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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 47: Prison Break 1/2 [Bonus] Bahasa Indonesia

POV BoobaFet’s party:

Three figures covered in black mantles and wearing brass-coloured masks in a shape of a dragon head nimbly jumped over the fence, landing in a dark courtyard surrounded by walls on three sides and a two-story tall building on the remaining one. The building only had small windows, all barred with thick bars that glittered in the light from the inside and one massive metallic door. The surroundings were so dark that the three figures looked like a shadow in the dark yard.

The courtyard was quiet except for the sound of steps coming from the other side of the wall. The three figures in the mantles looked at each other and whispered, “I don’t see any way to get inside with the quiet way.”

A soft and muffled female voice came from under the figure’s mask, holding a long staff. “I will blow up front doors. Step aside.”

The two shadows jumped backwards, quickly retreating. The last shadow pointed her staff at the massive solidly looking doors battered in plates of black metal. Magma poured out of the staff tip, levitating in the air and slowly taking the shape of a ball.

It kept growing, illuminating the whole yard with a bright orange light. When it reached the size of a watermelon, it suddenly got propelled forward. Hitting against the metal surface of the doors. Magma splashed against the doors with a sizzling sound, heavy metal plates turning red from the immense heat.

The masked figure sighed quietly, “Not enough. Give me one more try, but are we really going to do this? We will have to attack guard NPCs. There will be no turning back after this.”

Short shadow waved his fist, “Damn it, we already agreed on joining Dragons faction. So hurry up. I want to bash some skull open.”

A new sphere of plasma started to grow on her staff’s tip, like a water balloon attached to a hose. This time it reached the size of a fit ball. It once again launched against the heavy door. This time, however, the lava covered a much larger area of already hot doors, slowly burning a round hole in them.

“What the hell? Stop right now. You are in trouble!” An angry voice came through the hole.

The tall shadow with a spear pushed his feet to the ground and launched himself forward like a bullet, flying through the hole with still searingly hot red edges.

Behind the hole was a big room with walls made out of bare uncovered stone. There was only simple furniture consisting of a magical crystal in the ceiling illuminating the room and a set of simple wooden tables and chairs. In the corner was also a rack filled with different wooden and metal clubs, some of them stained with dried blood. There were two heavy-looking doors leading in two directions.

A bulky man in a dirty gambeson holding a mace stood facing the hole. Before he could react, the spear covered in flames penetrated his neck, exiting from the back side.

[+60XP] the man limply fell to the ground.

Two other shadows also quickly walked through the hole, looking around themselves.

The dwarf looked at the announcement, “Weird, the guard was only level six. Too weak, it feels like a trap.”

As a party member, he got one-third of the XP, meaning that he got exactly twenty XP.

“We will free the imprisoned players. We have our backup, so don’t worry.”

“Also, why have you killed him? You could just knock him out.”

“Hammer is right. NPCs have families in this game, and with how realistic it is, they will definitely resent our faction.”

“Damn you all. It was Hammer who wanted to bash some skulls open…”

“It was just a phrase, not meant literary.”

Then surprisingly to everyone, Booba said something that made sense, “You know, it doesn’t matter. Human NPCs would hate that dragon just for it being a dragon.” Then he turned towards his companion with staff, “Hell, they even look weirdly at you for being an elf. They hate everyone and everything that is different from them.”

In the meantime, the short shadow approached the death guard and searched his body. Then he raised his hand, dinging with a keyring filled with keys before throwing them to Booba.

“Hey, what were you shouting about, Tim?” Suddenly a voice came from behind the closed door startling the trio of players.

Booba and the short figure quietly walked towards the door while Lili pointed her staff at the hole in the main entrance, making sure that no one would jump them from behind. Booba carefully put the key into a keyhole and turned it.

“Hey, why are you not answering? Is something wrong? *Bang* *Bang*” loud banging came from the doors, causing them to shake.

Both of them looked at each other, and then Booba turned the key one more time and swung the doors wide open. The dwarf immediately rushed in and hit the guard to his head with the flat side of his axe.

[+35XP] the bald guard wavered and fell to the ground, sprawling on the floor.

“Damn, XP is halved for just stunning them.” he quietly cursed.

“Again, such a low level. There is definitely something fishy going on here.”

Three players looked at the long, dimly corridor in front of them. Then they looked at each other and nodded, “Let’s go; the sooner we finish this, the better.”

They took one last look at their quest and stepped into the corridor.

// New faction mission:

Objective: Free the captured players from the prison in North Azerlisia town.

Quest items: Dragon Mask; Simple black mantle

Reward: 1000XP; 10 gold coins



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