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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 57: Another Battle Bahasa Indonesia

POV BoobaFet’s party:

At the same time, two groups stood opposite each other, littered with minor injuries after a short skirmish.

Then players in the masks advanced forward. At the front were five players in brass masks.

“Hahaha, be desperate, you traitors! We already almost reached the wyrm’s lair.” The player in priest robes stood at the head of the second group.

“Burn!” a sphere of magma condensed in the hand of the masked player in red. Without listening to the priest, he released his spell, sending it straight at the priest.

“How da…”

A player with a shield immediately jumped forward and put his shield into the path of the spell. The sphere exploded, turning the shield red and sending droplets of magma flying around. Immediately both groups rushed forward with their full numbers as no player wanted to miss the battle.

Fervour was felt from each of their movements as they wanted revenge for their defeat at the town square. The players with shields pulled back the priest into their formation as they didn’t want to lose their healer right at the beginning.

The player with a spear launched forwards, bright flames igniting from it. He crossed the distance as first, and his burning spear pointed forward, ready to pierce an enemy.

A tall player with a mace jumped forwards, his feet glowing in a green light as he moved with unnatural speed. The spear covered in flames stabbed forward, its tip penetrating through the chest of the maceman. He staggered backwards and blindly swung his mace to create a space.

Suddenly a small ball of fire hit him, exploding and spreading fire all over his body. Not feeling any pain, the maceman summoned a powerful whirlwind of strong winds around him, extinguishing the flames.

The spearman used that opening and stabbed with a spear through the neck of the maceman, skewering him. His unmoving body dropped to the ground.


The spearman looked back and smiled under his mask at the figure in a brass dragon mask and with a staff in her hand, “Nice aim!”

A player with a rapier used that minute lapse in attention and stabbed at him. As the rapier moved, its blade mysteriously split into three parallel blades following in the same movement. Then a massive axe descended, deflecting all three blades out of their trajectory.

“Focus on the battle, you idiot!” The short and round figure reached the frontline swinging his massive flame-covered axe.

“Hahaha, you lost!” suddenly, a loud laugh echoed through the battlefield. It was the priest pointing at the chained dragon, lying surrounded on the ground.

The laugh evoked a rage in Booba, ‘I will skewer him like sausage…’. Then, however, he looked at the dragon desperately fighting on the ground, feeling worried that their faction would cease to exist so soon. He wanted to rush to help, but he couldn’t as the enemy players blocked his path. And even if he could, he would be of little help in a fight with much stronger NPCs. He wasn’t the only one as all of the masked players looked there.

Of course, their opponent didn’t let it be and launched a maelstrom of taunts.

“Hahaha, this is your final defeat!”


Then came the worst insult, the most toxic thing once could say, “GG EZ!”

‘That’s it. I will kill them even if we lose.’

Suddenly a bright orange glow rose up from the site where the dragon fought. Extremely bright flames erupted. Then they become even brighter, melting the chains. The dragon rose up into the air, players cheering.

“Hahaha, the leader of our faction is a boss. How could he die so easily!”

Every player stopped their fight, looking at the fight behind them. Booba just grinned and rushed forward and stabbed his spear through the neck of a distracted player, dealing him critical damage. The stabbed player looked at the spear sticking out of his neck before falling to the ground.


Meanwhile, in the distance, a strong NPC with a cape jumped forward and stabbed its spear into the dragon. Loud gasps came from the players as blood and magma leaked out from the dragon’s side and rained down to stain the ground.

“Hahaha, this is the end!”

‘Damn, I have enough of him and his laugh. I will murder him so much…’

Suddenly two spheres, one made out of the fire and the second out of the magma, flew at the priest. A barrier made out of the light rose up at the last second, shielding him from the spells. Two spheres of fire and magma impacted the barrier and harmlessly dissipated into orange motes.

As if it was a signal, all players resumed their battle. The priest raised his staff, and bright light illuminated his lackeys, closing their wounds and filling them with a new wave of stamina and enthusiasm.

“Let’s kill him.” the fat dwarf to the Booba’s side pointed his axe at the grinning priest in white robes. Both leapt forward at once, slashing simultaneously at a player with a spear. He desperately stabbed and used a pole of his spear to block the flaming axe. However, the force behind the strike was so great that he moved one meter backwards, and the bones in his arms cracked. Then the Booba’s flaming spear passed through, stabbing through his neck, dealing enormous critical damage.


A strong orange light descended on the battlefield behind them, grabbing all players’ attention. A huge onslaught of magma fell upon the hunters, bruning them like dry grass. Booba and dwarf paid no attention to it as they quickly passed through the distracted players and reached the priest.


The spear covered in flames stabbed forwards. However, a new barrier of light appeared, stopping the spear. Then a heavy axe descended upon the barrier, creating a small explosion and shattering the barrier like a panel of glass.

Shards of light slowly dissipated, and the priest’s eyes bulged out as the axe befell on him, splitting his torso in half all the way from his head to his crotch.



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