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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 44: Chaos! [Bonus] Bahasa Indonesia

POV Random player:

Unbeknownst to Vesuvius, massive chaos erupted in the nearby town. In the middle of a small square stood two large groups of players shouting at each other. Surrounding natives were just quietly watching from sides, some amused and others visible agitated. Even more, natives were watching from the windows of one-story buildings surrounding the square from all sides.

“Hey, we will go and slay that fucking beast! It murdered lots of people last night!” A player wearing priest robes from the group standing close to a western side of the square shouted in the direction of the other group while waving his fist in intimidation.

“Shut up, you blind idiot! Don’t you see that the wyrm only defended itself and its territory?” A guy with an eye-catching punk haircut immediately shouted back.

More people from his group also joined, shouting at the priest player.

“Yes, shut up!”

“Idiot, what was the wyrm supposed to do? To let himself get killed?”

“It’s a freaking quest-giving NPC! I will not let some idiots destroy my quests!”

Then one of the players in the priest’s group grabbed a stone from the ground and threw it. The stone flew and hit one of the players, wearing mage robes, to his head. The player dropped to the ground, his temple caved in and blood pouring out.

All voices quieted down as the two groups stared at the dead player. It was so quiet that one could hear people breathe. Bystanding natives just continued watching, already used to the weird antics of the immortal beings called players.

After a while, the punk guy pointed at the player who threw the rock, “You, give us compensation, and we will forget about this whole affair!”. Lots of whispers and murmurs erupted inside of the two groups as the players discussed what to do.

However, the priest player then jumped from his group, shouting so much that saliva flew out of his mouth, “He got what he deserved for defending a monster! I will no longer speak with traitors of humanity. Beat them up!”

‘Damn, someone is taking his roleplaying too seriously!’

Few players from the priest group immediately unsheathed their weapons and pointed them at the punk guy and his group. They had excited faces, just waiting for some PVP battle. However, most of the players remained standing, looking at each other, hesitating to join a mass fight in the middle of the square.

“You are freaking maniacs. He lacked only a few XP to the next level! How could you!”, then a bright fireball flew from the punk guy’s group, accompanied by an angry shout, and erupted in an explosion of fire between players. Flames quickly seared their skins and clothes.

As if it was some kind of signal, all players unsheathed their weapons and rushed forwards with fervour, rage and excitement.

Swords clung against each other, and spells and arrows flew through the square, exploding.

Natives finally started to run as a fireball exploded between them, killing a few civilians in place. Cries and shouts filled the square, and guards rushed there.

POV Vesuvius:

The long dragon’s tail penetrated the chest of a tall humanoid with white fur all over its body, and red blood splurted out, turning its snow-white fur into red.

Then a lot of announcements flooded the dragon’s vision.



You are now level 15

All stats increased!

+5 stat points

+1 ability point




You gained a title: [Mage]

Conditions: Have at least 100 MAG, have at least 30 INT, have at least one magical ability and master at least three different spells

Effects: +10 MAG; +10 INT; +1 level of all magic abilities


In LOMM, there were no classes, giving players absolute freedom in the creation of their characters. As long as one had enough stats, he could easily wear heavy armour and cast powerful spells while being fast as a rogue. However, it caused many players to become confused and unsure on how to progress, causing many players to be forced to recreate their characters as they often ended up useless, not being good at anything, just mediocre at everything. To fix that issue later version introduced special titles given after meeting some threshold of stats and skills to help players focus their stats and skill in a viable direction.

‘Exactly what I needed! The level of my draconic magic should have increased, meaning I can now learn new spells.’

Then he opened his status to check his growth.



Name: Vesuvius Dragor Ignatius Cremator

Race: True Dragon (Volcano Dragon)

Evolution: 2

Growth Stage: Juvenile Dragon

Level 15 (20/3500XP)

Stat point: 15

Ability points: 4

Vitality (VIT): (49 + 5) x1.7

Intelligence (INT): 56 + 5

Strength (STR): (55 + 5) x1.6

Agility (AGI): 69 + 5

Defence (DEF): (102 + 8) x 1.1

Endurance (END): (52 + 5) x1.25

Magic (MAG) : (110 + 5) x1.7


Dragon Scales (LV 2), True Dragon Breath (LV 4), DraconicVitality (LV 3), Draconic Might (LV 2), Draconic Magic (LV 3), Dragon Hoard LV 2, Fly (LV 2), Dragon Eyes (LV 2), Bite (LV 2), (Claw LV 4), Volcanic Armour (LV 2), Volcanic Smoke Glands (LV 1)

Titles: [David], [Last Dragon], [Mountainer I], [Statue], [A tanky boy], [Mage]

Blessings: [Greater blessing of the dragon god]


‘Now, I only need to reach 50 vitality, and I should be able to get Tank title.’

Typically players had only enough stats to grow effectively in one direction; however, as a dragon with excellent stat growth, he could easily grow in more than one path.

Then his stomach groaned, reminding him why he came there in the first place. He opened his massive mouth and bit into the dead yeti. His teeth easily pierced through the thick fur and layer of underskin fat. Blood covered his snout and sizzled as if it was placed on top of a hot furnace. Then he pulled back his head, tearing a massive piece of meat.


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