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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 60: Last Piece Bahasa Indonesia

(AN: Alright, the poll is closed now, Lightning Volcano Dragon won, thanks for your opinions.)

Several days passed, and Vesuvius fully recovered while spending time hunting weak monsters in the mountains to level up.

Currently, the dragon stood high on the peak, his eyes looking into the valley under him. Three massive monkey-like figures covered in white fur slowly walked through the narrow mountain path. Two yetis holding slightly back were much taller and more muscular than regular yetis. Their blue eyes slightly shone in weak light as they kept pushing through the snow. The last yeti in front was shorter than even an average yeti. It looked like a child compared to the two mountains of muscles behind it, with its height going only up to their chests. It held a long staff with skulls tied to a pole made out of pure crystal clear ice. The energy kept pulsing through the ice, giving a calming feeling.

‘Hmm, these are not wild yetis. Normally I would rather avoid them, but I need that XP. I am lacking only a little bit to the next evolution.’

A magical circle formed inside of his gaping mouth, magma pouring into it, forming a sphere.

Suddenly as if detecting ripples of magic, the yeti shaman looked straight upwards towards the dragon. Its eyes pierced into the distance while glowing in bright blue light.

Vesuvius quickly interrupted his spell, sending the incomplete sphere of magma at the shaman and quickly flapped his wings to take cover. The shaman aimed its staff towards the location where it felt the ripple of magic, and a light blue ray shot out, hitting the peak. In an instant, a layer of ice spread over a few meters radius before exploding into a swarm of sharp shrapnels. Each shrapnel flew out, hitting nearby rocks, frost energy spreading out of them and covering the surrounding in more ice.

In the meantime magma sphere almost reached the shaman, quickly falling like a meteor and melting snow along its way. The tall warrior yeti jumped high using both his muscular legs and massive arms. A thick layer of ice spread over his body, making him glitter in the morning sun. The magma collided with him and exploded, making a loud hissing sound as a steam cloud rose up.

The steam quickly dissipated, revealing a burned yeti, its fur missing and its flesh covered in blisters and black carbonised tissue.

The shaman looked at its bodyguard and waved its staff. A layer of frost spread over the wound, closing it in a protective layer.

‘At least level twenty…’ Vesuvius quickly evaluated the enemy’s strength and decided to continue. It might not sound like a big difference compared to hunters but a level twenty monster race like a yetis were much stronger than level twenty humans, especially rarer variants like shamans.

‘I need to get rid of the warriors, or they will just keep blocking my attacks… Wait, that’s it. I will keep attacking the shaman, and they will probably get injured defending it.’

The dragon remained behind the cover of a mountain peak as a magical circle formed in his mouth. A new sphere of magma was quickly growing in size and intensity.

The shaman detected magical ripples again, but its opponent was in cover. So it rose the staff with skull, and ice started to rise from the ground. Quickly growing and forming a dome around the yetis. The dome quickly grew, closing them from all sizes while the thickness of its walls also kept increasing. Its surface was perfectly transparent and shiny, letting the sun pass through, forming a beautiful show as its rays got refracted. Both bodyguards stood up in front of the shaman, ice growing over them.

The circle bounding the magma sphere vanished, and the magma sphere moved forwards, passing through the square of the magical symbol and turning into a spike of concentrated magma.

The dragon rose up into the air and carefully aimed his head using his near-perfect sight. The spike flew out at an incredible speed howling through the air as it quickly flew down, getting boosted even more by the gravity. The spike reached the ice dome. It quickly drilled a hole through it like a thermal penetrator of anti-tank weapons. It slowed down a little more and kept flying forwards towards the yetis. It finally reached the first yeti, easily melting through the ice on its body before making a hole in its chest and exiting from another side. It drilled through the second yeti and finally hit the shaman, drilling a massive hole through its hearth.

The shaman looked at the gaping hole in its hearth with surprised eyes. Then it fell to the ground, its injured bodyguard looking at the body with confusion.


They weren’t the only ones as the dragon kept looking at the scene, not knowing what to do, ‘I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be so easy… I really underestimated the penetrating force of this spell. No wonder that modern military on earth was using a similar principle to destroy tanks.’

The dragon jumped down from the mountain, gliding towards the two remaining yetis. He opened his mouth and released a stream of magma. The magma descended down, melting the snow along its way. It easily melted the ice dome before it buried the yetis in a grave of hot lava.





You are now level 20

All stats increased!

+5 stat points

+1 ability point

You can proceed with your second evolution.


‘Finally, it is here.’ the dragon hardly controlled his urge to evolve right there, but he knew that it was risky to evolve in an open area. On top of that, he still needed to do one thing. When he turned players into dragonkins, he noticed that they gained volcano attributes, ‘I can assume that my blood after evolution will be able to transform players into a more advanced variant of dragonkins. So I need to stockpile some of my blood to be able to transform them into older variants and then use new blood for further promotions.’


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