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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 14: Another Bathroom Adventure Bahasa Indonesia

I couldn’t help but feel infected by Marianne’s excitement on the way to her bathroom. She didn’t say anything, but also, she didn’t need to. The spring on her steps, the way her walk quickened, and occasional fleeting glances she sent back like she was trying to make sure that I was following her were enough. The way her body swayed with sexy energy despite her hurry, driven unconsciously by her arousal, was just another piece of evidence I welcomed, and an erotic marvel to watch. Something the system agreed wholeheartedly.

[+200 Experience]

As she stood next to her bed, she waved her hand, and extinguished all the lights in the room, except a small ball of flickering light, filling the room with shadows and mysteries. The view was no less heavenly as she stretched her body on her bed, her damp skin shimmering under the flickering lights, once again straining the cover of the towel. But thanks to the lesson with Helga and my week-long training, my illusion abilities were at another level.

I loosened the second towel that kept my boner in check, putting an illusion to hide the resulting tent. Marianne was too distracted to notice the usage of magic around her, so she busied herself in sinking her face on the pillow, leaving her naked body under my hands.

But she chose to speak before I could climb onto her bed. “There are some massage oils on the small table next to the mirror,” she informed. I didn’t say anything, not that she expected me to. After all, one of the traits of a good servant was to understand the desires of their mistress without excessive questions.

And I know exactly what she desired, but it was unfortunate that it wasn’t yet the time to give her that. After picking up the oil bottles, I sent them a small wave of magic, using my biomancy to get a better understanding of their qualities. It was one of the disregarded benefits of biomancy, to analyze and manipulate the material produced by plants and animals, even long after their extraction. Most nobles found such things inferior. Why shouldn’t they, when they could just hire a commoner alchemist to do the same things for a few pieces of silver instead.

Of course, by doing so, they surrendered the ability to manipulate these materials at will, an ability I had every intention of abusing. It took just a few seconds for me to analyze them and learn of their effects, and another few seconds to increase some aspects of it, such as the subtle sensation of heat they produced, or the additional sensitivity they created on any skin they were applied.

Marianne had no idea what she was about to experience.

I climbed on her bed, the small bottles next to me, carefully placed on the bed with their tops firmly shut. One of them, I picked, dousing my hands with a generous dab. Then, I put my hands on the softness of her back, moving along her spine in a tortuously slow pace. For the first ten minutes, she was subjected to relatively conservative treatment, enough to make her moan occasionally as she once again started journeying the road towards the climax, but I hadn’t done during the previous massage. And considering she just had one in the bath, I didn’t need my enhanced perception to know that she was slightly disappointed.

And disappointing such a beautiful lay wasn’t the gentlemanly thing to do, I decided to pick up the pace. The movement of my hands quickened, subjecting her to alternating pressure, and before my hands even started to explore the sides of her breasts, her moans rose both in volume and in frequency.

But I had too much to do to enjoy that small achievement. I changed position, so that I was sitting on her calves rather than her thighs, which gave me the access I needed. But I didn’t dive into my target instantly, instead, I focused on her thighs, which devoured my fingers in their thick sexiness. I treated the vast expanse with large circles, slowly moving onto her inner thighs, each repeat driving me closer to her nether lips, which was shining bright with her arousal.

But this time, I had no intention of giving her an easy escape. My fingers danced on her entrance, only occasionally straying into the areas that gave her a jolt of pleasure, but as usual, never enough to push her through the barrier. Watching her squirm in a helpless pleasure was too amusing to miss. My fingers occasionally strayed into the confines of her slit, which earned a rather loud moan from her as well.

[+800 Experience]

From a technical perspective, the best thing to do was to keep the position for a length of time until she started to lose her coherence, but it came with one huge drawback. It required me to resist the temptation of her arousal-stained nether lips, begging me to test her obviousness in an escalating manner, which might or might not include a certain throbbing part of my body.

“If you may turn around, mistress,” I said with the usual inflectionless voice of my fake personality. She followed it in an instant, giving me a view of her face, wrapped with her soft blonde hair, her lips formed a pout to allow her to breathe easier, which had quickened to remove the heat she was under. Unfortunately, there was only one way to remove that heat, and she wasn’t going to receive it for a while.

I folded a towel for her face, covering her eyes, which she actually unfolded further, covering most of her face with it, clearly hoping to use it to hide the effects of arousal from her body. Which was pretty ineffective, as her body was an open book to read. Still, it helped me to act in more freedom. But it wasn’t the only thing I had in mind to provide myself with that freedom of movement. While I covered her breasts with oil, I also constructed a small ward that I invented myself over her face.

It was a simple thing, a very weak ward, once triggered, that would block the light for just a second. I invented it, not because it was a hard design that required my particular genius to create, but because it was almost completely useless. But, under the unique conditions I was in, it would block her sight for a second in the case that she removed her towel, allowing me to put things into order, avoiding a crisis.

With that done, I started subjecting her chest the same treatment her back received, but in a more torturous manner. First, I started on her sides, then slowly focused on her stomach, once again with large circles that allowed me to caress the edge of her breasts. When it was time to move onto her breasts, she was already squirming helplessly under the effects of an orgasm that was denied for long.

The strength of her wiggling only intensified as I focused on her oil-covered breasts, their already-high sensitivity enhanced even further. I stayed extra-careful, as I learned my lesson about her increased sensitivity on there. I acted slowly, every little caress causing her to squirm more. With each second, I started to take more liberty in playing with her breasts. Pushing them together, sinking my fingers deep into them, even twisting her nipples on occasion.

[+1000 Experience]

But I didn’t stay there. Wanting to leverage her utter distraction further, I leaned forward to fulfill a desire that was filling my heart since the first night I had been bathed with that beautiful image. I leaned forward, and captured her nipple between my teeth. Softly at first, but seeing that she didn’t react negatively, I decided to push even further. My tongue joined the fray, wrapping around her nipple, my lips working overtime, and if her moans were any indicator, I wasn’t the only one that was enjoying the change in the circumstances.

I decided to reward her enthusiastic acceptance, and placed my knee between her thighs, close enough to rub her nether lips. The blunt treatment was exactly what was needed to push her even closer to the climax without actually letting her arrive there. Once again, the jump in her moans signaled that it was working excellently.

There was a limit I could resist the allure of her breasts. While covering them with bite marks would have been satisfying, but one of the things that would push her out of her haze, so the option was out. But she was still half-gone under the effect of her denied orgasm, I decided that it was the time to be adventurous once more. Since I had long removed the second towel to constrain my erection, I only needed to pull my towel to the side for the grand reveal. A small treatment which ensured that my shaft was covered with the same slippery, arousal enhancing liquid, I slid it between her breasts, then squeezed them to enhance the situation even further.

Honestly, I was expecting just a moment’s pleasure from that risky move. In my mind, the unfamiliar effect of the move would jolt Marianne from the pleasure-filled haze she was deliciously suffering under, which would force me to use the second of darkness provided by the ward for frantic hiding.

Surprisingly, it didn’t work like that. Instead of pulling the towel on her face in confusion, trying to see the source of the unfamiliar sensation, she continued to lay motionless, the slight increase in the volume of her cries the only difference. Encouraged by the opportunity, I started sliding in the prison created by these heavenly mounds of flesh, each push bringing me closer to a climax of my own.

Under those circumstances, managing the level of her pleasure, under those circumstances, were extremely difficult. Too much pleasure, and she might climax, ruining all the effort I put in to push her towards a climax. Any less, and her haze would disperse enough for her to wonder about the nature of the weird cylindrical object trying to wear down a path in the pristine valley between her breasts.

Previously pristine valley, if I were to be accurate, as the sensation from the situation, assisted by the effect of the massage oil that was having on me, was enough to push me towards a climax of my own. I pulled at the last second, spraying her breasts with my seed, but once again, it went unnoticed, probably dismissed as another dab of massage oil. Well, who was I to disappoint? I started spreading that on her breasts while continuing my not-so-kind massage.

[+1500 Experience]

[Achievement: Precariously Painted Peaks. Manage to cover a world-class set of mounds with special paint, without getting noticed. +500 Experience, +2 Agility]

Level UP!

[Select one of the following skills: Basic Stealth, Advanced Biomancy, Basic Ranged]

This time, I wasn’t as distracted as my last level-up, so I had enough time to consider the choice. And while both stealth and ranged combat sounded like decent options, the applications of biomancy, even at the basic level, was too interesting to not to further that area further.

With that done, I once again focused on the busty beauty that was lying in front of me, waiting for an orgasm that was still far away. “It’s time to turn your back, mistress,” I said, as I had spent quite a bit of time with her beautiful breasts. Once again, it was time to focus on other areas. Even as I said that I dispelled the darkness ward, which surprisingly went unused. I couldn’t help but think about all the other implications it had.

It was amusing to see an expression of begging in her eyes as she pulled the towel away, but even more amusing was the conflict she felt, keeping her mouth closed, feeling unable to ask me to work a bit quicker. With a grumbling expression, she once again lay on her back, her bottom slightly up, indicating that she was ready for much more.

Unfortunately, I had to disappoint her. Instead of pushing her hard, I put my hands on the small of her back, caressing her body softly. Her moans didn’t take to rose, tainted by a pang of hunger I intended to let continue. I didn’t stay in the more secure areas forever, of course. Soon, my fingers were dancing between her lower cheeks, even caressing her puckered hole a bit. That temptation, I managed to resist; for tonight at least.

It didn’t take my fingers to drift down to her entrance, probing it softly for a moment before moving upwards to her clitoris, creating a few soft circles which tempted her with the promise of the finish line, a promise that turned out to be empty when I chose to slow down just as she was speeding up.

“Are you enjoying the massage, mistress,” I murmured. “It’s not to harsh for you, right?”

“No,” she murmured in a muffled voice. “Actually, I wouldn’t mind if you were a bit harsher,” she said.

“As you wish, mistress,” I said, and even as I said that, I pushed two of my fingers into her slit, while used my other hand to subject her bottom to a harsh, but pleasurable treatment. Her moans picked up speed, but I stayed limited. She started gasping soon after, stiffening under the anticipation for a final, but once again, it was false hope, as I chose that exact moment to slow down the treatment she was receiving.

“Faster,” she murmured a few more minutes later, but there was a desperation in her tone that I decided to take it as a warning. I risked her wrath if I decided to extend that edge play for more. This time, I didn’t bother to answer with words, just changed the pacing of my fingers from a gentle rub to a frantic push, her warm juices squeaking nicely. Under the sudden change of pacing, her climax took seconds to achieve.

[+1000 Experience]

However, that was just the beginning of what I termed as the second phase. My fingers stayed inside her, slamming in mercilessly despite her rising frustration. But meanwhile, my other hand started traveling up once more, until it slid under her body and grabbed her breasts.

The resulting moan would be enough to bring a dead man back to life. Considering that, it shouldn’t be a surprise that my shaft jumped back to full hardness the instant my ears communicated that sound to my brain. I squeezed her breasts harder, enough to leave my mark, knowing that she could easily heal herself after the treatment. Soon, she was at the edge of arousal once more.

I decided that it was the perfect time to experiment on my biomancy skill. Not only she was far too gone to notice the effects, but also I needed to improve it more. And what riskier situation than using that skill on a master of healing herself. I molded the mana carefully, in complete contrast to the frantic dance of my fingers, creating a temporary, but a complicated spell. I waited to a moment her moans were particularly loud, then let the magic spread onto her body.

[+3 Biomancy]

And from there on, there was only one way of testing whether the spell worked. I discarded the last bit of constraint that was keeping my fingers in control, subjecting her body the most intensive assault my enhanced body could sustain, my perception giving a real-time breakdown of her responses, while my precision and manipulation providing me with the best way to leverage these openings.

[+800 Experience]

Her moans rose to a point I hadn’t heard before, filled with pleasure and desperation, getting louder with each passing second. But, she didn’t climax, prevented by the nifty spell I managed to sneak in.

For a moment, I lamented the fact that I didn’t have the chance to pull back and watch her from afar, as she needed my constant attention to keep her in that hyper-sensitive state. Still, I couldn’t say that it was a big sacrifice, not when my fingers danced in her ever-flowing arousal, while the others sinking deep into her breasts freely without a word of protest.

She might be a bit slow to understand she was being played, but she was smart enough to realize there was something wrong with her state. “What’s going on,” she managed to slur in her dazed state. “I feel like I’m about to explode.” Luckily, it seemed that she was too distracted to muster the concentration for a magical assessment, which would put me a rather dangerous situation.

“It’s the effect of the second phase, milady,” I explained, while my hands still continued their tasks without skipping a beat. “It takes a while to end, but the effects are worth it.” Then, in a sudden hit of insight, I decided to change the play a bit. “But if you want, I can move onto the third phase. It’s a bit harsher in the application, but should work in a few minutes.”

“Do it,” she exclaimed, not for the first time, committing to a mistake under the effects of her arousal. Unfortunately for her, I had no intention to let it slip in a moment of mercy. With two fingers still inside her entrance, blasting mercilessly, my thumb found her puckered hole, and still slippery with massage oil, it didn’t take too much effort to slip inside.

“What are you-” she started, which soon turned into a helpless cry as I pushed more of my thumb into her hole, exploring another part of my discovery.

“The third phase, mistress,” I said even as I sped up the treatment even more. But I needed to push even more if I were to prevent her from raising an argument against it. For that, I made a quick change in plans, and pulled my hand from her breasts, and leaned down until my head was between her legs, my tongue out.

“You-” she started, but whatever she was about to say, died before she could utter a second word when my tongue found her slit, covered with her juices, and started beating it mercilessly. In her aroused state, her reactions were an open book, allowing me to optimize my approach pretty quickly. “Please-” she attempted once more, which collapsed soon after.

“The third phase is working amazing, mistress,” I said, pulling back for a moment before returning my attempts to get a full comprehension of her taste. “And if I may say, your taste is delicious.” That was a rather extreme thing to say, but I was also aware that I had pushed my disguise more than it could bear. It was time for my maid to disappear.

The third time she tried to open her mouth, I was even quicker to prevent. A second finger slipped into her asshole, which turned her attempt to a pained cry, as it was a rather untimely attempt from my part. But the pain was quickly drowned by pleasure if her reaction was any indicator.

I lost the track of time as I let myself under the control of my instincts, drilling her both holes at the same time, one with my tongue, one with my fingers, which soon turned into four, introducing her into anal play with a rather harsh lesson. I was distracted when a sudden explosion of a delicious aroma filled my tongue while she started to shudder so hard that, I would have thought that she was having a stroke if it wasn’t for my medical knowledge.

[Achievement: Magnificent Massage. Bring a sexy lady to the land of unconsciousness with the skills of your fingers. +500 Experience, +2 Endurance]

[+2500 Experience]

The climax caught me with surprise, as I was expecting the spell to hold. I pulled back, and examined her body, covered with sweat, rocking, but it was nothing compared to her face, her haughty expression replaced by a pleasure-filled one that would compete against the best courtesans.

Still, there was the mystery of how she managed to climax. At first, I thought that the spell broke because I somehow constructed it wrong, but an examination showed that her pleasure reached to such a point that the spell failed to keep all of it back. And, since it was the last encounter maid Selena was going to have with her, what was the harm of having one last joke. I destroyed the spell, which flooded her system with a fresh dose of pleasure, enough to trigger another orgasm before even the first one subsided.

As she started rocking, edging unconsciousness, I leaned forward and whispered into her ear even as I grabbed her hair rather harshly. “I hope you enjoyed the third phase, mistress.” She tried to answer, but it was at that moment the unconsciousness overcame her, and she collapsed.

As I threw one last glance to her blemished body, I couldn’t help but pity losing my access. Unfortunately, I pushed my luck as much as I could. I quickly dressed and left, leaving her naked body sprawled on her bed, used and exhausted.

[+1000 Experience]

I needed to find her maid, and explain about my ‘sudden transfer’, while also conveying her mistress’ strict orders about being left alone tomorrow in her room, with no one to enter.

I wanted Marianne to wake up used and exhausted, enough time to process what had happened. And I couldn’t wait to see what she would do without a target to exact revenge…

[Level: 9 Experience: 42400 / 45000

Strength: 6 Charisma: 14

Precision: 10 Perception: 10

Agility: 12 Manipulation: 12

Speed: 7 Intelligence: 12

Endurance: 10 Wisdom: 17

HP: 405 / 405 Mana: 570 / 585 ]


[Advanced Subterfuge (50/50)

Advanced Arcana [50/50]

Advanced Biomancy [28/50]

Basic Speech 25/25

Basic Melee 8/25 ]


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