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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 27: Elder Wyrm Vesuvius Bahasa Indonesia

POV Random players:

A group of players and adventurers was sitting around a fire pit. Some of them held a long wooden stick with sausage impaled on them. They were slowly rotating their sticks with sausages above the fire, grilling them.

“Rustle! Crack!” leaves of trees rustled in a sudden gush of wind. Then thick branches above them cracked, breaking apart as a monstrosity covered in dark smoke landed, destroying all of the branches in its way.

Players immediately jumped out, abandoning their wooden sticks as they grabbed their weapons. Excitement was visible on their faces as they were expecting some kind of a fight after spending hours searching throughout the forest with only occasional fights against animals or weak monsters. In the meantime, NPC adventurers jumped up, their legs wobbly as they faced a powerful monster, where every bad move could mean their death.

“Is this a boss fight?” one of the players shouted excitedly. The beast covered in the smoke had such a domineering aura, and orange lights that flickered under the smoke gave it an immense oppressive feeling.

“Quiet mortals!” the thundering cold voice of the beast sounded through the woods, which sounded as if it came from a bottom of a well, erupted, causing the player to shut his mouth closed.

“I am an elder wyrm Vesuvius lord of Azerlisian Mountains, and I demand to know why is so much of you, humans, trespassing on my territory?”

Few players lowered their weapons, but most of thems still kept their weapons pointed at the wyrm, as often even bosses had their opening dialogue. Their bodies were covered in sweat from immense heat radiating from the wyrm. The heat was so strong that some wondered how it was possible that dry leaves on the ground didn’t catch on fire.

All of the players immediately started to blabber between themself, with NPC adventures looking at them as if they were looking at some freaks.

“Is it NPC that is part of an event?”

“It doesn’t look like it wants to attack us…”

It didn’t take long until they chose their spokesman, and a player with a bow and high-quality leather armour walked forward. The most noticeable thing above him was a punk haircut. Above his head was a glowing nametag: FantasyPunk.

He opened his mouth and spoke, “We are here searching for the missing noble. Do you know somethin about it?”. The players and NPC adventurers kept looking at the wyrm, trying to discern truth from its reaction.

Wyrm was quiet for a few moments as if it was thinking, its expression hidden in the smoke covering it, and then it finally spoke, “These woods and mountains that are my territory are spanning great size. I can’t watch over everything, so I didn’t see anything…”

Players started to look disappointed when the wyrm opened its mouth and continued, “However, more than a day ago, I heard unusually loud noises of the fight. If I were you, I wouldn’t hope to find them alive. Mountains are full of the dangerous beasts that are just waiting to kill people, overestimating their powers by venturing too deep into them.”

More players dropped their weapons, realizing that it wasn’t a hostile monster but a hidden event NPC. However, adventures still kept their weapons pointed at the wyrm.

“What are you doing? Have your weapons ready. It can attack us at a moment of notice.”

“Nonsense, it’s a passive NPC. It will not attack without provocation.”

Adventures looked at each other, not understanding the weird and incomprehensible words of the punk guy.

However, players were players, and some of them just wanted to have fun without thinking about the consequences. A small group of players split from the rest. They were wearing cheap-looking equipment, evidently noobies among the noobies. Two of them wielding massive two-handed swords rushed at the wyrm, their swords glowing from the warrior energy flowing through them. In the meantime, a player with a cheap-looking wooden staff started to chant, blue energy gathering at the tip of his staff.

“What are you doing, you idiots? If you cause some quest to fail, I will personally pk you until you leave this game.” The punk guy shouted at them.

It was too late as a magical blue projectile launched from the caster’s staff, heading directly at the wyrm. It entered the smoke surrounding the wyrm, followed by a small explosion of blue light. That showed up a black stone-like material hidden under the layers of smoke.

“Your draconic highness, I assure you that we don’t have anything to do with these…”, Before the punk guy got to finish his sentence, bright orange light flared up inside the smoke. Then a stream of hot magma swept over the caster and the two warriors. Leaving behind a trail of bubbling lava.

One of the players immediately laughed up, “Such noobs, as if they don’t know that quest NPCs are super strong to prevent players from disrupting quest lines.”

After seeing the powerful attacks, some of the players used their analysis at the wyrm.


Analyze result:

Name: Vesuvius ???

Species: Volcano Wyrm (Elder)

Occupation: NPC/Lord of Azerlisian Mountains

Level: ???

Danger level: extremely deadly


The thundering voice filled with killing intent of the wyrm echoed through the mountains, causing all of the nearby birds to fly away, “You! Are you friends with these idiots that dared to attack me, a mighty elder wyrm?”

Both players and adventurers quickly shook their heads and unleashed a storm of slurs against their deceased comrades.

“Them? I don’t even know from where they come.”

“No, they probably infiltrated our ranks…”

A deafening laugh came for the wyrm, “Hahaha, in that case, I will help you… I saw a fire drake in the mountains; I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the culprit. Find him and kill him for his crimes of disrupting peace in my mountains!”

Ding! All of the players participating in the event immediately got an announcement.

// New event objective!

Investigate the fire drake living in Azerilsain Mountains +15 event points


Followed by another announcement.



All of the players that uncovered the clue above the fire drake will get additional 5 event points as a reward.


The wyrm spread its smoke-covered wings and launched itself from the ground leaving a trail of thick smoke behind it.

Loud bickering immediately erupted as the players started to discuss themself above unexpected development!


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