Exar had already felt extremely dangerous to Narcissus, but his pressure was nothing in comparison to Gravis.

Exar had felt like he had achieved the peak of the world.

Yet, Gravis felt like he was from a superior world.

This amount of power was not something that could exist in a higher world!

“I see you have finally spread your wings, Gravis,” Narcissus answered.

“Well, there’s no reason to remain in a lower Realm,” Gravis answered. “There was no one left in the world that could fight me.”

Usually, if someone said something like that, they would be stamped as either someone that was full of themselves or someone that only considered people on their own level.

Yet, when it came from Gravis, it had an entirely different meaning.

If Gravis said that there was no one left that was his opponent anymore, he was referring to the entire world, no matter the Cultivation Realm or age.

“It’s barely been 200,000 years since you arrived in this world,” Narcissus said.

“Yeah, long, isn’t it?” Gravis answered. “I’m probably even in the older half of Immortal Emperors.”

Narcissus didn’t know how to answer that.

“When will you leave for the next world?” Narcissus asked.

“Not sure yet,” Gravis answered. “I still need to comprehend some Laws, and I also need to fight Arc.”

Gravis was fighting Arc?

This was the first time Narcissus heard of that.

“Why?” he asked.

“Oh, Arc and I are still friends. This is simply something that we both have to do, and he has known it ever since I arrived in this world. Sadly, I can’t tell you the reason. It touches on some secrets that you don’t want to know,” Gravis answered.

Narcissus remained silent for some while as Gravis continued teleporting. After all, Narcissus was everywhere in the beast territory.

“Who do you think will win?” Narcissus asked.

He had felt Gravis’ power, and he couldn’t imagine his teacher winning.

Yes, Narcissus knew that Arc was Heaven, but the pressure Gravis exuded was simply too unreal.

Who could resist someone like that?

“If we were to fight right now, I probably wouldn’t even be able to properly defend myself,” Gravis said. “That’s why I need more Laws.”

Narcissus became shocked.

His teacher was that powerful?

The kind, blonde man in the clearing?

He could beat a world-ending calamity like Gravis and easily on top of that?

“Hey, Mortis! Express delivery for you!” Gravis transmitted as he reached Mortis’ surroundings.

As soon as Gravis arrived, half of his stored-up Energy entered Mortis, immediately elevating him also to the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm.

This was why Gravis had consumed all his Immortal Stones.

“Thanks,” was everything Mortis said as he simply looked into the distance with an absentminded gaze.

Gravis noticed Mortis’ gaze and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

‘I’m not sure if something’s wrong, but if there is, it’s Mortis’ decision if he wants to share his problems with me or not. He’s not a child. If he thinks he can deal with his own problem, I should have enough trust in him that he knows what he’s doing.’


Suddenly, three powerful beasts appeared around Gravis.


Because Gravis was still in his human form.

These were three of the most powerful beasts in the entire world.

All three of them were in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm.

“State your intention!” a black panther ordered.

Why did the black panther ask that question? After all, beasts always directly attacked anyone they perceived to be an enemy.

Well, it was because Gravis felt dangerous.

“I was just visiting a friend,” Gravis said nonchalantly. “I’ll be going now.”

The three beasts were surprised.

That was the human’s reason? Visiting a friend?

That’s why he invaded the Core Region of the beast territory?

“You’re lying,” the black panther said. “Humans always lie when-“


Gravis activated his Will-Aura, and the world around the three beasts exploded with black holes.

Space was cut off!

The beasts couldn’t flee!

The black holes were becoming bigger!

Before the beasts could even perceive that they were dying, the black holes suddenly vanished.

“I don’t have to lie to anyone,” Gravis said coldly. “I have the power to do whatever I want in this world. Why? Because I’m the most powerful.”

“Also,” Gravis said as his voice became even colder, “I hate being accused of lying. Normally, you would already be dead, but I promised someone that I wouldn’t damage this world if it can be helped.”

“However, cross me again, see what happens.”

The three beasts took shaking breaths.

What was this power!?

Why did it feel… endless?

Also, where did these black holes come from? Only the all-out attacks of Peak Immortal Emperors could create these black holes!

Yet, this human had created several of these black holes with only his Will-Aura!?

This couldn’t be real!

Gravis saw that the three beasts remained silent and nodded.

“Alright. I’ll be leaving now.”


And Gravis teleported away.


“Ruler, who was that?” one of them asked Narcissus.

“That was the human and beast I told you to never offend,” Narcissus answered.

The three of them took another shaking breath.

“That was him?” they asked. “Why didn’t you warn us?”

“Because I know he wouldn’t have killed you just because of some words, and if you actually did something that would move him to kill you, you can only blame yourself. Don’t assume that everyone is beneath you,” Narcissus explained.

For the first time in a long while, the three powerful Peak Immortal Emperors felt ashamed of themselves.

Their pride had gotten the better of them.

The three of them wouldn’t forget this lesson.


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