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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 35: End of the Dungeon Bahasa Indonesia



You have successfully cleared the dungeon: Tyr’s tower

Reward: 1500XP; 2 X Silver Mystery box; 3 X Bronze Mystery box

All of the MP and HP recovered to full

All negative aliments removed

The portal out of the dungeon is now opened!




You are now level 14

All stats increased!

+5 stat points

+1 ability point


The purple-coloured spherical disk appeared in front of the dragon. Its surface was swirling like that of a water vortex. The light was pouring out, and air visibly vibrated around it, creating a pleasant buzzing sound.

Vesuvius looked at the portal, but he didn’t go in. He instead spread his wings and flew in the direction of the death drake. As he kept rising higher and higher, he noticed changes that were happening to the small world.

The black void surrounding the dungeon slowly spread, consuming the world’s borders. Every second, a piece of the world broke off and drifted into the darkness. Also, the invisible light source was weakening, gradually turning the world darker.

‘I don’t have much time!’ Vesuvius flapped his wings, increasing his speed. Soon he reached the drake’s skeleton, which was still lying on the ground intact.

The skeleton was at least twice as big as Vesuvius, making him sight, ‘I can’t take it all.’.

The dragon flew over the skull that was severed from the rest of the skeleton and grabbed it with all four of his legs. Luckily dragon bones were made out of magical material, making them very light to help dragons with flying while preserving their durability.

The dragon flew as quickly as he could, a massive skull dangling under him. Winds were pushing from downwards, uplifting the heavy skull and substantially decreasing the effort needed to carry it. In the meantime, the destruction of the dungeon world kept accelerating, bigger and bigger chunks of the world splitting away. The light source had already dimmed so much that it looked like in a night.

When Vesuvius reached the portal, the world was already without light, everything sunken in darkness. Only purple light radiating out of the portal remained. Luckily dragons didn’t need any light to see.

The dragon took one last look at the world as a massive crack split it in half. A loud tearing sound sent shivers down the dragon’s spine before he entered the portal together with the skull.

The dark world vanished as he appeared in the middle of the clearing, surrounded by trees from all sides. Sun shone in the sky, and a gentle breeze flowed around.

Even though his injuries had healed, Vesuvius still wanted to take some rest as his mental exhaustion remained, so he flew towards his lair in the mountains carrying a massive skull under him.

Sometime later:

The dragon lay curled up on top of the two pouches and the ring. Next to him was lying the big skull of the drake. Everything was covered in thick grey smoke, and the air temperature was so high that regular humans would get burns just from entering.

The dragon eyes glittered in greed, ‘I have a few mystery boxes; let’s open them up!’

Vesuvius picked the three bronze ones and opened them up.



Opening: 3 X Bronze Mysteri Box

Rewards: 100 gold coins; Enchanted weapon: [Sword of Mutiliation]; 3X Tyr’s Muscle Enchanting Potion


Suddenly golden coins showered from nowhere, dangling as they fell upon the hot black stone. Then a short sword littered with brutally looking hook-like protrusion along its blade, and three bottles filled with grey liquid appeared in a flash of light, lying in front of the dragon.

The dragon’s hearth started to pump faster as he watched the golden coins roll on the floor and the beautiful smell of gold filled the air. His eyes almost glittered out of happiness. Then he looked at the three bottles, and his inner player became happy. He immediately used analyse on them just to make sure.

//Analyze result:

Name: Tyr’s Muscle Enchanting Potion

Category: Body Enchanting Drug

Grade: D

Item level: 15

Effects: +5 strength, +2 agility, +2 vitality, +1 endurance at the first consumtion.


An ethereal blue hand appeared out of the air and gently grabbed one of the bottles. The dragon opened his mouth, and the hand threw the bottle inside. Hot magma inside of his mouth, not damaging the bottles even a bit. The dragon closed his mouth, crushing the bottle and swallowing it all. A warm feeling immediately spread from his stomach. Then a shocking pain akin to his blood being replaced by an acid spread through his body. The dragon gritted his teeth, creating na loud grinding noise. However, he didn’t move as it was much less intense than exposure to death energy.



Your stats increased: +5 strength, +2 agility, +2 vitality, +1 endurance


Then he looked at the ugly sword, ‘What the hell? I can’t even use a sword. Maybe I can use it together with the remaining potions to manipulate players.’ He didn’t even bother to analyse it as he could tell its effects and grade just from the name and the looks as a veteran player of LOMM.

The magical hand quickly moved and carefully moved the sword and the remaining potions into the corner to prevent Vesuvius from accidentally crushing them.



Opening: 2 X Silver Mystery Box

Rewards: Magical Storage: [Lesser Pouch of Holding]; Unique Magical Accessory: [Tyr’s Amulet]


A pouch made out of the shining black leather appeared in front of him, together with a silver chain that had a massive white gem in a white gold circlet dangling out of it.

Unbelievably strong and relaxing aroma rose up from both items. The dragon’s nose tingled as he almost moaned in pleasure. He brought his snout closer to it and took a big sniff, enjoying the aroma, ‘Wow, it smells even better than gold.’

He shook his head and used analyse on the amulet.

//Analyze result:

Name: Tyr’s Amulet

Category: Unique Magical Accessory

Grade: A

Item level: 20

Effects: +20% magical damage; +15% increase in mana regeneration; Can form a protective barrier out of magical energy once per 24 hours (Elemental affinity of the barrier depends on a user’s affinity)


‘This is definitely worthy of being called a unique item, even though it is low level.’ The amulet turned into light and reappeared hanging from the spot where the dragon’s long neck connected with his torso.

Then he looked at the small pouch, not even bothering to check its stat as he already knew that it was a magical container with a capacity of one cubic meter.

‘This will be useful…’ Vesuvisu contently closed his eyes and went to finally sleep.


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