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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 52: Finalizing the Peace Bahasa Indonesia

“Somebody is impatient,” I said even as I looked up to catch her beautiful blue eyes, enjoying the impatience and arousal dancing behind them. Marianne was normally so passive, but apparently, watching —relatively— passively as Cornelia got fucked into exhaustion managed to break her endless patience.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 19%]

“You made me wait too much,” she answered with a moan even as she started jumping up and down on my lap, her tits dangling sexily. “That was rude, you come here and make me excited, only to spend all your time with Cornelia.”

“Sorry,” I said, but my smirk showing my insincerity, which earned a playful slap even as she continued to ride me without missing a beat. “But we had been working hard with her to solve her leveling problem, and now that I have solved it, she deserved a bit of celebration, doesn’t she?”

This time, Marianne’s determined ride stopped, her expression twisted in shock. “You solved her leveling problem?” she gasped. “Impossible!”

“Is it, though?” I answered even as I used the opportunity to switch positions, with her lying under me, but instead of taking a mild missionary position, I put her legs to my shoulder, locking her in a sexy prison. As I impaled her as deep as I could manage, she gasped loudly. Delicious, I decided.

“It was supposed to-” she started, only to be interrupted by her own moan as my shaft filled her completely. “It was supposed to be impossible,” she completed. “That’s what everyone says. It’ll make you a hero!” she said excitedly.

“No!” I warned in a dark tone. “That’s going to stay a secret, unless you want all of us to suddenly get locked in a cell and get experimented again and again.” To be fair, with my power and my ability to elevate others, I wasn’t entirely sure that would be my fate. They might decide not to risk it and decide to cooperate with me instead, but even that best case was not a good option for me. I was doing pretty well without any oversight, and I had no intention of changing it.

“I understand,” Marianne gasped fearfully, and I could see the realization in her eyes. She stiffened with fear, and I realized I might have overdone with the intimidation.

“Good girl,” I answered even as I leaned down to capture her lips in a searing kiss, one that I stretched until her stiffness disappeared, once again moaning as I slammed repeatedly inside her.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 21%]

For a moment, silence ruled the room —discounting the clap of our bodies slamming together, my grunts, and her moans— while I appreciated the rapid increase of the companion process. With that, I remembered that I was yet to examine her soul space, and sent a tendril inside.

The results of my findings didn’t surprise me. Like my other magically-inclined partners, her physical stats were simply abysmal while mental ones were at least workable. Only her wisdom was a step above the rest, and even that was below twenty. Like the others, she had one primary skill, one I easily recognized as a more specialized version of my biomancy —likely healing— so I started examining it more carefully. It was at Grandmaster level, I recognized, but unlike the others, it was yet to fully mature, probably requiring one or two levels before it completed its evolution and she was free to select another skill.

However, I received another surprise as I examined her skill in detail.

[+13 Biomancy]

The sudden jump was completely unexpected, and it occurred when our skills touched for a moment. Even more surprisingly, I could feel her skill evolving as well, though not to the same extent. “Why did I just gain three points of healing?” she asked, shocked.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 24%]

“A little gift for you,” I answered even as I impaled her even deeper. “Did you assume that Cornelia was going to be the only one that gets some benefits?” I asked. She didn’t answer, but the astonished expression on her face was answer enough. I shrugged. Since she had already received an important clue, there was no harm pushing it even more.

“What would you do if I tell you I have another gift in mind?” I asked, and her expression turned into shock and elation. It was understandable, as not everyone shared my ridiculous growth potential. Just gaining a few extra points to a high-level skill was not something she expected to happen in one day, and here I was, offering her even more.

“Whatever you want!” she exclaimed without even thinking, something I had all the intention of taking seriously. Luckily for her, my objectives didn’t run contrary to hers.

“Excellent,” I said as I leaned for a kiss while I continued to slam, until the companion process clicked again.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 25% – First Stage Completed +5000 Exp]

Level UP!

[Select one of the following skills: Grandmaster Biomancy (Requires 5 Points), Master Arcana, Master Elemental]

“An achievement!” Marianne stammered in shock, unable to believe what had just happened. While she enjoyed her fascination, I turned my attention to my skill selection, and after brief consideration, chose Elemental, despite the temptation of selecting Biomancy. An even stronger life-based ability would have been useful against the necromancers, but I wasn’t willing to make the commitment for the next five levels.

Ultimately, my versatility was the reason for my great success, and I had no reason to change that after the incredible boosts I had received to my skills, allowing me to progress more on my path without making big sacrifices.

Marianne sat on the edge of the bed, and I sat next to her, close enough for our shoulders to touch. She put her head on my shoulder, and murmured. “How?”

“It’s a secret ability of mine,” I told her, though I didn’t give more detail. After she had already received her first achievement, that part wasn’t exactly a secret, after all. However, I didn’t explain more, as I still needed to make sure I could trust her. “It’s just the tip of the iceberg,” I explained. “You’ll receive more benefits as we continue,” she explained.

“Why me? Why Cornelia?” she asked. “Is it because of our families?” she added, this time her voice trembling just a bit, like she was afraid she was just a tool to be discarded.

“No, on the contrary, your noble identities make things unnecessarily complicated for me,” I answered, which had the benefit of being completely true. Of course, the real answer was because of luck, then my stubbornness, but I doubt she would have liked to hear that particular answer.

“Then, why?” she asked.

“Because you are beautiful, kind, and very very sexy,” I answered as I gently grabbed her chin and stole a tender, lingering kiss, one that eroded her fears immediately. Charisma was such a useful trait. “Not to mention you’re very skilled in your area, meaning with my assistance, you have the potential to become an overwhelming powerhouse.”

“Really? That’s it?” she asked, her smile blossoming. Apparently, the fact that I chose her for her beauty and skills rather than her family name was a great relief to her. Then, she frowned a bit. “But I’m just a healer, nothing impressive like Cornelia. She’s majestic, and with the potential to gain levels once more, she’ll just become even more magnificent. What if you get bored with me.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. Even before I had gained a deeper understanding of their relationship, it was clear that Marianne had a star-struck attitude toward Cornelia, so her fears of being left behind where another woman might feel jealous were very much understandable.

“First of all, a healer is definitely not worthless, no matter the situation,” I stated, which was completely correct. A healer was always a strategic asset that increased the combat effectiveness of any group by several orders of magnitude. I could heal, of course, but due to my generalist skill, not as effectively —my stats and my huge mana pool compensated for that, but I had many roles in a combat situation, so a proper healer was always welcome.

Then, I briefly considered the biggest challenge I was facing, and decided to test her. “Secondly, you don’t have to be only a healer,” I said even as I raised my hand, gathering a glowing ball of life energy, the same one I was using to fight against the undead with incredible efficiency.

[-2 Mana]

“What’s this,” Marianne murmured, fascinated as she poked her finger, enjoying the sensation.

“It’s a variant of healing spell that I had been using against the undead with incredible efficiency,” I explained. “If you can learn that, you’ll be several times more efficient against the undead.

“Really?” she asked, her enthusiasm shining. “But I can’t take a new skill for the next two levels, and even then, who knows when I’ll have the opportunity to select the correct one,” she added, her enthusiasm wilting instantly.

“Doesn’t matter, I don’t want you to learn a new skill, I want you to figure out how to replicate this by leveraging your healing abilities, it’s not that different.”

“But that’s impossible…” she started, only to drift out. “It’s not impossible, is it?” she said. I smiled positively, and she beamed before raising her hand, and her mana rose, trying to replicate it.

It wasn’t a simple thing to even with an example in front of her. But she didn’t feel discouraged as she spent the next half an hour trying to work that out, only to get the slightest success even with all my recommendations. I was glad that I still had the temporary skill I gained from Helga active, allowing me to make theoretical leaps that would have been otherwise impossible even with my abilities.

In the end, when her mana pool was emptied, we only have a fleeting success, something that wouldn’t hurt even the weakest skeleton. “Sorry,” she murmured. “I failed.”

Unlike her, I was smiling widely. I kissed her to cheer her. “Don’t worry about it, it’s not something you can succeed in a session, and from what I saw, I can confidently state success is possible. You just need to work more,” I said.

“I won’t disappoint you,” she said resolutely, and I rewarded her with another kiss, hugging her comfortingly.

“I know you won’t. Just continue working on it tomorrow,” I answered. I could have injected more mana into her and make her continue practicing, but we have stopped enough. I grabbed her corset, and ripping it off with one simple pull, earning a shocked yet excited cry for her. “We can return to our fun, then,” I said.

“Y-” she tried to start, only for her to get silenced by another kiss, this time with a lot of tongue. I let my hands dance over her body while she managed to take a seat on my lap, once again engulfing my shaft with her warmth. To make things more exciting, I stood up and started walking around the room, cutting her feet off the ground, impaling her deep with every step.

She moaned loudly with each step, enjoying her joyride as I patrolled the bedroom repeatedly.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 29%]

“Fill me up,” she moaned. I want to feel your warmth inside me, spoiling me, covering me…” she repeated dazedly. Who was I to disappoint the wishes of such a beautiful lady?

I moved to the closest wall and pressed until her back was straight against its cold surface, allowing me to cut loose mercilessly as I slammed inside her repeatedly. Her fat breasts pressed against my chest, wobbling with each beat like they were waves threatening to drown me. It was nothing, however, compared to her hungry kiss, trying to devour my lips, once again confirming the fact that it was the quiet ones you needed to watch out for.

However, realizing that there was still a bit until I cum, I decided to pull another trick on her, one that as a healer, she would easily understand the difficulty. I pulled out even as I flared my mana, and when I put my hand on my shaft, it grew three more inches and thickened considerably.

[-246 Mana]

[+4 Biomancy]

It was a costly spell that took a lot of expertise, but for me, it was as easy as breathing —partially thanks to my magical theory skill still active, allowing me to draw correct lessons and insights from the earlier practice attempts.

The results were worth it. Her eyes grew in shock. “How,” she murmured fascinatingly, but it was immediately replaced with fear as I pressed it against her entrance, threatening to tear her apart. “I can’t take it!” she gasped, but that didn’t prevent her from moaning as I slowly but steadily pushed her inside her, enjoying a whole new level of tightness.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 36%]

The sudden jump in the companion process, however, showed her rather impressive appreciation. I pushed even deeper, and she moaned, helpless but in ecstasy, her earlier fears discarded under the new sensation. She started trembling, signaling an instant climax.

I knew that she was very appreciative of my already-impressive size, but the fact that she turned out to be a true size queen was a surprise. A pleasant surprise that I was willing to use to the limit, though I made sure to maintain an active observation with my healing just in case.

I pushed, and she moaned deliciously, moving steadily toward another orgasm before the aftershocks of the first one had subsumed. And since I was actively maintaining a Biomancy observation, I decided to apply another trick, and prepared her back entrance for an intrusion.

The way her eyes widened in shock and arousal as I pressed my engorged shaft against her puckered hole was beautiful. “Im-impossible,” she muttered, but the crown was already in her puckered hole when she uttered the last syllable, too busy crying in pain and pleasure. I slammed deep, pumped a couple of times, then pulled out and repeated the action on her proper entrance.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 42%]

She was like a precious toy under my control, helpless to resist my perverse merciless assault. Of course, her face, contorted with a thick pleasure, provided an alternative narrative to that dark tale.

She was mine, I decided. Just like Helga, Marianne was mine, and I had no intention of letting her go.

“Tell me who you are,” I asked.

“I’m your slut,” she slurred, pleasure threatening to drown her completely. “You own me as long as you fuck me like this,” she added, once again managing to surprise me with her transformation.

“Good girl,” I said even as exploded inside her, filling her to the brim.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 46%]

She looked like she was about to fall unconscious, which was not acceptable, not when we were about to complete the second stage of the companion process. A simple healing spell prevented me from going soft, while another spell provided her with a jolt of energy, enough to keep her from falling unconscious.

“Ready for another round,” I said even as I wrapped my arms around her waist and started walking once more, this time directly to the bed, and I laid her on top of Cornelia. Marianne twisted until she was on all fours, her knees and hands on both sides of Cornelia while her tits dangled just inches above Cornelia’s.

Another delicious view, I thought for a second even as I plunged into Marianne’s tight hole, enjoying the way her moans echoed, but Cornelia was too exhausted to actually wake up, even when my seed and Marianne’s juices spilled over her body, covering her legs and stomach.

Enjoying the enhanced tightness of her body, this time, it didn’t take long for me to near another climax. Before I exploded, however, Marianne’s progress finally reached the critical point, and triggered a welcome notification.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 50% – Second Stage Completed +10000 Exp]

[Mana regeneration perk activated. Count 3. Duration, 8 hours]

Another load was a good reward for her diligence, I decided, even as she slurred with joy, trying to celebrate her second achievement, but too far gone to mutter a coherent word. I impaled my shaft into her tight hole and exploded, filling a second hole with my seed.

This time, when she fell on top of Cornelia, exhausted, I let her be after pulling the cover on her, leaving them wrapped in a dirty hug. They both had enough excitement for the night and deserved their rest.

I also gained some incredible benefits. Levels were always welcome, and I managed to bring possible mana regeneration perks to four, and from the current speed of regeneration, I assumed that my mana pool would be regenerated fully every fifteen minutes when all instances were active.

Meaning, I could the girls allow over fifteen thousand experience points every hour. Once I decided it was safe enough to reveal that secret, the leveling process of the girls would get a lot faster…

And a lot more fun, together…

[Level: 23 Experience: 263100 / 276000

Strength: 28 Charisma: 38

Precision: 21 Perception: 25

Agility: 25 Manipulation: 30

Speed: 23 Intelligence: 30

Endurance: 22 Wisdom: 32

HP: 2737 / 2737 Mana: 3265 / 3565 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [92/100]

Master Elemental [75/100]

Expert Arcana [75/75]

Advanced Subterfuge [50/50]

Basic Speech [25/25]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share


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