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I let the magical chains over her hands dissipate even as I took the last step toward her bed, laying her on the bed. My initial intention was to take the final step, teaching my mistress the true meaning of pleasure.

But, as she lay on the bed, her legs parted open readily despite her angry glare, showing that she was more than ready for the next step. Ironically, it made me change my intention even as I lay next to her.

“You deserve a massage after all the exhausting effort you have displayed,” I whispered to her as I flipped her, making her lay on her face, caressing her shoulders softly.

“That’s it,” she gasped, unable to keep her protest suppressed as not only a massage was not something that could answer to her burning need, but also I didn’t use any mana to coat my fingers this time, making her disappointed.

“I’m feeling tired after the great exertion. Can’t you just drain the mana the wards providing?”

That made her pause for a moment. “It’s not the same…” she murmured.

“Really?” I murmured, though it wasn’t hard to guess why she preferred my mana to the natural mana. The same skill that allowed me to achieve things that many assumed impossible.


“Too bad I’m too exhausted,” I said. “Of course, I can push myself, but…”

“But—“ she started, only for a moan to interrupt her as I laced my fingers with some mana, teasing a sensitive spot on her lower back, one I had discovered earlier.

“I have a research project to finish. Of course, if you can help me answer my questions, I wouldn’t have to fear exhausting myself. Perfectly reasonable, right?”

At this point, she was not in a position to reject my perfectly reasonable offer. “What’s your research about?” she asked, showing that, despite her pleasure, she wasn’t fully gone.

For a moment, I was tempted to ask about the details of the deal between her and the headmistress, but I kept myself back, still afraid of revealing the lack of my knowledge at this stage. I needed her even more distracted before I touched that particular box.

“Nothing much, just a few questions on an area of magic I’m not very competent,” I said even as I thought about the best area to focus on.

Arcana was certainly out. Not because it would be useless, but I had already displayed a great competency in the area, making it hard to ask more direct questions. In a similar vein, most of the Elemental abilities were also not viable, as I had displayed a great competency in front of her. Earth to open tunnels, fire in combat, and air to travel.

“I need to increase my competency with water magic,” I said, deciding to focus on one area I was yet to display my competency in front of her, yet the magic was simple enough. Asking her help in more complicated areas, like healing, was also a possibility, but that would have too many variables for me to filter, trying to decide which part was about her personal knowledge, and what was about the underlying difference between the areas.

Water elemental offered a good balance between complexity and simplicity, all without making her suspicious. “It’s not a problem, right?” I asked, even as I improved my massage service.

[-295 Mana]

“Ooh,” she murmured even as my fingers danced along her spine, her moan more provocative than her nudity. And considering her beauty, it was an incredible achievement. “I can do that,” she managed to stammer. “I’m very competent using elemental spells.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” I answered. “Giving a massage to you is certainly a better alternative to spending my time in the library, wasting my time.”

Then, she froze for a moment. “Don’t you have skills to teach you stuff,” she asked, suspiciously.

It was a good question. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to deflect. “We have, but I didn’t receive a skill for water magic.”

“Why don’t you just kill monsters until you get one?” she countered, though it was more of a genuine question rather than a challenge, showing her understanding about the System was very limited. Certainly not deep enough to be aware of the trade-offs included.

At this point, I didn’t waste time talking about the details. “I have seen the spells you have used, and they are better than the ones the System provides,” I explained. It was not a fully accurate statement, but then, it wasn’t supposed to be. I wanted to coax her pride.

“Of course,” she murmured even as the pleasure continued to invade her whole being, showing that pride was a lever was as effective as the pleasure she was feeling.

How convenient.

“Why don’t you show me a few water spells, mistress?” I asked even as my fingers continued to caress her naked back, making her purr.

“You’re lucky that I’m magnanimous,” she murmured even as my hands slowly slid toward the side, to start teasing her beautiful curves. Her chest was pressing against the bed, but that was woefully inadequate to hide her beautiful assets. Even facing down, her breasts still managed to shout their presence from the side.

She didn’t change her pose much as she raised her finger, a small ball of rotating water appeared on the tip of her finger, and she started explaining the basics of elemental casting. “The first thing about casting water elemental spells is the concept of fluidity. There’s no explosiveness in water, but it doesn’t support rigidity either…” she started explaining.

Interesting, I thought as I listened, even as I slid my hands toward her ass, enjoying their wide expanse smoothly. The main points of her explanations overlapped with my own knowledge, which was to be expected. After all, if the nature of the elements differed that much, she wouldn’t have been able to use magic here.

[-460 Mana]

However, while construction principles of her spells were the same, the actual design of them was significantly more elegant and efficient, through significant stability concerns were apparent even at a glance, once again confirming that the System significantly affected the environment.

Unfortunately, the excuse of teaching made sure that I couldn’t ask pointed questions about it, at least, not yet, so, even as I listened to her words, I focused on caressing her beautiful ass, the pleasure working excellently to distract her from the absurdity of our situation.

As she continued to explain, my fingers continued their naughty wandering, until they started caressing the edge of her wetness. Her explanation staggered as she felt her most treasured spot being teased again. “Is there something wrong?” I asked, faking exaggerated concern. “Maybe you want me to practice the spells,” I added as I pulled my hands away from her body.

“Not necessary!” she exclaimed as she half-turned, revealing her beautiful tits, her body still trembling in anticipation, her eyes glowing with concerns. Though, when she met with my mocking smirk, her panic turned into frustration, realizing how her enthusiasm looked.

And the fact that she still cared about the impression such a reaction created after our earlier play…


“If you say so, you’re the teacher,” I said, not bothering to hide my mocking tone as she lay on her face once more. But, before she could settle, I put my hands on her hips, and flipped her, her tits jiggling beautifully.

“What?” she gasped, shocked at the sudden move.

“Let’s work on your other areas as well,” I explained as I put my hands on her stomach, slowly moving upward. “Unless you want to stop halfway, of course.”

“N-no, please continue,” she answered, her body shuddering beautifully. “It helps you to focus.”

I said nothing, not even smirking at her words. Her paper-thin excuse didn’t even need that, if her rapidly spreading blush was any indicator. Instead, I focused on her beautiful body as I caressed her stomach, slowly climbing up as she did her best to stay still and not moan — though, not always successful.

Soon, I arrived at the border of her breasts, but rather than moving forward to their glorious expanse, I stayed on the edges of it, pushing her more and more, her out-of-control breath making the journey even more spectacular, inviting me for a stay. The excessive amount of mana I was using didn’t make things any easier.

[-1100 Mana]

Yet, I bypassed them, focusing on her neck and collarbones instead, each pass making her moan louder and louder, mixed with frustration. I could see that she was getting close to another climax, only to be stopped by the slowness of my hands.

The biggest evidence was her legs, rubbing against each other.

“As a teacher, you should provide an example,” I whispered as I parted her legs and put my knee between them, preventing that shortcut. As a bonus, it allowed me to hover over her body, my shaft dangling in front of her, which didn’t help her composure any.

Yet, I continued to caress her stomach and her shoulders softly, teasing her just enough to keep her aroused, but not enough to allow her to reach climax, her expression tightening with each second.

At this point, I expected her to start begging, but she proved herself to be tougher, managing to keep her mouth shut. Clearly, despite everything, she had a limit, and that limit was actively begging for my cock.

It only made it more fun. I continued caressing her as she tried to explain water magic — ironically, helping me to understand more about the unique aspects more as she started to lose her concentration, and her lessons turned into spewing a lot of unrelated, random facts, giving me a better understanding on the differences the System created.

Yet, I found myself more enthusiastic about pushing her limits, curious when she would crack. My smile widened as she continued to moan in frustration, even her excuse of teaching forgotten as the pleasure and frustration danced. Then, her moans started to turn into growls, growls that reminded me that no matter how tiny and harmless she looked, she still had another form, ready to be unleashed.

Before I could consider whether I should stop, however, she exploded into action. She suddenly stood straight and grabbed my shoulder and threw me off her. I let her when I realized I would still end up on the bed, only for her to straddle my hips.

If this was her punishment, I was happy with my crime.

[Level: 32 Experience: 499110 / 528000

Strength: 46 Charisma: 63

Precision: 40 Perception: 42

Agility: 40 Manipulation: 45

Speed: 39 Intelligence: 49

Endurance: 39 Wisdom: 51

HP: 6528 / 6528 Mana: 4364 / 8000 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Arcana [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [100/100]

Master Craft [77/100]

Expert Speech [75/75]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (1/1)



[Cornelia – Level 22/26]

[Helga – Level 22/26]


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