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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 8: Motionless, Entering Hatake Household Bahasa Indonesia

Just like that, Uchiha Tonan and Sarutobi Hiruzen spent an entire afternoon talking about nothing but the Will of Fire. For the most part, it was Tonan who did the talking and Hiruzen was the patient listener.

In fact, Hiruzen didn’t quite understand some parts of Tonan’s view. But from what he had heard all afternoon, he could describe Tonan in two simple words — loyal official.

Only when there were about ten minutes left for school to be over, Hiruzen took the initiative to end the conversation. Tonan very reluctantly left the office.

After returning home, he opened the envelope and looked at the money inside. This was more than what his parents left him. It was enough to elevate Tonan to a moderately rich person from borderline poverty.

That was the benefit of standing on Hiruzen’s side. Tonan looked at the money without showing any greed and put the envelope in the drawer.

He then sat at his desk and began writing in his diary.

I’m very happy today. Sandaime-sama personally came to see me in the teacher’s office. He didn’t have any arrogance. It made me feel like he is my biological grandfather. This meticulous care, just like his strong and wide palm, made me feel warm.

At that time, I suddenly thought of a word: restraint. I never knew what it meant to live in this world. But I understood it today. The meaning of my existence from hereon is to follow in Sandaime-sama’s footsteps.

I recall a sentence I read in a ninja book. A ninja is an emotionless tool.

But I’m a living being. It’s impossible to be without emotion. However, if necessary, I’m willing to become the tool in his hands…. (20,000 words omitted.)

Today, Sandaime-sama also gave me a lot of money. I had no money to buy meat for a long time. But I’m reluctant to spend this. After all, this is his hard-earned money. I’m planning to save this and use it to buy him a gift on February eighth next year, on his birthday.

By the way, I also fought with Kakashi today. He truly is too strong. I have awakened the Sharingan, but I was still no match for him. I hope the gap between him and me is not too big.

After writing the diary, Tonan left his desk and headed to the kitchen. Tonight’s dinner menu was vegetables, again.

The next day after school, Tonan didn’t straight go back home but caught up with Kakashi, who was alone.


Kakashi sluggishly turned around, looked at Tonan, and asked, “What do you want?”

“Can I train with you? I want to become stronger to quickly become a ninja, please,” Tonan requested and bowed deeply.

Kakashi hesitated for a bit. Perhaps he felt that with Tonan’s strength, he would be a good training partner, so he lightly nodded and said, “Alright, where should we train?”

Tonan replied with a bright smile, “We could go to your house. After all, I am the one requesting you to train with me. I wouldn’t want you to go too far from your house because of me.”

Kakashi nodded and continued to slowly walk towards his house. Tonan silently followed behind.

Soon, they arrived at Kakashi’s house.

There were not many people in the Hatake clan. The courtyard was big but the residential area was not too spacious. After all, only Kakashi and his father, White Fang, lived in this house.

The wide-open ground served as a good place for training, and the two boys headed right to it. They stood facing each other and made a hand sign, and with that, training began. Kunai collision sounds resounded in the open space. Both of them were already skilled to the point of perfection in taijutsu. Gradually, they did not limit themselves and began using the ninjutsu they already mastered.

Kakashi was worth being called a genius. He had already mastered several types of ninjutsu. In comparison, Tonan knew just one — the Great Fireball Technique.

Soon, Tonan seized a suitable chance to surrender and concede defeat with the pretext that his chakra was depleted.

“As expected of you Kakashi, the gap between us has widened,” Tonan pretended to be weak, placed both hands on the ground, and said while panting.

Kakashi was also panting but he had some energy left.

“You are much stronger than others.”

Tonan got up with difficulty, bowed to Kakashi, and said, “Thank you for training with me. I wonder if I can come again in the future.”

“Do as you like,” Kakashi put his hands behind his head and the lazy look was back on his face.

Tonan smiled, packed up his things, and waved his hand at Kakashi, “Then, that’s it for today. See you, Kakashi.”

After bidding goodbye, he left the Hatake household. Unfortunately, Sakumo was not at home today.

However, Tonan was not in a hurry. Patience was the first requisite of a qualified hunter.

When Tonan returned home, he found that the refrigerator was filled with meat and milk.

This touched him so much that he hastily opened his diary and started writing.

“There’s so much meat and milk in the refrigerator. Needless to say, it must be Sandaime-sama who asked someone to stock up the food. In this world, there is only Sandaime-sama who treats me so well.……… (50,000 words omitted)

By the way, today, at the academy, I heard Hyuga Sugata say that the frontline was in a state of emergency. It seems that the enemies have cut off the supply lines of several battlefields.

Sandaime-sama must be worried and anxious at this moment. I want to grow up quickly and share his burden. My parents too are among the people on the battlefields. I hope they can get through this difficult time.

Time passed day by day. Perhaps, because the war had intensified, Sakumo never returned home. This was expected because he was a powerful ninja. He must be embroiled in several missions at this time.

Some things become normal in people’s eyes if done regularly. For now, Tonan just had to go to the Hatake household every day without being distracted or disturbed.

It just so happened though that he discovered something. Kakashi was becoming stronger by the day.

Now, even if Tonan went all out, he might not be able to win with certainty against Kakashi. In other words, Kakashi’s strength had almost surpassed the dead Uchiha Teno.

One should know Teno ranked sixth among graduates before his death. If the theory results were not counted, he might even rank higher. And Teno hadn’t even awakened the Sharingan at the time. With that, it could be said he would be on par with Uchiha Tetsuma.

This meant Kakashi’s current strength was among the very best even if placed in the graduating class.

What a mind-blowing genius!

Tonan sighed and took out a book titled ‘Disguise Skill Essential for Spies’ from the cupboard.

He wanted to utilize this current growth period to learn as much as he could.


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