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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 50: Risky Business Bahasa Indonesia

I took a deep breath as I stood in front of Titania’s private office, trying to still my nerves. Instead of wearing my library costume, I chose a simple rugged shirt and pants, the kind the menial servants wore. At this point, I didn’t want to emphasize the fact that I had been hiding under her nose for the last few years, though I wouldn’t hide it if she noticed as well. It was a weird balance to maintain.

“Come in,” called Titania, but she used the quintessential head librarian, sharp, cold, and unyielding. Not a good start.

For a moment, I considered whether disappearing was the smarter option. My subterfuge was high enough —especially with the assistance of the most recent stat upgrades— to make me disappear in any city other than the school itself, so much that even her network couldn’t find me.

Ultimately, it was just an errant thought. The necromancer threat was one thing, and the mysteries my achievements were continuously alluding to was another thing I needed to solve; and soon, if instincts were correct. So, I took a deep breath to gather my courage, and opened the door.

Only to find Titania sitting behind an impressive desk, its surface covered with books, ranging from destruction to warding. She stood impervious behind the desk, her eyes cold in their steely look, a thick robe wrapped around her, hiding her body perfectly. “Sit down,” she said in a tone that was devoid of any emotion.

An ordinary person might have felt the stirrings of despair at her impervious action, but I felt the stirrings of excitement as I sat on the chair she had pointed, which was considerably lower and flimsier than her own. I was excited, because she was too calculated in trying to be intimidating, which ran contrary to her usual demeanor. Normally, she was scary, just because of her overwhelming presence.

She was overcompensating, and there was only one probable reason for it. Even under the emotionally-oppressive effects of her Light Magic, she was still somehow affected by the memories we shared in that particular cave while I helped her to relax.

I decided to test it. “Before we start, there’s something I had forgotten to give you,” I said as I pulled the book from my sack, the book that she had went all the trouble to find, only end up in a deadly ambush.

“You got it,” she gasped in shock, reaching forward without a thought and grabbed it. I made sure to shift my touch at the last moment, making our fingers brush. The fleeting blush that appeared on her face before she pulled the book was all the confirmation I needed that the memories of the event was still alive and effective. Then, she continued in a more even tone. “I appreciate your efforts.”

“Sure thing,” I answered, repressing my desire to ask for a special reward. It wasn’t the time yet. “So, necromancers?” I asked.

“They are the pests of the earth that we need to exterminate with extreme prejudice,” she said, her anger flaring for a moment before her emotionless state asserted itself once more. She continued in a more even tone. “For the last few years, they are getting more and more daring, mostly trying to ambush me during my missions. During my last mission, they managed to interfere when I was fighting against a monster horde attacking a town, managing to damage me with a cursed dagger. Even with the best healers, it took a while for me to get well.”

It was probably the reason for her disappearance. But the sight of her fighting against a monster horde, covering the landscape with light blasts to drown crowds of creatures again and again, was an image sexy enough to turn me on. I didn’t give any sign of my thoughts, and answered professionally. “It’s a dangerous prospect, getting stabbed in the back while defending against such a formidable danger. It was just like the necromancers to broke that taboo.”

Monster hordes were the single most dangerous phenomenon humanity had been facing against. The reason for their occurrence varied. Sometimes, it was a particularly effective monster leading or controlling the horde, sometimes they were escaping the territory of a Titan level monster, only to lash out something on their way. Sometimes, they even popped in existence without no rhyme or reason —at least not one humanity could discover— and destroyed everything on their path until they finally came across one they couldn’t destroy, still struggling until they were smashed into pieces. Sabotaging the defense efforts was a taboo with the harshest punishment possible.

Though, considering Necromancers had earned that same punishment just by existing, it was easy to understand why they weren’t bothered taking action under such circumstances.

“That’s not good news,” I said. “Do you think it was a target of opportunity, or it was planned?” I asked, despite having confidence in my guess that it was the latter.

“It was planned,” she answered. “The skeleton knight was buried at the center of the defensive formation, and covered with multiple wards to hide its presence. Without accessing the defense schematics, it was impossible to do. I had been wondering how they did, then you discovered a mysterious figure controlling a necrotic shade in the Faculty building.”

“Yeah, that is not good news. Any idea about the identity?”

“No, and I don’t have anyone to help either. What if I tried to talk to someone, and they were the contact?”

I paused for a moment. I was happy with her discussing her concerns with me openly, though I was probably the only one that she could trust on the issue. After all, I was the one that saved her from a certain death in the hands of necromancers, which made me the only option for her to discuss the next steps. Of course, the fact that she had barely survived an assassination attempt in another mission probably had some effect on her decision as well.

Not to mention my unique ability to transfer mana!

“How about the headmistress?” I asked, referring to the enigmatic figure I had seen only once, during a graduation speech. “If she is on their side, we had already lost.”

“I don’t think that she’s on their side, but the same doesn’t apply the people around her,” she explained. “If I contact her, I need to do that in a way that doesn’t evoke any suspicion, and she rarely meets the faculty privately.”

“Maybe I can try to reach her?” I offered, despite not wanting to do so. Revealing myself to yet another person was the last thing I needed, but the more I learned about the necromancers, the more I was getting apprehensive, to a point that I was willing to expand the number of people that knew about me.

Though luckily, the headmistress didn’t have to know anything true about me, other than I was a strong warrior or mage —or maybe I could present myself as an assassin— saved the life of one of her teachers and trusted by her. I just needed to sneak into her room and manage to have a talk with her without being blasted into smithereens.

Easy task.

“Maybe,” she answered noncommittally. “I need to consider it more throughly before deciding on an action.”

“Is there anything else I can help you?” I asked.

She paused for a moment. “Not for now, but I’ll make sure to leave you a note if we need to talk,” she added. “When I get a new mission, I will need a backup.”

I nodded. It was a sensible request. With the agreement in place, we talked for a couple more minutes, agreeing on several signals and locations to drop discreet messages in case we didn’t have the opportunity to talk face to face on an emergency.

I bid her a good night and left, surprised by the mundanity of the meeting. I was tempted to suggest testing my mana transfer skill, but I held back for two reason. First, under all of her stiffness, she was still skittish. Second, and more importantly, I had no idea how I would measure against her Light Magic while she still had all of her mana, and didn’t want to risk it. Sooner or later, we were going to fight together, and she would need some extra mana to support…

Still, the night was young, and since I had left Helga enjoying a very deserved sleep. Luckily, I had another busty blonde friend that I hadn’t visited for the last few days.

I changed my path toward the Marianne’s room, intent on delivering a surprise visit. I even stopped in front of Cornelia’s room, sliding a note of invitation before moving forward. The note asked her to visit Marianne’s room, but dress normally rather than in her maid costume. I was tempted to humiliate her, but after a brief consideration, I decided against. Not only humiliating Cornelia next to her girlfriend —though my presence had muddied that term a lot— was not the best strategy to endear myself to either of them, but also that particular part of the training would be better under different circumstances.

After that brief detour, I arrived at Marianne’s door. As usual, neither the mundane nor the magical locks on her door helped as I opened the door, easily hiding myself from the view, even in a corridor filled with students of magic.

When I sneaked inside, I saw that Marianne was alone, on her desk, focused intently on a book in front of her. I carefully sneaked forward, careful not to alert her, and slipped to her dining room. Since I had already been there, I knew where the important things were, such as the wine bottles, glasses, and the cheese to accompany. I quickly prepared a small feast for us to enjoy in her bedroom, while she was still in her study, focused on her book, unaware of my presence.

I could have called for her, but I decided to make a flashier transition. I quickly dressed down to my birthday suit —as my musclebound body made a much better view than my ugly servant clothes— and slipped under her covers. Then I waved my hand, lighting several candles to create a romantic atmosphere before slowly dimming the lights in her study, until the shining candles were the only light available, creating an intriguing trail for her to follow.

Her tenseness was visible when she stepped into her bedroom, an arcana spell twisting in her hand, ready to be launched, but it dissipated the moment she noticed my enticing presence, my naked torso glistening with the flickering candlelight, with her covers strategically pulled to the beginning of my abs, showing my muscles to the best effect while hiding the most critical part of my anatomy, leaving the responsibility of uncovering it had fallen to her.

“Caesar,” she gasped, excitement easily replacing her earlier trepidation. “Such a welcome surprise, but I wish you have notified me about your arrival, I would have prepared for you.” She gestured herself, her face without makeup, her hair casually gathered into a ponytail, wearing a casual thick nightie that made a good attempt to hide her body. It still failed, of course, as her curves were not so ordinary to yield her nightie’s mundane attempts, but the attempt was good enough to make her uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, princess, you’re beautiful even when you’re dressed casually.” It was not the most impressive compliment, but with my charisma, it made her blush prettily.

“Still,” she murmured shyly, before she raised her head, a surprising level of assertiveness shining in her blue eyes. “Give me fifteen minutes,” she said. Without waiting for an answer, she ran to her wardrobe, pulled several items —and hiding them behind her body to conceal their nature— before she dashed away without waiting for a response.

I watched her surprising display of initiative with an amused smile, then lay on my back, enjoying the softness of her bed. Maybe I should ask her to buy another one. My room was in a desperate need for a better mattress.

I was enjoying the warm touch of quality red wine when I felt the ward I had left at the door triggering, but a follow up mirror spell showed that it was Cornelia, following my invitation. I cast a simple arcana spell, and glowing letters appeared in her field of view, asking her to come to the bedroom, but make sure to stay silent. I even added a couple of arrows to create a path for her to follow. I even silenced the bedroom, keeping Marianne unaware, wanting to surprise her further.

Then, Cornelia appeared in the bedroom, wearing an oversized robe that covered her whole body, her arms tight around as if she was trying to hide herself in case of accidental reveal, making me curious about what lay underneath. I gestured her to undress, and she did so without complaint, revealing that she was wearing a black lace set, designed in the same shape with a corset, but soft enough to wrap her body perfectly. It wasn’t like her body needed the support. Even more beautiful was the bite mark I had left on her shoulder the last time, suggesting my dominance. Surprisingly, she didn’t try to hide, nor she flinched when my gaze found it. She was showing a surprising ability to accept her new circumstances.

Still, despite the amazing view, it took everything to prevent a frown from appearing on my face.

[More than 5 levels of difference! No Experience]

It was a completely new notification, and considering I was banking on the experience I would receive from her to push for a new level, rather untimely as well. I didn’t know it was a feature that always existed or it was a consequence of passing level twenty barrier, but nonetheless, it was unwelcome.

Luckily, I was already planning to solve her leveling problem, which in turn would help me help me increase mine. And there was no point in delaying that.

I patted the bed, inviting her in. She walked forward without the slightest reluctance. Finally receiving an achievement must have broke most of her concerns. And compared to making her work as a maid, inviting her for a romantic evening was a much better option.

“Why the sudden change?” she whispered, unable to help herself as she closed in, making sure to walk seductively.

“You have been a good girl yesterday, and good girls get rewarded,” I said to her, and she blushed, easily accepting the power imbalance inherit in my words. She was surprising me with the ease she had been showing. “Not to mention we have distressed our mutual blonde friend during our little scuffle.”

“You’re right,” she murmured enthusiastically as she slid next to me, her body heat tempting me to ignore my earlier words and taste the fruits of her offerings. From the way her eyes were trailing my muscles hungrily, she clearly shared the same opinion.

“Good,” I said even as I wrapped one arm around her waist, pulling her tight against my naked body, enjoying the sensation of her body pressing against mine. “So, are you happy with your new achievement?” I asked.

Her response was a lingering kiss, with a level of enthusiasm I would never expect from her a day ago, giving me insights about her personality much more than her fake dominant bluster. She wanted to be taken care of, and by solving her biggest problem, I proved myself as the best candidate.

I was going to test that, to see just how much I could push my newfound dominance, but not today. No, today was a reward for them. For Cornelia, her surrender. For Marianne, enabling it to happen. Not to mention, they deserved a reward for starting everything. If it wasn’t for their horniness, I would be still struggling to as a pathetic weakling stuck in level one.

Marianne signaled her arrival with a gasp. I turned to look at her, who was watching the scene with wide eyes —and a clear arousal— while Cornelia chose to speak. “Nice dress, honey,” she said.

I agreed. Marianne was wearing a white corset —a proper one unlike Cornelia. However, hers had one major modification. It ended just under her breasts, leaving her nipples naked while still supporting her already-perky breasts to the perfection, presenting them like a shelf. Her soft make up and new hairdo just enhanced the effect.

“Thanks,” Marianne murmured to answer Cornelia’s question, while I patted my other side, inviting her to the bed, and to an amazing show.

It was going to be a long, beautiful night…

[Level: 21 Experience: 228100 / 231000

Strength: 26 Charisma: 36

Precision: 19 Perception: 23

Agility: 23 Manipulation: 28

Speed: 21 Intelligence: 28

Endurance: 20 Wisdom: 30

HP: 2289 / 2289 Mana: 3045 / 3045 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Expert Arcana [75/75]

Expert Elemental [75/75]

Expert Biomancy [75/75]

Advanced Subterfuge [50/50]

Basic Speech [25/25]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share


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