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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 46: Tantalizing Teaching Bahasa Indonesia

Cornelia’s helpless moan, begging me to fuck her, put a prideful smirk on my face. I couldn’t help but feel proud, considering less than a week ago, I was skittering like a rat around her, fearing her attention. Now, she was lying in front of me, wet and naked, begging for my cock even after I assured that she would still receive the help she needed even if she chose otherwise.

I could have just slid inside her, of course, invited by the way her hips rose deliciously, giving me access to her entrance, but that would have been a relief she didn’t deserve yet, especially with Helga in the mix. I needed to stretch a bit more, so once the situation was revealed to Helga, I could spin it off as an act of preliminary revenge I took on her behalf.

With that in mind, I waved my hand, and Cornelia’s bag of goodies flew toward me. Another flick, and ribbons flew out and wrapped around her wrists, forcing her spread-eagle. She twisted her neck in an effort to glare at me, but the blindfold that wrapped over her eyes prevented her from doing so. “What are you-” she started, only to receive a spank to her ass.

“Don’t speak without prompting,” I ordered to her, my tone sharp and unyielding. The moan that escaped her lips, as a result, was positively delicious. She was getting wetter after she was completely immobilized, proving once and for all that she didn’t just have a dominance but also a submission fetish.

A fetish that I was going to use for my benefit in the future. However, for now, I had a much more important task than planning for the future. Her entrance was glistening beautifully, waiting for my presence.

I pushed forward mercilessly, enough to make her cry in pain despite her wetness, the unfamiliar presence stretching her untouched walls. But that cry was followed by a string of moans, showing her enjoyment of pain.

[+1500 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 2%]

I started hammering her mercilessly, the sound of colliding flesh filling the room. She tried to clench her legs, but the ribbons around her limbs prevented her from moving, keeping her in place. She gasped and moaned, intensifying whenever I slapped her ass to further enhance her desires.

“Do you like it?” I asked even as I slapped her ass once more, turning it into a glowing mess, but she just moaned further.

“Yes, sir!” she shouted in response. “You’re filling me completely. I never felt anything like this before.”

“That’s what you get for denying your true nature, firecracker,” I said even as I changed my pace, impaling her even harder, but instead of spanking her, caressing her ass. “You tried to overreach by trying to dominate others, trying to rail against your fate of being stuck at your level, not knowing that you needed to accept your true nature before you can break the barriers.”

“I understand-” she started only to be silenced as a sudden wave of pleasure hit her, silencing her much better than any other method.

[+1000 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 7%]

I didn’t stop, of course. Tonight wasn’t about teaching her the tender meaning of pleasure. No, tonight, she was going to be used until she turned into a helpless blob, unable to move in her own power. However, as much as I wanted to put my full attention on ramming her repeatedly, I had more important things to focus on, namely, measuring the effect of the Companion process on my Tantric capabilities.

With that in mind, I put my finger on her mouth, and she sucked greedily, too far gone to even notice the generous dash of mana I had slipped inside her.

[-100 Mana]

This time, the connection was much stronger, giving me a perfect view of her soul space, confirming my guess that it was the companion system that was allowing the smooth interaction. Pity, as otherwise, it would have been a really broken ability. With a sigh, I focused on examining her power, examining her soul space.

The first thing I noticed was the sensation of the area itself. Both Helga’s and Titania’s power felt, for the lack of a better term, more flexible, while Cornelia’s was stretched out to the capacity, preventing it from growing further. Though it had a scary implication. Titania was yet to hit her level cap. Just how strong was her potential!

“Fuck me harder, sir,” Cornelia cried, pulling me back to the present.

“What did I tell you about speaking without being asked first, slut?” I said, my tone harsher. I was about to slap her ass as a warning once more, when my eyes caught something more interesting. A small biomancy spell later, I forced my finger into her asshole without warning, making her cry in pain. “That’s what you deserve, slut,” I called even as I added a second finger, intensifying her moans.

“Yes, sir. I’m a worthless slut, and that’s what I deserve,” she moaned.

[+1000 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 13%]

She once again spoke without permission, but seeing the great jump in the companion acquisition process, I decided to let it slide, once again focusing on her powers. It wasn’t a surprise to see her mental stats much higher than the physical ones, though her physical ones were still decent, probably averaging around five. Not bad for a dedicated mage. In her mental stats, however, her charisma and manipulation were really high, understandable considering her explosive power and ability to shape her flames.

The surprising part is her skills. I was only able to detect three skills, Arcana which was either advanced or expert level, something related to mana I failed to pin down, and flame magic. Flame magic, however, dominated all others, probably reaching the Grandmaster level.

Suddenly, I understood the reason for Cornelia’s reputation. She probably received Grandmaster Flame skill quite early in her career, allowing her to build a reputation early on. However, I doubted that she expected herself to stop at level fifteen, because Grandmaster skills had one big drawback. They consumed five skill slots to fully mature, meaning, after taking it, the next four levels offered no new skills, each raising skill cap by ten until it reached a hundred and fifty maximum in its maturity.

In my personal opinion, it was a bit of waste. Yes, it allowed casting extraordinary spells, but with the cost of extreme specialization.

I didn’t spend much time over Cornelia’s misguided skill selection, but continued to examine the edges of her soul space, trying to get a better feel of the reason for her unable to gain more experience, but ultimately, I failed to understand it, though from Cornelia’s intensifying moans, it easy to see her enjoyment.

[+1000 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 19%]

In the end, I decided to stop my examination for the moment, waiting for the completion of the first tier of the Companion process. Whether she would get an achievement, and the changes in the process, would give me important information. Not that I needed the excuse to continue fucking her body, mind, and soul.

When she tightened around me yet another time, I decided to mix things up a bit. I pulled out of her, and she opened her mouth to say something, only to replace it with a gasp when she felt the familiar presence of my shaft pressing against her puckered hole.

I impaled her without a warning, making her cry in pain, taking her anal virginity in the process as well. She belonged to me, after all. My little noble fucktoy.

“Tell me what you feel, slut,” I said, once again using a spank as punctuation.

“I feel dirty, sir,” she moaned in reply. “I feel used, I feel worthless, and I feel like I’m just a little toy. I have never felt this good in my life!”

“Good,” I said in amusement as I pushed even deeper into her bowels, enjoying her untouched tightness. “And tell me what are you going to do to make it continue?”

“Whatever you want, sir,” she moaned. I decided to reward her with a unique gift. A flicker of mana was enough to make the ribbons disappear, and she collapsed on the bed. I wrapped my arms to her waist and pulled her on my lap, her back pressing against my chest, her eyes still blindfolded.

I lifted her and took a few steps, until we were standing in front of her huge mirror. Her legs were parted open, creating a perfect view of my shaft repeatedly disappearing in her asshole.

“Do you want to see your own slutty face?” I whispered into her ear. She didn’t say anything, but I decided to take her sudden tightening around my shaft as a positive response, and pulled down her blindfold.

“Oh my god!” she cried in shock as she saw her own slack-jawed face, broken with pleasure, which proved to be the last thing she needed to trigger yet another orgasm. With her almost-virgin asshole clenching around my shaft, I exploded as well, filling her bowels with my seed, not to mention a lot of mana, enough to make her pass out with pleasure.

[-500 Mana]

[+1000 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 25%]

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 25% – First Stage Completed +5000 Exp]

Level UP!

[Select one of the following skills: Master Elemental, Expert Subterfuge, Expert Tantric]

Once again I selected Tantric before I quickly followed the stream of mana I deployed, analyzing her soul space. Thanks to my increased closeness, the view was even clearer, but it wasn’t the only change. I could see a familiar sliver of energy floating in her soul space, trying to merge with her stats, but no matter how many times it smashed against, it failed to merge.

It was the achievement she just received, or more accurately, supposed to receive, I decided, and decided to help. Luckily, I had deployed enough mana to overwhelm her capacity, so I wrapped it around her stats, softening the surrounding space —for lack of a better term— to allow the new achievement to merge.

[+3 Tantric]

However, as the minutes ticked, I realized that I might have bitten a bit more than I could chew. No matter how much I played with her stats, I failed to merge the achievement with her.

I had no intention of surrendering. I caught her lips in a searing kiss, dumping as much mana as I could manage, feeling glad about my mana regeneration perk. It would have been a waste if I hadn’t had my full mana here.

[-750 Mana]

[+6 Tantric]

With the addition of my new mana, I started my battle anew. I pressed and squeezed mentally and physically, forcing the borders of her soul space to soften. And suddenly, it started drinking my mana. I let it do that, because I realized that the more mana it drank, the softer it became. When it drank over a thousand points of mana, it finally softened enough for the achievement to slid inside its place.

[+8 Tantric]

[Achievement: Enforced Error. Create a forced glitch in the system while using only your own abilities, achieving a first since the Calamity. +2 to All Stats +10000 Experience]

I stumbled back to the bed, with Cornelia still on my lap, murmuring softly. I wanted to laugh and relax, as I had achieved the impossible. Even better, I achieved the impossible while filling the backdoor of one of the most eligible young nobles in the school, and once again received a spectacular reward in return.

However, once again, the description of the achievement threw me off. The reference for something called the Calamity was intriguing enough, but my attention was grabbed by the part that mentioned that forcing a glitch by my own power, achieving a first.

It implied that there were others capable of forcing a glitch, even if they were forced to use some external support.

That wasn’t good, I thought even as I pulled Cornelia tighter against my body, cuddling her even as my thoughts run wild with the possibilities. I hated the feeling. I finally hit Level 20, an achievement that was supposed to ensure a safe and comfortable life for me, but instead, I was desperately trying to deduce whether I had an enemy behind the scenes, pointing a dagger behind.

I would have liked to believe that it had nothing to do with me, but a sinking feeling in my heart was telling me that it wasn’t the truth.

“Perfect, just what I needed. More challenge,” I murmured even as I lazily squeezed Cornelia’s breasts, treating them like toys, exquisite ones, but toys nonetheless. It might have sounded ridiculous to someone else, but I had the full intention to take my sixth sense seriously.

I was tempted to lean down and fuck Cornelia mercilessly after waking her up with a slap, but a soft touch with my Tantric ability showed that her soul space was, in a sense, strained. I decided to refrain from fucking her before she got used to the new presence. I continued to lay next to her, my mind on the possible implications of the latest reveal while I also lazily observed the changes in her soul space, which gave me several interesting insights about it. The next time, it was going to be even smoother.

Cornelia’s eyes flickered open an hour later, an astonished expression on her face. “Im-impossible,” she stammered as she looked across the room unfocused, like she was reading a sentence that didn’t exist. “I received an achievement!”

“Keep it down,” I ordered her, but unlike the other times, my tone was soft. I understood her elation more than anyone else, and I didn’t begrudge for enjoying it. I just didn’t want her to shout it. Intellectually, I acknowledged that there wasn’t a risk, but I was still feeling skittish. “This is the evidence that I can help you increase your power,” I said, and she nodded enthusiastically. “You’re smart enough to realize that you shouldn’t reveal it under any circumstances.” This earned another enthusiastic nod, and she leaned forward to kiss me.

I allowed her lips to connect, enjoying being the receiving end of her tender touch. I was still going to dominate her mercilessly the next time, but for now, I was happy to share that flicker of intimacy. But when she tried to climb on my lap, I stopped her. She looked at me, her expression between shocked and wounded.

“What I had to use to give you that achievement has some impact you can’t feel, but you need to rest to avoid side effects,” I said. I had no doubt how the increase of the companion core would affect the process, and I had no intention of actually testing it. “I want you to take a sick leave tomorrow and stay on the bed, doing absolutely nothing. I’m going to visit you in the evening after that, maybe even with a guest. Be prepared to serve two.”

“Understood, sir,” she moaned as she shivered, making me wonder whether it was my kindness or the following orders that triggered her enjoyment.

“Now, sleep,” I said, even as I put my hand on her body, using Biomancy to cure some of the worst damages, but leaving enough to be visible.

Then, I leaned forward just like I was about to give her a midnight kiss, but instead, I bit her shoulder hard, enough to leave a mark, which I made permanent with a unique application of Biomancy. “Just to remind you who owns you.” I whispered throatily, and from the way she pressed her legs together, it seemed that she enjoyed the idea immensely.

I quickly dressed, and when I left, exhaustion once again had conquered her, leaving her unconscious. I left the room, my mind on my next steps.

[Level: 20 Experience: 203100 / 210000

Strength: 24 Charisma: 34

Precision: 17 Perception: 21

Agility: 21 Manipulation: 26

Speed: 19 Intelligence: 26

Endurance: 18 Wisdom: 28

HP: 1980 / 1980 Mana: 920 / 2700 ]


[Master Melee [100/100]

Expert Arcana [75/75]

Expert Elemental [75/75]

Expert Biomancy [75/75]

Expert Tantric [67/75]

Advanced Subterfuge [50/50]

Basic Speech [25/25]


Mana Regeneration


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