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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 57: Best Alarm Ever Bahasa Indonesia

I was expecting to be grumpy when Helga woke me up. After all, not only had I been up the whole night, but I had also gone through a rather harrowing and challenging evening filled with adrenaline. The total amount of mana I spent through the night had left its mark as well. If it wasn’t for my incredible constitution, I would have likely received a permanent injury from having strained myself. Even with that, my body was hurting, suggesting me to take it easy for the next day or two.

However, despite all, I woke up in a good mood, solely thanks to the method Helga chose to wake me up with. She didn’t poke me until I woke up, nor did she try to wake me up with a kiss. Well, technically, she was kissing me, just not my cheek or lips. No, I woke up feeling an incredible heat covering my crotch, giving me the most pleasurable alarm I had ever felt. I cracked my eyes open, only to see Helga’s blonde hair pooling on my lap while her head bobbed.

“That’s a beautiful alarm,” I murmured, still feeling the haze of sleep, one that I was in no hurry to dispel. After last night, I had earned the right to be lazy for a while before I had to meet with Aviada and gave back her sword. Helga said nothing, her mouth occupied with a task much more important than providing me with a pointless statement, but her hand tightened on my thigh to signal she had heard my statement.

She stayed there for another minute without saying anything, before she suddenly pulled out. Before I could say anything, however, I felt her tongue on my stomach, trailing my abdominal muscles as she climbed up, leaving a delicious trail behind until her lips reached my chest muscles, only to stay there for a while. I couldn’t help but snort softly. For all her explicit distaste toward warriors and their direct ways, she had no problems enjoying the benefits of the same track.

That snort earned a slap on the shoulder as she was smart enough to understand the root of that snort, but her annoyance was definitely not high enough to separate her lips from my body. Instead, she started moving back down once again toward my crotch while her hands caressed my biceps. Her tongue slathered lower and lower until it reached my shaft, which was starting to feel neglected.

Her grip around my biceps tightened suddenly, fingernails digging into my skin, but I barely felt a stinging sensation —inevitable considering the gap between my Constitution and her Strength. Still, combined with the warm sensation of her mouth engulfing my cock, it made me moan. I could actually feel the self-satisfied smirk that tried to appear on her face on my shaft. She was enjoying being the one in control. I pushed some mana through my shaft, rewarding her much better than a pat on the head. It was a good change of pace to lay back lazily while someone else did all the work once in a while, especially when I was still feeling the exhaustion from last night.

[-120 Mana]

Still, the sense of discomfort as I channeled mana was an unwelcome reminder of my exhaustion, like a muscle feeling pain after a long exercise. I decided to keep it down a bit. I had done nothing but lay with my eyes closed while the smell of arousal slowly filled the room, her movements getting faster and faster. It was good to have confirmation that I wasn’t the only one that was enjoying it.

She was clearly not in a hurry, because rather than pushing deep, her lips stayed around the head of my shaft, massaging me determinedly with the assistance of her tongue. I couldn’t help but feel that she had been practicing on some lucky vegetable while I was away. She was too obsessed with perfection not to do that, and her increase in skill was too pronounced.

“Holy shit,” I murmured, unable to keep my mouth closed after a particularly inventive swirl of her tongue. Her only response was to moan naughtily as she continued to tease the crown of my shaft. As much as I wanted her to quicken, I let her set the pace, not even guiding her by touch. After working hard, she deserved to deliver her show without interruption.

“You’re amazing,” I murmured as she moved deeper. She deserved every compliment I could give her. My cock was throbbing hard under the soft treatment of her pouty lips, beautiful enough to inspire a thousand artists. Her cheeks stretched out lewdly each time she descended on me, taking more and more of my shaft. The way her breasts softly rubbing against my thighs as she moved made it even more delicious.

She moved farther, but with torturous slowness, while my exhaustion slowly dispersed. Even the strain on my body lessened. While it didn’t disappear completely, it was still an amazing development. I would have said that it didn’t make any sense, but considering the rest of my leveling experience, I wasn’t exactly in a position to claim that. It was certainly more reasonable than helping the girls level up through a rough fucking.

I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when she pulled off of me, but her head stayed close to my crotch even as she smiled at me smugly, happy with the impact of her treatment. I smiled naughtily even as I let my impatience show, wanting to encourage her inventiveness. When she brought her lips close again, she didn’t wrap them around my girth. Instead, she started licking my length slowly, tasting and savoring the texture of every ridge and vein. Her lips occasionally wrap around the side of my shaft, delivering an interesting treatment from the side. At that moment, I couldn’t help but imagine Marianne on the other side, delivering the same treatment, their lips touching each other, occasionally even sharing a kiss.

I immediately added that to my mental bucket list to be done at the earliest convenience. Having two blonde beauties, delivering a combined massage was definitely something to be arranged later. “It’s becoming unbearable, honey,” I moaned, signaling that I was nearing the end of my patience. Still, I let her continue at her pace rather than grabbing her head to initiate a rough deep-throating session. I liked the other girls, but Helga was my actual first, and she had a special place in my heart. Not to mention, the personality of the others didn’t allow for something like this. Marianne was far too skittish to actually take the lead, while both Cornelia and Aviada were too obsessed with power and control. Allowing them to control the pacing would have lowered their opinion about me at this early stage.

“Too bad,” she answered as she raised her head, giving me a naughty smile before lowering to continue the same treatment, doing her best to drive me crazy.

“You’re pushing your luck, you naughty bunny,” I said, but my tone stayed teasing rather than domineering.

She pointedly sucked me harder for a moment before pulling back, signaling that she had no intention of giving back control. Even when she pulled out and wrapped her fat tits around my shaft, moving up and down, her movements were pointed and deliberate, slowly moving up and down while her beautiful eyes stayed firmly fixed to mine, making the situation even more erotic. Her confidence was simply enchanting, especially when she still maintained her slow pace despite her own obvious growing arousal, signaled by her panting.

Then, without a warning, her grip tightened around my thigh before she lowered herself hard, so much that I felt her nose pressing against my skin while she devoured my full length with surprising ease, signaling that the vegetables she had used to practice with had seen some intensive usage. Not that I was dissatisfied with her assault, not when I could feel the tightness of her throat around my shaft, rapidly pushing me towards an explosion. I thought that to be the end of it, only for her to pull out at the last second.

“That’s a bit rude,” I said with a chuckle as she pulled out, leaving me throbbing and wanting.

“Don’t be impatient,” she answered as she stood up, giving me a glimpse of her body, wearing nothing but a pair of panties, her fingers already hooked around the edges. She started removing them slowly, bit by bit revealing her delicious entrance to my gaze, already sopping wet. “We still have the second round.

She took a long time removing her panties, and even longer as she turned her back, giving me a full view of her bountiful yet still tight ass. Soon, her entrance was pressing against my crown, perfectly positioning her for some fun time in reverse cowgirl position, about to entertain me with the excellent curves of her ass while she rode me. However, once again, she was very slow as she slowly lowered herself, her pussy as tight as ever. A moan rippled off her lips as the crown slipped in, forcing her tunnel to widen to accommodate my girth.

My cock was already throbbing as she impaled herself slowly, turning it into a truly delicious torture. On the positive side, it worked excellently to remove more of the strain I had been feeling after the last part. Another moan escaped her mouth, a rather artificial, practiced one that was designed for seduction. It worked nonetheless, but I continued to lay still, liking the anticipation of being served. As she lowered herself deeper and deeper, I let my eyes feast on her naked body and its beautiful curves, from the elegant curve of her back to the delicious view of her dangling boobs, most of it hidden by her own body, only a part of it peeking out deliciously. Her smooth, long legs were parted to the side, trembling slightly under the strain of maintaining the perfect angle, all crowned by the perfect lines of her heart-shaped ass.

“You’re a goddess,” I worshiped as she moved in a circular motion, riding me slowly but determinedly, adding more to my pleasure every passing second. I crossed my hands behind my head, raising my head just a bit to enjoy the show perfectly.

“And you’re a stallion,” she answered, unable to keep her gasps contained. “And I’m going to ride you slowly until you’re tamed and begging,” she added. I just smirked at the challenge, confident in my abilities —though I doubted I would share the same confidence if I hadn’t shared the bed of four different ladies in the last twenty-four hours, which went a long way in curbing even my voracious appetite. I doubted I could resist even half of it if I had been on a mission for a few days.

I was getting rather used to my new way of entertainment, after all.

Still, I didn’t bother to resist the desire to explode as it built up. Instead, it was Helga that stopped whenever my shaft started to throb noticeably, signaling another explosion. She had long become adept at recognizing the signs, pulling out just before my explosion was about to happen. She turned back to meet my gaze, a smug smile on her face, only to meet with my comfortable position. “You need to work harder to break this stallion,” I answered lazily, which roused her competitive spirit further.

“I’m going to show you,” she uttered in steely determination, waiting for a minute for my strain to dispel before lowering herself once more, this time slipping in much easier. Her circular motions got even slower as she brought me toward the climax. I was a bit late to my meeting with Aviada, but I wasn’t in a mood to care for being challenged explicitly.

Several minutes later, she stopped once more, but this time, I was yet to reach the edge. “Is there something wrong, sweetie?” I asked smugly.

“Shut up,” she murmured without bothering to turn, stopping for a moment, but it didn’t prevent her walls from tightening further. She wasn’t the only one that could read the other party, and considering my overwhelming stats and experience, I was able to do it much more efficiently. She was already tethering on the edge, and the small break she took was hardly a solution. When she started, she tightened even more.

When she pulled out once again, I recognized the sudden change in her mannerism, a sudden ride in aggression, mixed with some delicious anticipation. “Are you ready to-” I tried to ask, intending to ask whether she was about to surrender, only for her to silence me the fun way, by smothering me with her bosom.

“Shut up!” she repeated, even louder as she impaled herself with my erection once more and started to rock her hips, the sound of flesh hitting flesh exploding as she ramped up the aggression. Since it was impossible for me to say anything while smothered, I decided to put my mouth to better use, and started licking and sucking on her breast while traveling toward her nipple. Once I reached my destination, my teeth joined the game, gently biting her rock-hard nipple.

It proved to be the last step to push her over the edge, and she tightened around my shaft. Impressively, rather than slowing down, she picked up even more speed, her out-of-control cries making me glad for the judicious amount of silencing wards I had added to the protections of my room. “Someone is determined to break her stallion,” I commented in amusement when her back arched with pleasure, leaving my mouth free.

“Silence,” she ordered as she stuffed my mouth with her breasts —not that I was complaining— and continued riding me without giving an inch. My shaft was enveloped completely by her wetness, every push making me knock on her cervix like a particularly impatient visitor at the door. She was loud without the fear of being overheard. Really loud, enough to make my ears hurt, though I liked the feeling. It was good to see that I was able to break her even without moving a muscle.

“Finally,” she murmured in victory as I finally exploded, filling her insides, though her victory was tainted by the fact that she climaxed at the same time, allowing me to clinch victory as strong as she clenched around me.

[Achievement: Patient Participant. Sometimes, patience is a virtue. +1 Wisdom. +200 Experience]

[Mana regeneration perk activated. Duration, 8 hours]

[Skill Share perk activated. Target Skill: Basic Mana Manipulation. Copied: Duration, 24 hours]

[Temporary Skill: Basic Mana Manipulation (25/25)]

The achievement put a smile on my face. The text was amusing, and while experience reward was completely negligible, extra stat points were always welcome. The temporary skill was also interesting. I could feel my mana getting even more flexible, which was always a benefit. However, the previous temporary skill I had received from her was lost, which, while expected, was a bit of a bummer.

She collapsed against my chest, her head snuggling into my neck. I laid under her —negligible— weight, enjoying the casual comfort of her touch as much as I enjoyed the high of a recent orgasm, proving that our relationship was evolving in an unexpected direction, not that I was unhappy about it.

“That was nice,” I murmured lazily while I gently extracted myself from under her. “Maybe next time, you can even give me a challenge.”

“Asshole,” she uttered as she slapped my naked chest, but it was impossible to erase her huge smile through fake annoyance, especially after a gentle kiss to her cheek. “What’s the plan for today,” she asked as she stretched in the bed while I used a water spell to clean myself, watching me with clear enjoyment in her eyes.

“I’m going to commission a new weapon,” I answered as I finished my quick shower and started dressing. I pointed at the sword. “Borrowing from Aviada is a temporary measure at best, not to mention it’s hardly hidden. I need something that fits better with my style.”

“Isn’t it a bit risky, you need to reveal yourself to yet another high-level person,” Helga asked as she tried to get her breath back.

“Not as risky as continuing to walk around without a weapon. Hopefully, I will be able to sell a bullshit explanation, or failing that, bribe the crafter for their silence,” I added. I lacked money, but that didn’t mean I was poor. Even after using most of them to set up the wards, I still had a decent amount of magical ingredients from last night’s encounter, especially if I added them to my existing stash. “You just stay here and focus on the wards, especially the weak areas they identified. If we know these locations, we can reinforce them in an emergency.”

After one last kiss, I left the room, dressed as a nondescript warrior, Aviada’s sword in its scabbard, an illusion on the pommel to make it look like a boring two-handed sword rather than the masterpiece it was.

I really needed a new weapon.

[Level: 23 Experience: 263300 / 276000

Strength: 28 Charisma: 38

Precision: 21 Perception: 25

Agility: 25 Manipulation: 30

Speed: 23 Intelligence: 30

Endurance: 22 Wisdom: 33

HP: 2737 / 2737 Mana: 3588 / 3588 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Expert Arcana [75/75]

Advanced Subterfuge [50/50]

Basic Speech [25/25]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share


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