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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 6: Dragon God Bahasa Indonesia

The small dragon carefully poked burned body of the bear with his claw.

‘Gahhh, it is burned. I can’t eat it.’

His stomach grunted, ‘Wait, maybe I can…’

The small dragon dug his clawed front lib into a burned meat, easily separating a large piece of it. He didn’t stop there as he started digging deeper into the dead bear, throwing burned parts onto a pile behind him.

A few minutes later, there was a massive hole in the burned bear. Vesuvius stuck his limb into it, severing meat inside of it with his sharp claws and brought out a huge lump of meat that looked like a rare steak.

‘As I thought, the meat inside is still edible.’

He enthusiastically threw a cut-out piece of the meat into his mouth. His eye widened before he mindlessly stuck his head inside of the hole in the bear, tearing it apart from the inside.

Ten minutes later, there was only the small dragon with a satisfied expression and lumps of burned meat spread in a circle, creating a terrifying sight.

Vesuvius started again to feel drowsy, so he decided to quickly find a bear burrow to sleep in. Right behind the corner was a crack in the cliff leading into a dark cave.

Vesuvius approached the cave and sniffed, checking for any smells signalling the presence of another being. He smelled only the dead bear, so he walked inside. With his dragon eyes, he could easily see even in the dark cave.

‘There is still lingering that bear’s smell, so it should be alright tonight… I will mark it myself after waking up.’

Vesuvius lay down on the stony surface inside the cave and quickly fell asleep.

Darkness filled with stars glowing in the distance was everywhere. There wasn’t even a ground, even though Vesuvius could casually walk around.

‘Where am I?’ he thought.

Suddenly two massive glowing reptilian eyes appeared up in the distant void.!

“Welcome young Vesuvius! I am the one and only dragon god of Lorenia.”

Instincts inside of Vesuvius flared up, causing him to lower his head before he spoke words in the ancient dragon language that were coming by themself from something deep inside him, “Ohhh mighty progenitor of all dragons, your descendant and servant greets you!”

‘What the hell? Where are these words coming from? I know that I am speaking them, but I don’t know why.’

Thundering laughter echoed through the emptiness, “Hahahaha, you still remember our old traditions… That is good. Otherwise, I would have to punish you!”

Vesuvius wanted to speak again, but his mouth couldn’t open, and then a thundering voice spoke again, “Young Vesuvius, you are the last remaining of us great and mighty dragons. The last of the dragons living in the mortal plane sacrificed themself to give you the power you have!!! And I, as progenitor and god of all dragons, can’t let all of the inferior species rule the mortal plane!!! So I will give you my blessing!”

Then an immense, terrifying pressure descended upon the emptiness, “And, so I hereby order you to spread fear and awe towards us through the whole mortal plane!!!

“Now you can speak, but speak fast as your weakened soul will not survive long in this plane!”

Vesuvius had plenty of questions he wanted to ask, but he couldn’t even afford to think about which one to choose for long, so he choose the first one that came to his mind, “What is my situation?”

“Inferior species always fought in inferior unfair ways, slowly hunting dragons for our mighty and perfect bodies to use them as a way to increase their own inferior power.

“Dragons were dying one by one until only a few remained! Then beings known as players descended! They were like a locust. No matter how many of them you slew, the more came. In the beginning, they were too weak to slay such a superior being as a dragon. But their powers quickly grew. Soon they got strong enough and started to hunt us dragons.

“When only a few dragons remained in the mortal plane, they decided to do the most dragon thing one can do.

“They sacrificed themself to power magical ritual that would enact their vengeance and return dominance of dragons above mortal plain!”

The small dragon that was sleeping just a second prior jumped out of his sleep, visibly confused as he kept looking around himself.

‘Was it just a dream?’

Ding! his thought were immediately dispersed by a system.


You gained a title: [Last Dragon]

Condition: Be the last living dragon in Lorenia!

Effects: +15% damage against beings that killed a dragon before in their lives; +1 evolution option during each evolution, Defence scaling +1.25X



You gained a blessing: [Greater blessing of the dragon god]

Conditions to use: Have a dragon blood

Effects: No extra damage taken from dragon-slaying weapons; Stronger evolution options; +20% effects of True Dragon Breath


Vesuvius couldn’t believe how op his new title and blessing were, ‘All of the tiles improving evolution options were always considered as highest-grade… Wow, and taking protection against dragon-slaying damage is even more insane. It basically eliminates the greatest weakness of dragons. I will be so freakin strong!!

Vesuvius shook his dragon head, ‘Wait, I still must be careful. All of the dragons in the past were strong, and I am sure that some of them had blessings, but they still got swarmed up by enemies and killed.’

In LOMM, blessings were very extremely sought out as they were basically free power-up. However, players often had to farm a huge amount of quests for different churches just to obtain a lesser blessing.

Sadly he couldn’t enjoy his rewards as he started to think about his meeting with the dragon god, ‘What was that ritual they mentioned? What has it done, and what does it have to do with me? Mainly what is the power gained from ritual? I don’t feel anything that could be it… At least now I have some small image of what is going on.’

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t come to any conclusion. Slowly his sleepiness returned, causing him to slowly fell asleep.


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