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For the next ten minutes, I continued massaging her neck steadily.

Soon, her squirming stopped being only about her excitement about the potential implications of the process, saving her from the plight she had been struggling for a long, long time, and started being about the subtle yet effective betrayal of her own body.

I was not half-bad at giving massages, and the fact that she asked me to massage her neck made things even easier. There was no mystery about her decision. I needed touch to a naked part of her body to make the massage effective due to the special blocking nature of her robe, and the neck seemed innocent enough.

The key aspect, ‘seeming’ innocent.

Unfortunately for her, that choice betrayed her inexperience more than anything else, as the neck could be a surprisingly interesting location to focus on during foreplay.

Kissing and licking would have been much more effective, especially when interrupted by a few nibbles that left a lingering mark on her flawless skin, but my expert touch was still enough to awaken some of the instincts buried deep in her body.

Very slowly, of course, as the centuries that passed without a touch while combined with the emotional oppression of the Light node left those instincts buried deep, requiring a careful excavation.

Though, the emotional oppression of the light was certainly not as intense as Titania had been suffering due to her node. I didn’t know whether it was partly due to the headmistress’ natural light nature balancing the effect of the Light Spark, the constant exposure to the Darkness spark limiting its emotional suppression effect.

Or simply the fact that the construction method of the Light node was crude enough to trigger such an effect.

I could imagine a few experiments to test that aspect, but ultimately, I decided against it, instead focusing on the slow transformation of her Divine Spark, trying to understand the nature of the mysterious merger while I slowly awakened her latent desires.

She just accepted my massage, unaware of the danger it represented.

Another ten minutes passed before I pulled my next trick. I used my biomancy subtly to pull another trick, allowing it to build up a slow resistance at the area that I was touching, one that would dissipate in a few hours, so, all she needed was to ask for a break before letting me continue.

Or, ask me to touch somewhere else.

“We should pause,” I said, wanting to bring her attention to that fact. “The constant exposure of mana would awaken a natural resistance and reduce the effectiveness of the massage,” I said.

“Right now?” she said.

“I can always continue tomorrow,” I said, exaggerating the duration of the effect a bit, and she paused, her tenseness revealing what she had been thinking was rather important.

Of course, that resistance effect was barely more than a gimmick, one that she could display with a targeted flare, but that was under the assumption that she had noticed it. And, lost in the monumental nature of the situation, she didn’t even think about a deliberate trick, still operating under the assumption that I had no idea about the true effect of the massage.

The fight between her sense of propriety and her desire to finally get rid of her dangerous plight was obvious, especially with the nature of the simplest solution I left available to her.

“Maybe you should focus on my shoulders a bit,” she murmured.

Greed was taking hold of her beautiful heart.

“As you wish, boss,” I said, not bothering to hide the fascinated tone in my voice as she slid her robe a bit, enough to reveal her naked shoulders, beautiful enough to represent perfection.

I had seen her naked before, of course, but watching her slowly slip her robe enough to reveal her shoulders was even more beautiful.

Though, the fact that she had missed the easiest solution while she was busy dealing with the shock of the moment made the situation even more incredible. Her robe was creating an impediment, because it was designed to actually absorb her natural aura, therefore impeding my massage as well.

All she needed was to change into an ordinary robe, and it would allow the effect to occur without a problem. Yet, while I never doubted her intelligence — as the solution she developed to suppress her Light Spark with Darkness Spark was simply genius — but nothing that I saw about her showed quickness to solve ordinary problems.

How amusing.

I let my hands land on her naked shoulders, repeating the same effect, using the benefits of increased access for my benefit. “Actually, there’s a way to enhance the effects even more,” I said, and before she could even answer, I used Biomancy to conjure some massage oil, one that worked wonders to enhance the intensity of my touch.

She bit her lips as she turned toward me, her face contorted in shock, but that was the limit of her reaction, because the oil also increased the effect of the light trick I was using.

Well, at least, that was what I was making it look like. I just increased the Tantric effect of the light a bit more, making it look like the conjured oil was helping to further focus the effect.

It only worked to increase the arousal she was feeling from my touch. My fingers danced between her neck and shoulders, occasionally even sliding forward enough to caress her collarbones.

The peak of my victory was a singular purr, barely audible, when I first touched her collarbone, the surprising rush of pleasure enough to break her determination to hide the effects.

Yet, that didn’t make her stop the process, not even ask me to slow down, even as the same resistance started to appear on her shoulders, significantly restricting the impact.

I could slowly feel her growing confusion, battling with the unfamiliar presence of pleasure, combined with her desire to ask me to undress her even further.

As always, I decided to be my usual helpful self and took the initiative to help her resolve her emotional conflict.

I gently grabbed her right arm, and started massaging her by slowly rubbing her hand, my fingers dancing on her naked skin as I slowly climbed up, revealing her delicate forearm, the dance of my fingers giving her a reprieve from the earlier rush.

For a given value, of course, as while her arm was certainly not as sensitive as her neck and shoulders, it was not without its own benefits as well. As my oil-covered fingers danced back and forth on her skin in a rhythmic pattern, her helpless squirms didn’t take long to return.

A sensation that increased even more as I rolled her sleeves and started caressing her upper arm, enjoying the beautiful contrast of her flawless skin and the hard muscles underneath.

Suggesting her preference for armor was not just a stylistic choice. Maybe one day I could ask her for a melee duel for some entertainment.

Ideally, one that would be followed by something even more entertaining.

Soon, I finished working on her arms, and returned to her shoulder, but not before fixing her arms. That helped her to calm down, which was a mistake, because the only reason I pushed her sleeves down was that, with them bunched, it would be much harder to push her robe down.

Then, I returned to her shoulder, once again intensifying the pleasure she was feeling. She stayed silent. Her only reaction was a twitch of her beautiful while wings while I resumed caressing the earlier areas.

But this time, that was not my limited starting point. My fingers started slipping lower and lower on her back. First, I danced on the edge created by her rolled robe, but that was just a start. With each repeat, I pushed her robe lower, until it was restricted by the little openings that she used to let her wings stay out.

Her deliberate silence as I pushed her robe was beautiful, but that was destroyed the moment I touched her wings.

“No!” she gasped in shock as she moved forward reflexively, though I didn’t miss the infection of her tone. It was a tone of desire, one that only happened when touching a particularly sensitive spot.

The sensitivity of her wings was shockingly interesting.

Yet, considering the nature of her tone was not the only thing I had done as she reflexively moved forward. If there was one advantage how high stats, was the enhanced reflexes it provided.

Those reflexes allowed me to grab her robe as she moved forward, and I pulled back. If that happened between two ordinary people, the worst that would happen was to turn a painful tug.

But between someone with my stats, and a supernatural being that was further enhanced by her incredible power, she magically enhanced robe didn’t have the slightest change, and ripped with a spectacular sound, not only leaving her back naked, but also forcing her to grab the front to prevent a spectacular cleavage from appearing.

“You need to be more careful,” I said in admonishment even as I pressed my hands on her back once again, this time pushing her forward, my fingers dancing along her spine as she found herself lying against her desk.

“But, since the accident already happened,” I added, not bothering to hide the huskiness of my tone.


[Level: 36 Experience: 631374 / 666000

Strength: 46 Charisma: 63

Precision: 40 Perception: 42

Agility: 40 Manipulation: 45

Speed: 39 Intelligence: 49

Endurance: 39 Wisdom: 51

HP: 7334 / 7334 Mana: 9000 / 9000 ]


Grandmaster Tantric [114/140]

Master Melee [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Arcana [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [100/100]

Master Craft [85/100]

Expert Speech [75/75]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (0/1)



[Titania – Level 35/38]

[Cornelia – Level 22/26]

[Helga – Level 22/26]

[Marianne – Level 21/29]


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