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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 10: Paramount Customer Service Bahasa Indonesia

Walking behind Marianne was a pleasure, especially when she was dressed only in a short towel, a tempting sway on her hips, enhanced further by her unmet desire. Of course, it wasn’t comparable to the view that followed once she stood next to her bed, and let the towel fell on the floor. The amazing view of her behind filled my vision, supported by a glimpse of her glistening nether lips as she crawled on the bed, lying prone.

[+100 Experience]

Her lack of concern for a maid’s presence was definitely useful, enough to make her take a revealing and vulnerable position without the slightest concern. As much as I would have liked to keep her beautiful breasts in my field of vision constantly, I wasn’t ready to be on her sight without the comfortable steam cover.

My eyes devoured the contours of her body as I closed the distance, enthusiastically noting the details of her body now that she was bereft of the protection provided by the cloud of steam. When I stood above her, just inches away, I was tempted to examine her curves for hours, but her tenseness was obvious even for the naked eye. It wasn’t the best time to take a risk, I decided and started working.

And it wasn’t like my work was a chore, I noted as my hands landed on her back, going back and forth along her spine, repeating the earlier trick from the bath, this time without a restriction. Her reaction was instant, in the form of a small moan, one that she suffocated halfway, but enough to confirm her intention.

[+200 Experience]

I watched as her eyes flickered open. Her neck turned, allowing her gaze to meet my face, but it didn’t take long for them to close once more as I continued my obvious act, trusting my disguise to hold despite the unfavorable visibility, betting on the fact that her distraction shone brighter than the lights of the room.

[+1 Subterfuge]

I continued my task of slowly caressing her back, but I couldn’t help but feel self-conscious about the possibility of an accidental discovery, which was a real possibility under the bright lights of the room. I had managed to slip successfully once, but it wasn’t a reason to retake that risk, especially when I was going to push the situation much further. “Milady, would you like me to dim the lights a bit, a darker room would be more relaxing,” I suggested, making sure that my voice trembled with a sufficient dose of fear, as it was appropriate for a commoner maid to feel insecure when daring to notify their betters about their opinion without prompting, no matter how simple or sensible.

[+1 Speech]

I relaxed even more when she waved her hand without even opening her eyes, and the lights in the room dimmed considerably. Only a candle left in the room, flickering just a few feet away, filling the room with moving shadows to give a mystic feeling, allowing me to cut loose.

Though, it was also annoying a bit, because her careless display of magic in an area that wasn’t her primary focus drove my deficiencies to the surface. I knew that I shouldn’t feel impatient. It had been just a few days since I had unlocked the secrets of my power, and feeling disappointed just because I was yet to overcome the people with years of opportunity to improve theirs was misguided at best. I needed at least another week to do that!

And it wasn’t like I was restricted to direct confrontation to hit back, evidenced by the fact that I was in her most private room, caressing her naked body. Of course, it would have been if I didn’t have to hide behind the identity of a female maid, but one couldn’t have everything. Not yet, at least.

The darkness served more than just assisting my disguise, as her moans were considerably more frequent when my hands started dancing over her body once more. The darkness helped to enhance her sensations, yet another useful detail about her body which would allow me to play her like a string instrument.

[+200 Experience]

With the unexpected assistance of the darkness, it didn’t take long for her pleasure to rise to the earlier point, just a notch before the climax. I was watching that particular way she was biting her lips, so I chose that moment to slow my treatment once more. My hands danced up and down on her back for minutes, each second making her tenseness tighter and tighter, to a point that if I wasn’t disguised as a servant, she would be begging for my mercy.

I chose that moment to move down on her body, caressing her plump cheeks with a fleeting touch. In another circumstance, I could imagine her exploding in anger for my daring to touch such a private location, but the extensions in her long-awaited meetings were enough to sway her on that point. I kept the pacing, betting on that her shyness overcoming her impatience.

But I could see that it was a losing battle from the ways her hips rose, her legs parting slightly to give an unrestricted view of her most intimate place, which was dripping arousal. Adding to her almost constant moans, I could see that her resistance was about to collapse soon, one way or another…

[+500 Experience]

The easiest thing to do would be to increase the pressure on the small of her back slightly, triggering her arousal. It should be enough, both the pleasure I had received, and the increase in my experience. Not only I gained another level, but I had also made significant headway for the next one. It should be enough.

But it wasn’t. I opened my mouth, with the sudden realization that I would probably die because of my this newfound greed, if not today, quite soon. I also knew that I might not find another opportunity to ask that particular question if I missed this amazing opportunity, because she wouldn’t be caught in surprise by her own reaction.

“Milady,” I murmured, making my voice trembling even more than the previous time. “I would like to ask a question, but I’m afraid if it might be a bit too presumptuous.” She grunted in reply, too far gone in the pleasure to answer, and I continued. “My previous lady was from the Northern Plains, and she had educated me in the various massage techniques to help her cope with stress…”

“What kind of stress?” she said, the possibility I was implying enough to make her raise her head. I continued, acting like I hadn’t already noticed her understanding. “I didn’t mention it to other servants, afraid that they would find it shameful. They don’t exactly fit with the Empire’s traditions.”

“I see,” Marianne murmured. “Did your mistress felt stressed a lot when her husband was away,” she asked as she put her head back on the bed.

“Not particularly, no,” I answered. “On the contrary, she needed it more whenever the master was back home. For some reason, she never needed it when the master was away. She was usually busy leading the defense of the area, discussing with the commander of the guard for hours in her private chambers,” I added, acting as clueless as I could do while implying that my supposed mistress was cheating her husband while he was away. When Marianne said nothing, I was afraid that I had pushed my idiot act too far.

[+1 Speech]

The system warned me just as Marianne opened her mouth, informing me of my success. “I see, you may try,” she murmured, with a hint of excitement coloring her tone. Then, her tone shifted to threatening. “But if you tell it to a living soul about it, I’ll make sure no one finds your body.”

“Of course, mistress,” I said, displaying a good mixture of fear and obedience. Even with everything, I doubted that I could have convinced her if it wasn’t for her unmet desire.

[+1 Speech]

“Excellent, you may start. But no word to anyone else,” she said. Luckily, her face was buried in her pillow, so she missed the sudden hunger in my face.

“As you wish, mistress,” I said as I dragged my hands to her inner thighs, parting her legs wide, enough to give me the full view of her nether lips, ready for my attention. I gently rested my thumbs on the edge, where her lips began, and dragged down, making her shiver helplessly. Just a bit closer to the inside, and she would have exploded rather spectacularly, an ending I carefully avoided. Now that I had unrestricted access to her body, I wanted her tenser than a catapult about to go off before she reached the ending she deeply desired in an explosive manner. I repeated my last movement, caressing the edge of her lips, taking the exact same route the remove any doubt that it was just accidental. And now that she had a clear idea what the massage included, I pulled back, and focused on her inner thighs, rubbing back and forth, some of them bringing me closer, while others dragged my fingers away from her wetness.

[+300 Experience]

It was a beautiful experience to watch her ass starting to rise in anticipation whenever my hands dragged closer to her bottom. She started trembling with each repeat, tempting me to push forward as a desire to watch her trembles from a point-blank range coiled around my heart. But watching her squirm was even more enjoyable as I focused on her inner thighs, listening to her gasp in arousal whenever my hand closed enough to dance on the edges of her wetness, each louder than the other.

Ultimately, I decided to reward her, just because I pitied her, of course. It absolutely had no relation to the way the towel around my waist started to get too tight, the desire swelling high enough to drown my patience mercilessly. I waited until her hips rose, which gave me good access to her nether lips. I brought my thumbs over them, but not on the lateral edges. No, one of them landed on the edge of her clit, ready to draw circles around, while the other took a position at her entrance.

She stiffened just a moment before my thumbs started their dance, anticipating the rush of pleasure she would receive. But the severity of her action was nothing compared to when I drew several circles in rapid succession, finally pushing her to the other end of the arousal. A moan left her mouth, stronger than any other that had left her mouth, and she started trembling beautifully, dimness of the room giving an otherworldly feeling to it.

[+600 Experience]

It was too tempting to resist. I took a step back and broke my legs a bit, enough to reveal my shaft, beating it as quick as I could without making noise while enjoying the beautiful view in front of me. While it looked like she would continue laying without moving for a while, I needed an excuse in case she decided to surprise me. Just standing on her foot was not enough. With that in mind, I put my right hand on the sole of her feet, caressing gently.

It was an amusing twist of fate when she turned to face me a minute later, I was at the edge of my own climax. “It was a decent massage,” she murmured, her voice decidedly mellow.

I didn’t want to get away without reaching my own climax, so once again, my wits dominated any sense of self-preservation. “Do you want to stop it early, mistress,” I said with a clueless voice while wrapped the towel around my waist once more, a decidedly painful experience considering the erect state of my manhood.

“It wasn’t all of it?” she asked, astonished.

“Of course not, mistress,” I answered. It might not be the smartest thing to do, but I already started it, so there was no point in cutting it short. “The full course takes more than an hour, but in the end, the mistress usually ended up really relaxed.”

“An hour, you say,” Marianne murmured, intrigued. “And you say your mistress looked even more relaxed than I am?”

“Usually, she was too exhausted to even lift an arm, mistress,” I explained. “Sometimes too exhausted even to dress before sleeping.” When I noticed the shine in her eyes, I knew that I was successful. The notification that appeared in my field of vision was a nice confirmation nevertheless.

[+1 Speech]

“We still have time,” Marianne murmured, in a disinterested tone so fake that I wouldn’t have believed even back in my idiot days. “Why don’t you show me the full range of your massage technique.”

“It’s a bit harder than the previous portion, though, mistress. I just want to warn you about that.” Marianne chuckled. “Don’t worry about it, I’m no slouch in endurance. I can take your strength.” It would have been a rather accurate brag if I were an Abnormal like she assumed rather than a Melius with a strength of six, which, combined with my leveraged position, would mean that I could to whatever I could do, and she was helpless unless she relied on her magic.

But it wasn’t the right time to educate her on that fact. “Could you please move to the side a bit, milady?” I asked. “I need to climb on the bed for the next part.”

Another questioning glare found my way, but as usual, only to meet with the mask of a stupid but well-meaning maid. A satisfied expression was on her face when she buried in the pillow once more, suggesting her belief of total control over the situation. An amusing illusion that I, unfortunately, had to sustain.

For now, at least.

Still, as I climbed over her bed, my knees pressing on the soft surface at both sides of her naked body, that sacrifice hurt considerably less than any other situation. Wordlessly, I pressed my elbows to her back and started rubbing her back, optimizing the pressure based on her reaction while leveraging everything I had read about the human anatomy.

Already riding the pleasure of her previous climax, it didn’t take long for her to fall under the sway of my follow-up treatment. I waited until she starred purring like a lost kitten that found its way next to a roaring fireplace. Then, I lowered my arms until my forearms were resting on her back, increasing the treatment area. And if, during that, my fingers caressed the edges of her rather generously-sized breasts, it must have been a total accident, no matter how many times it repeated. [+400 Experience]

When her hips started to rise once more, it was time to push further. After a brief yet effective treatment of her neck and shoulders, I moved down, until her plumb bottom lay underneath my grasp. It was either now, or never, I decided as I pulled the towel away from my waist, and quickly constructed an illusion of towel instead. It wouldn’t have past the simplest muster under the normal circumstances, but a combination of the darkness and her distracted state should allow it to slip unnoticed even if she turned.

[+1 Arcana]

With that completed, one of my hands busied itself treating my shaft, while the other focused on the plumpness, leveraging the excuse of the massage to acquaintance myself with the elasticity of her skin, occasionally traveling down to visit her nether lips, enjoying her ever-intensifying wetness. Soon, I started spending more time between her sopping wetness than her plump bottom, increasing her moans as a result.

[+400 Experience]

Treating myself to pleasure while a sexy blonde moaned with pleasure underneath was sufficient, until one point when it wasn’t. The longer she lay with her face buried in the pillow, determine to focus on the pleasure, the more I felt invincible, like I could get away with anything. And of course, like every rational human would, I decided to put that feeling to test.

And the test case was obvious. I lowered my shaft lower until it was snugly squeezed between her cheeks. I watched her carefully while continuing to deliver the same treatment, trying to see if she would react in an explosive manner. She failed to notice any difference.

The next step was starting to move, but I knew that it was a rather dangerous push in the current situation. So, I brought my index and middle finger to her entrance, probing it in the excuse of a massage, slowly at first, but picking up speed every second she failed to show an adverse reaction. Soon, the first digits of my fingers disappeared inside, much to her jubilation, followed by a string of gasps.

When I was sure that she was sufficiently distracted, I started moving my hips, her shapely bottom providing enough friction to make it pleasurable. It didn’t take long for her moans to increase even further, enjoying the presence of my shaft squeezed between her asscheeks, even if she was on the black about the exact source of the pleasure.

When her moans quickened, so did my treatment, both my fingers and my shaft, increasing her pleasure even further. I was on the edge just as she was, too far gone to gather the patience to keep her just a step behind her climax. She started trembling as another orgasm hit her, even stronger than the previous one.

The rocking of her body proved to be the last thing I needed. A climax of my own hit me with full force, and I started spraying my seed on her back, too distracted to take note of the risks. Luckily, she was even further gone, and didn’t let a whimper of protest as her back covered with a very generous amount of my seed. With eight points of endurance, my body was capable of releasing a surprising amount.

[+1000 Experience]

[Achievement: Mischievous Massage. Sneakily leave a generous gift at the end of the treatment +500 Experience, +1 Speed, +1 Agility]

I didn’t have enough time to clean her body before she noticed, I realized, unless I somehow increased the time it took to recover her from. I quickly started spreading it on her back, hoping that when she asked, I could claim it to be a With that, for the first time, I let my fingers cut free on her nether lips, bringing the extent of the capability that was possible with ten points of manipulation and eight points of precision, while using the full extent of my wisdom to read her reaction.

The results were even more explosive than I hoped in my wildest dreams. Already sensitive from her last climax, her moans picked up instantly, and she started showing signs of an impending orgasm. I pushed my fingers as deep as her barrier allowed, even drunk in pleasure, not willing to take that particular step.

But luckily, I had an alternative to test. The moment I finished spreading my cum on her back and her ass, I used my cum-covered fingers to probe her puckered hole. Unfortunately, there, I first my first snag. “Not there,” she managed to murmur. “Stop.”

“As you wish, milady,” I said, and reluctantly pulled my finger out of her puckered hole. But in her slit, I stayed for several more beats, until she started rocking under the influence of another climax.

[+500 Experience]

As much as I wanted to turn her over and continue the same treatment on her sensitive breasts, I was not in a position to ignore a direct order without a consequence, especially when I had already pushed the boundaries that much. Instead, I looked for something to cover the sharp smell of cum, and saw several bottles of fragrance on her table. I levitated one of them and used a few drops to suppress the smell before she could lift her head.

When she gathered enough energy to turn, I was already on the side of her bed, my head lowered, stretching my acting capabilities to the limit to give the impression of a dutiful servant. “Do you want me to attend you for a quick shower, milady,” I said, keeping my voice perfectly even, like what had just happened was completely ordinary. And a small miracle happened, and she bought my act of cluelessness.

[+1 Subterfuge]

“No, just help me to dress. I want to rest,” she murmured before burying her head on the pillow. When I came with her nightie, she barely had the strength to lift herself from the bed, and slipped her nightie on, uncaring of the nakedness she presented, which wasn’t that unreasonable considering everything that happened. The sight of her bountiful breasts still gave me some experience, though, which was always welcome.

[+50 Experience]

“You can leave now,” she said as she threw herself on the bed once more. This time, I followed her command, as even though she looked like she was about to fall asleep before I could leave the room, actually dallying around until she could was too risky. I had done enough for the night, though it was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to gain another level. It wasn’t like I lacked the assistance to help me level up.

[Level: 6 Experience: 20890 / 21000

Strength: 6 Charisma: 12

Precision: 10 Perception: 10

Agility: 10 Manipulation: 12

Speed: 7 Intelligence: 8

Endurance: 8 Wisdom: 17

HP: 246 / 246 Mana: 280 / 354 ]


[Advanced Subterfuge (47/50)

Advanced Arcana [26/50]

Basic Speech 22/25 ]


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