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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 93: Konoha’s Green Sprout, Tonan Makes A Move Bahasa Indonesia

Sarutobi Shinnosuke’s residence was located about ten miles to the east of Naruko’s study. At this moment, Sarutobi Asuma was sleeping. Suddenly, a deep hole burst open in the room’s floor and Shinnosuke jumped out of it.

Asuma was startled awake and jumped off the bed, thinking it was an enemy attack, and he was prepared to fight. He breathed a sigh of relief seeing that the person was his elder brother.

Shinnosuke was about to explain things to him, but he suddenly frowned.

“Wind Style – Great Breakthrough.”

“Fire Style – Flame Link Bullet.”

The wind style and the fire style fused, and as if a shooting star, the fireball with a long tail swept downward. The attack range was big, enough to engulf more than half of the mansion. In an instant, the roof beams and pillars were smashed into pieces, then were burned into flying ashes by the raging flames. The entire mansion turned into a sea of flames.

“Earth Style – Multi Mud Wall.”

Layer upon layer of mudflow surged, protecting Shinnosuke and Asuma. The wind and fire were wreaking havoc, which quickly evaporated the outer mudflow wall’s moisture, turning it into scorched earth, and cracking it inch by inch. But until the end of the ninjutsu, Shinnosuke withstood it.

It seemed difficult to endure these attacks by himself, but in fact, it just consumed a little more chakra. Shinnosuke knew that it wouldn’t be beneficial for him to continue to fight. Moreover, if he wanted to prove his innocence, he couldn’t kill these guardian ninjas.

Thinking this, he prepared to run away with the perplexed Asuma.

“Do you really want to escape? Afraid you need our permission first!”

“Barrier – Four Violet Flames Formation.”

The four guardian ninjas, standing on the four corners of the mansion, jointly raised a purple barrier to trap the two people inside. Seeing this, Shinnosuke frowned and thought this was going to be troublesome.

Immediately afterward, he shouted, “I didn’t kill His Majesty.”

In the Four Violet Flames Formation, the two guardian ninjas stared coldly at Shinnosuke. It was obvious that they didn’t believe him and said, “Then, why did you run away?”

Hearing the question, Shinnosuke became silent. “Could it be that I should have let you all search my memories without running away?”

Looking at the barrier around, Shinnosuke took a deep breath and thought, “Damn it, I’ve to get serious.”

“Asuma, after the barrier is broken, immediately run back to Konoha and look for father.”

After speaking in a low voice, his hands seemed to become blurry, instantly making countless hand signs.

“Be careful, this guy wants to forcibly break the barrier.”

“You are underestimating us!”

“Fire Style – Hellfire.”

A blue fire sprang out of the ground and instantly engulfed the entire barrier. At that time, another guardian ninja also finished making the hand signs, then shouted,

“Wind Style – Spiraling Pressure.”

The air inside the barrier began to rotate, causing the flame to form a fire tornado, and Shinnosuke was in the eye of the fire tornado. The temperature in the eye of the fire tornado increased rapidly.

At this moment, Shinnosuke slammed his hands on the ground and shouted, “Earth Style – Multi Overturning Dragon Technique.”

In an instant, the Fire Capital seemed to have an earthquake, and the earth seemed to be roaring. The spiderweb-like cracks suddenly appeared on the ground, and ferocious earth dragons sprang out from the cracks, then slammed on the ground.

With every hit, more cracks appeared, and more earth dragons sprang out from the cracks. The giant earth dragons’ movement dissipated the surrounding airflow as they flew towards the two guardian ninjas. The two people could only dodge, which broke their combination ninjutsu.

“Not good, the barrier can’t hold on.”

No matter how strong the ninjutsu was, its power ultimately depended on the user. Obviously, there was a big gap between the strength of these four guardian ninjas and Shinnosuke.

In the end, after the earth dragons slammed into the purple barrier, the entire barrier flashed and disappeared. Shinnosuke had his hands pressed on the ground, maintaining his ninjutsu, and shouted, “Leave quickly, I’ll block them.”

Asuma, who was frightened out of his wits, ran outside the city.

“Don’t even think about running away.”

“Water Style – Water Dragon Bullet Technique.”

“Earth Style – Rock Dash.”

Several ninjutsu attacks were launched at the fleeing Asuma. An ominous glint flashed through Shinnosuke’s eyes. “Today, I’ll let you experience the strength of Konoha’s Green Sprout and the Future Hokage.”

In the next moment, countless earth dragons sprang out from the ground, and like a giant whip, they lashed out and broke those ninjutsu. Without the barrier’s protection, with Shinnosuke as the center, a lot of houses collapsed. Countless people were buried in the rubble or fell into the cracks while fleeing for their lives.

At this moment, everyone in the distant Daimyo Residence felt a chill down their spine as they watched this scene.

“Is this the strength of a Konoha ninja…”

“I can see the shadow of a powerful ninja on him…”

Everyone was focused on watching the scene of the guardian ninjas besieging Shinnosuke. They didn’t notice the black clouds gradually covering the Fire Capital’s night sky. The black clouds shrouded the sky and instantly the entire Fire Capital fell into darkness, appearing unusually gloomy.

Countless white pigeons chirped, and circled in the Fire Capital’s sky as if they were welcoming a god.


A muffled sound of thunder roared. A guardian ninja frowned and looked up subconsciously. Suddenly, his pupils shrank, and he exclaimed in horror, “What’s that?!”

The crowd followed his gaze. On top of the Fire Capital’s tallest building, there was a figure with lightning around him. This was Uchiha Tonan, who had disguised as Abe Seimei.

At this moment, Tonan had activated Lightning Style Secret Technique – Spirit of the Thunder God, beginning to communicate with lightning ions in nature. The lightning around him became denser, making a sound that resembled thousands of birds chirping in unison.

Gradually, cracks began to appear on the building under him, and it seemed as if it would collapse in the next moment. But Tonan still stood tall on the top of this building. Taking advantage of this moment, he used Wind Communication to spread his voice throughout the Fire Capital.

“Konoha ninja, I cannot tolerate your flagrant slaughtering of civilians in the Fire Capital. For your actions today, take this heavenly punishment!”

In the next moment, the lightning around Tonan shot towards the sky, as if connecting heaven and earth. A sparrow was flying over Tonan a second before, but in the next second, it was engulfed by the lightning and disappeared. Not even a single feather remained.

The lightning pillar that connected heaven and earth not only contained powerful energy but also gave him the power to manipulate natural lightning instantly. Tonan’s entire body was immersed in lightning, and he looked like a deity that carried out punishment on behalf of heaven.

He stood at the highest point and watched everyone in the Fire Capital. In his eyes, these people seemed especially insignificant. The gaze of the entire Fire Capital was attracted by this breathtaking scene.

After seeing the person standing on the top of the building was Abe Seimei-Tonan, everyone gasped.

“Seimei-dono… he was actually a ninja…”

“What kind of extraordinary person is he…”

“I fear that even Sarutobi Hiruzen, the strongest Hokage, cannot compete with Seimei-dono.”

“This… it’s not so clear…”

Tonan stood at the top of the building and looked indifferently at Shinnosuke below. Because of the Spirit of the Thunder God, there was no emotion in his eyes. The lightning around him also seemed to know how to observe things. It wasn’t vicious like before, instead, condensed around him. In the next moment, everyone saw Abe Seimei-Tonan slowly raising his right hand.


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